How To Make The Most of Quality Time On Holiday

As a working family, I have that parent guilt of feeling that I don't spend enough time with my children. My partner has also said he feels the same. Also, something that both of us have said is that we are in need of a holiday. Spending time as a family while on holiday helps us all reconnect with each other. We've only been abroad once, but we have been on holiday in the UK a fair few times.  It's that feeling of getting away from most responsibilities such as work, routine, housework and your 'normal' day to day life. Being on holiday can feel less stressful (sometimes with kids!) and just a time we all bond together and reconnect as a family. Something that is needed from time to time.

From recent research, Solmar Villas found that family bonding doesn't start immediately. It can take around two days for a family to start unwinding and relaxing on holiday. I agree with this, and it's the one main reason I always make sure whenever we book a holiday, whether it's abroad or in the UK, I make sure it's a 5-7 day holiday.

There are many ways you, as a family, can make the most of quality time while you're on holiday. Here are a few ways to reconnect and make the most of quality time;

Family activities 
When you're home, doing some family activities can be challenging, especially if you're a working parent. But while on holiday you have more of a chance to do things together as a family. Depending on what kind of holiday you are on, take a look at their activities and see if there are some activities you can do together, as a family. This will be great for bonding. Most activities don't involve technology, such as rollerskating, ice skating, treasure hunts, bingo, swimming and much more. I'm sure you will absolutely love it. Not only that, but it's also a time to make some memories as a family too.

Adventure walking
This is my favourite thing to do as a family while we're on holiday. The kids might moan a bit to start with, but why not make the walk a little more interesting by looking out for things and play some games such as 'I Spy' or even make a scavenger hunt. Going out for an adventure walk, or even walk along the beach, it's a great way to have some fresh air and a good way to spend quality time together. It's a great time to talk to each other too.

Adult evenings
Not only are holidays great for spending more quality and bonding time with the kids, but it's also essential for you both as parents too. Some holidays have a daycare session, whether it's for the day or just a few hours. If you as parents get some time for yourself, it's a great way to reconnect with each other. It's also been said that 7 in 10 also believe holidays are key in bonding time for themselves and their partner.

How do you make the most of quality time while on holiday?

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  1. This is so true! I takes a couple of days at least for you to find your holiday flow as a family. It's nice to try and plan in some adult evenings if you can.

  2. Very true. I think it takes a while to unwind and enjoy each others company. P.S Is your first pic in Hua Hin? Cat x


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