Nine Reasons To Use A Storage Facility

Run out of room at home? Office overflowing? Got a child coming home from university for the
summer and worrying about where on earth you’re going to keep their things? Why not consider
using a storage facility to create some space? Here are nine reasons to use a storage facility. 

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Moving house. When you’re moving house, the overlap between houses can be stressful. If you’ve got a
gap between houses, it’s even more frustrating, especially if you’re trying to work out where to store your
furniture while you’re staying with family.
A storage facility like is a great between stage. 

Store a collection. If you’re a collector, but are starting to find your collection is taking over your house,
consider a storage unit to store it. Whether it’s records or vintage teacups, you can store your collection
safely and securely, away from normal daily life where they might get broken.

Store equipment for a hobby. Do you take part in a hobby that requires bulky kit, like cycling, skiing or
snowboarding? Storage is a great place to keep equipment you don’t need all the time, without it taking
over your house or garage at home. You can keep things out of the way but still accessible.

Are you renovating your home? Building work is messy, whether you’re building an extension or having
the kitchen refitted. Protect your furniture and save yourself from living among piles of furniture by
moving things that will be in the way to a storage unit. It’s out of the way and protected from damage.

If you’re downsizing, it can take a while to work out what to do with furniture you don’t have enough
room for in the new place. Put extra items into storage so they’re out of the way while you decide
whether you’re going to sell them or give them away.
If your family is growing, your house can quickly become chaos with new things for the baby. While
you’re getting the nursery ready, you can use a storage unit to store things like cots, pushchairs and
toys until you’re ready for them.

If you’ve got a child at university, they probably come home every summer with a lot of stuff. From
boxes of dishes to furniture they added to the student halls, they’ll need somewhere to put it all.
Storage units are the ideal place to keep their things until they go back to university. 

Have you decided to go travelling? If you’re renting out your house, but don’t want to include your
furniture, you’ll need to find somewhere to keep it all while you’re away. A storage unity is ideal. 

Life changes can throw you off track, whether it’s a divorce, marriage or a bereavement. Storage with
a flexible contract can be useful if you need somewhere to keep things as you combine or divide a
household, or clear out the home of a loved one who has passed away. 

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