The UK's Best Drives

When I was younger, my Dad always used to take my brother and I on a car road trip and it was one of our favourite things to do. I love sightseeing and still up to this day, I still love sitting in the car and my partner driving through different places from small villages, cities and seasides. It's just like watching the world go by, seeing some beautiful sceneries and not forgetting finding new places to visit too. LeaseCar have listed some of the UK's Best Drives and it includes places from Cotswold, The Lake District, London Dorset and more.

The Lake District is a place I have been longing to visit and it's been on my list to do for a long time now. The trees, mountains and all the adventures to be had there it's definitely the kind of place my family and I would love to visit one day. My Aunty also lives nearby, which means we would also take a trip to see her too.

As shown in the infographic I've included below, another that takes my eye is Brecon to Devil's Bridge. It looks like an amazing road trip and I must admit, Wales has the most amazing sceneries with mountains, trees and the fields. Talking about Wales, I live in North Wales and a couple of my favourite Road Trips are through Caernarfon front road, especially during the evening when you see Caernarfon Castle in the dark, during the day-time the views along the road is just amazing.

Another Road Trip in Wales I love to take is down to Aberystwyth. Half way in Wales, Aberystwyth is a beautiful place to have a walk along the front. During the summer it's a great place to go spend the day on the beach. Other days, there's a castle and a park near the front you could explore.

Here's the infographic LeaseCar made sharing some top travel influencers favourite Road Trips:

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