Self Care Ideas For Mums

Being a Mum means the absolute world to me and of course, the kids always come first. But I've also learnt over the years that's so important to put yourself first at times too. For you to be a Mum you need to look after yourself. Whether it's having a little break, taking a step back a little bit, returning to your hobbies and just taking that time for yourself. I also understand how difficult it can be to get the childcare to do these kinds of things too. It takes a good few years for me to just recently started taking care of myself better in ways but there are still times where I still do find it difficult.

Something I have struggled with as the years have passed is my skin. It's not awfully bad and nothing I complain about on a daily basis but it is something I need to start taking care of. I've never looked into skincare routines properly before. I've bought the odd creams here and there but nothing has got me into a routine. This facial cleansing brush seems like a good tool for a skincare routine and something that would be great for me to use. It's great for dry patches, eliminating grease, minimise pores and leave you with glowing skin.

Here are some other great self-care ideas that may help you:

Fresh air walks
Whether it's taking the dog for a walk (if you have one) or going out for a walk on your own somewhere. If you're able for someone to have the kids for about an hour, just having that time on your own in the fresh air can do you a world of good. If you're able to get into a routine of this every week, it would be a good way for it to be your time to relax. Not only that, but it's good for your health too.

New hair, new nails
Some may not be into these kinds of things but getting your done and maybe your nails too can instantly pick you up. Just taking care of yourself a bit, not only that but having some time for yourself too. If you're unable to attend the hairdressers or a beauty salon there are many mobile hairdressers and beauticians around these days. 

Bedtime routine
I always say a bedtime routine is key for the kids but I also think strongly that a bedtime routine is key for us parents too. Our bodies are used to going to bed a certain time and we as parents need to make sure that we are all fresh and ready for the following day too. Of course, it's great to have a few hours to yourself (if your kids settle for bed that it is!) when the kids are in bed in the evening, but it's good to unwind yourself and go to bed at a decent time, as well as getting up as a reasonable time to start the day too. 

Catch up with a friend
Whether it's at their house, your house or somewhere else, having a catch up with a friend kid-free is always good. It's a good way to let out any ranting you want to say and even just talk about anything that doesn't relate in kids. Although, saying that, if you're both parents you will probably end up talking about the kids for most of your time! 

Time for yourself
If you're able too, be in the house on your own. Turn your tv off, maybe put some music on low if you're not keen on the peace and quiet and just unwind. I love sitting down in the house with no kids around and just taking time for myself. Adding a large chocolate bar or something sweet makes it a little bit better too! 

Do something you love
As Mums we kind of stop doing things that we love. Our hobbies such as writing, crafts, running, it can be anything, it can stop when the kids arrive or sometimes during pregnancy (some pregnancies ain't that fun!). Finding the time and the day to go back doing your hobbies is a good thing. Doing something for you and something you enjoy. 

What do you do for self care?

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