Essential House Viewing Tips For First Time Buyers

Buying your first home is exciting, but it can be daunting too. As the largest purchase, you’re ever
likely to make, this task is one that deserves a lot of time and thought. Far too many first-time buyers
try to rush the process and settle for properties they’re not entirely happy with. This silly mistake
wastes time and money, resulting in unnecessary stress. Before viewing a potential property, you
must be prepared. Buying a family home is a life-changing experience, after all, and should be
treated as one. With that in mind, here are seven house viewing tips you must know.

Write Down Any Questions
The experience of viewing a house can certainly be overwhelming. Because of this, it pays to make
a list of questions you want to ask before you arrive at the property. If you don’t, you risk forgetting
to ask something important, which could cause problems later. There is no such thing as too many
questions, so write down every one you think of. Even if you don’t end up asking them all, you should
still have the chance to. These questions can be on paper or on your phone.

Look Into The Area
With the internet at your fingertips, there is no excuse for visiting a property without researching it first.
When you arrive at a house, you should already know where the bus stops are, what the schools are
like, and other important information. Learning these facts ahead of the viewing means that you won’t
waste time asking them later. Depending on what you learn from this research, you might decide that
a property isn’t for you before you even attend the viewing. 

Arrive There On Time
When buying a home, first impressions count. After all, the homeowner will make the decision whether
or not they want to sell to you. For this reason, you must make sure that you arrive for the viewing on
time. Leaving the homeowner waiting around isn’t going to reflect well on you. You might also miss
your chance to view the property if there are other appointments shortly after yours. If you think you
might be late, at least take the time to call and let the homeowner know. 

Bring A Friend Along
Although it might seem easier, you should never attend a viewing by yourself. Make sure you always
take a friend or relative with you, or, better still, attend the viewing with your estate agent. Two heads
are better than one because it always helps to bounce ideas off another person and ask for a second
opinion. Viewing a home in pairs is also a much safer choice. Houses might seem like very safe
spaces, but you never know what could happen in a stranger’s home. 

Take Plenty Of Time
When you buy your first home, it’s one of the largest purchases of your life. Because of this, you
shouldn’t allow someone else to rush your decision. Make sure that you take your time during
viewings and be as thorough as you can be. Look in cupboards, check under the sink, and turn on
every tap. Homeowners that have nothing to hide shouldn’t have any problem with your inspection.
If, at any point, you feel pressured or rushed, you must stand your ground or leave. 

Keep Emotions In Check
You should always be able to imagine yourself living in a house before you buy it. However, you
shouldn’t make the decision to buy just because you do. When you view a property with rose-tinted
glasses, you tend to overlook glaringly obvious problems. You’re also more likely to pay than you
necessarily should. This is why you must keep your emotions in check. Don’t allow yourself to fall
in love with a home, or it could ruin your chances of finding the right one.

Visit More Than Once
With so much to think about, covering every point you need to in one viewing is difficult. That is why
you should go back for a second look. It’s important that you view potential properties at least three
times - Once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. Houses can look different
at different times of day, especially in big cities and near busy roads. Going back for another look with
either confirm your first thoughts or chance them entirely. 

Viewing a home is an important step to take towards buying it. Hopefully, with the advice above, every
viewing that you attend will be successful.

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