Newborn Baby Checklist

Finding out your pregnant is a very exciting time in your life and then those months of planning and preparing making sure you have everything before the arrival of your little one is even more exciting. There are thousands of different baby items around these days and from experience - you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds buying things, you can easily prepare for your baby on a budget. It's all about organising and looking around.

Something that helped me when I was both, preparing for baby and preparing for my hospital bag was writing a checklist. I wrote many checklists throughout my pregnancy and from experience of going through pregnancy three times, here's a checklist that will make sure you have everything for the arrival of your little one.

Of course, there are probably a lot more things that I haven't listed on there. But from experience, these were the main things I personally bought to prepare for the first few months and beyond of having a newborn. I had the UPPAbaby Vista Pram for my third baby and it was amazing - a pram I would definitley recommend. As well as the Kiddy UK Car Seat which lasted up until my boy was 15 months old.

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