Family Camping Checklist

Shockingly I have never been camping, only in the back garden. There have been many reasons for this, but as each year is passing by, I am more eager to go out for our first proper family camp. Especially now that I work in Millets that sells everything you need for camping and outdoor adventures. We've not been able to go camping this summer holidays because of my work days and hours, as well as my partners working hours.

Although we've not been able to plan our camping trip yet, we are planning to go camping very soon before the winter properly hits in - hopefully, grab a bargain while we are at it too. I am so excited to go camping with the kids and my partner. The kids are beyond excited and always asking. I'm always searching for checklists for first-time campers as I find doing a checklist helps make sure that we have everything going with us.

Family Camping Checklist

Tent - There are two types of tents, your classic pole tents and the more modernised air tents. Air tents are a lot stronger, especially during some windy weathers. There's quite a price difference but in the long run, depending how many times you use it, it's worth the money. Air tents are pretty quick to put up, a lot quicker than your poled tents. 
Also, talking about tents, always go 1 or 2 berths over what you want, so you have room for your equipment and other bits! 

Sleeping bags - These are a must when going camping. When buying your sleeping bags, make sure you're buying the right one for the right season. There are 4 seasons, some bags do 1-2 some do 2-3 and some do all 4 seasons. It may be a good idea to spend a reasonable amount of money on a good sleeping bag for it to be a good one.

Air Beds - For your night sleep to be more comfortable, rise up from the ground by sleeping on a decent air bed. The store I work in sell many air beds and they're very popular. 

Lighting - There are many different kinds of camping lights to choose from. You can buy hand held lanterns or ones that hang in your tent. It's always a good idea to buy some camping lights, especially for the evenings.

Cooking - Of course you will need some cooking equipment. From accessories to the cooking equipment to cook your food. 

Camping Chairs - Always a good idea to bring some camping chairs with you for somewhere to chill in the evening or during the day! Comfier than sitting on the floor isn't it?

Camera - I will always say this with any adventure that you do - bring a camera! Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something to capture some memories of your adventure. 

Here are just a few more things to tick off the list...

Ear plugs
Insect repellent
First Aid Kit
Microfibre Towels
Spare clothes
Suitable clothing
Camping table
Sleeping pillow
Board games
Duct tape (just incase!)

What else would you bring on your camping trip?

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  1. I think everyone would take tent and sleeping bag and cameras so it is not a big deal but people should do the cooking at camping time as it brings more fun at your camping time. And do not forget to take the safety things with you.


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