Enhance the drama of movie night with these moody lighting tips

Let’s face it; at this time of year when it’s increasingly cold and drizzly outside, meaning that many of us can’t bring ourselves to even get into the car to drive to the nearest cinema, it’s nice to be able to revel in the finest entertainment in the comfort of our own homes.
But whether you’re binging on everything that Netflix has to offer or watching Die Hard for the 20th or 30th time, there’s no doubt that even some of the most seemingly insignificant details can contribute significantly to your efforts to achieve a faithful cinema-esque vibe in your abode.
So, here are some of the best ways to achieve just the right mood on movie night in your home, using little more than lighting.

Repaint the TV room
Whatever you call the space in which you tend to watch movies at home – the ‘TV room’, ‘home cinema’, ‘man cave’, you name it – a lick of paint can be great for imbuing a certain mood that will put you perfectly in mind of the local Cineworld.
Nor are there many rules about what paint colours do and don’t work for the purposes of illuminating a home cinema, with both darker and lighter hues being potentially suitable.
However, there is one clear rule here; don’t go for white or near-white. This is a shade that causes light to bounce around the room too much, thereby imperilling that understated and broody mood you’re probably aiming for with your home cinema.

What about the lighting itself?
The lighting that is most suitable for your cinema room will largely depend on how you intend to use the space. If this room is intended to be exclusively a home cinema, you won’t need much in terms of general interior lighting, so you might wish to prioritise the purchase of floor washers or a starry sky to quickly introduce some of that authentic ‘cinema’ feel.
An alternative eventuality, of course, is that you will also need the space to double up as something else – for instance, a place to watch sport during the day, or somewhere more child-friendly than would exactly be the case for an out-and-out home cinema.
There’s no need to despair if this is the case for you. It simply means you need to be a little more ingenious about installing slightly more versatile lighting, such as ceiling recessed LED downlights for boosting general levels of illumination.
While we’re on the subject of versatility, though, it’s worth bearing in mind that the style of your lighting fixtures will be just as central to your efforts to achieve a genuinely ‘cinematic’ mood. You might look to a brand like PAGAZZI, for instance, with its floor lamps that exude a feel of early 20th-century retro sophistication, just like those art-deco cinemas you might’ve attended in your youth.

Be aware, too, of the light that could get in from outside  
The windows will certainly be another key factor if you’re trying to create an appropriately lit home cinema. Again, you’ll have greater freedom here if the space isn’t set to be used for anything else. You might even have the luxury of perhaps getting rid of the windows altogether to reduce the scope for unwanted light to get into the room while you and your beloved are in the middle of watching the most emotive bits of The Lion King.
Have you been striving to emulate that perfectly moody ‘home cinema’ feel in your own TV room? If so, feel free to share your thoughts below, or check out Real Homesmore comprehensive guide to making your dream cinema room possible.

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