Playroom Design Ideas That Your Children Will Love

If you have little ones then it can be a tricky knowing where to put all of their things in the home.
Some people can even be tempted to have the children share a room, so that there is a spare room
that can be a dedicated playroom. So if this sounds like you, or you want to create a space in the
corner of your living room or dining room, that can be used for the children and all of their stuff, then
here are some ideas for creating the ultimate playroom or play corner. It would be great to hear what
you think!

Use Bright Colour

Colour for a playroom is really key. Colour helps to design a creative space that your children are
going to love. So why not paint the walls of the room or corner with their favourite colours? You could
choose a specific theme like underwater or safaris, to help create a really eye-catching design. If you
want something a little more subtle, then a neutral colour can be a good idea. Then you can just go
bold with things like rugs, beanbags, and prints around the room. 

Easy to Clean Flooring

Choosing a type of flooring that is easy to clean has never made more sense than it does for a
playroom. Flooring like linoleum and engineered wood flooring is a really smart idea for a playroom.
There are likely to be stains from children eating, painting, or crafting, so if it is easy to wipe and clean
then you’ll be onto a winner. You could also look for something like foam flooring if you want another
option that is easy to clean, but one that can give some added comfort as well as colour.

Chalkboard Wall

If you want your children to be creative and have some fun, then creating a chalkboard wall is
something that is a really lovely idea. They can get their chalks out and draw and colour to their
heart’s content. Then you don’t have to worry about cleaning or scrubbing the wall, it is just something
that needs to be wiped and then you’re good to go.

Storage Bins

Decorating a room for children doesn’t need to be something that is complex. If you have some cute
looking wicker baskets or large storage totes, then it can be fun for storage of toys and puzzles.
It is easy for tidying up and allows children to get involved with the tidying up, if it all just goes into a
couple of big storage bins. You could choose to colour coordinate storage and toys, but that could
take a little more time when it comes to tidying up at the end of the day. 


You don’t need to have a whole lot of furniture in a playroom, as space is great for them to play. But if
you are looking for a couple of pieces to get, then getting a small table and chairs is a good idea for
crafts. You could also get some large cushions or bean bags for a comfy area for reading or napping.

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