Saving Cash on Your Weekly Shop: A Short Guide

The weekly shop is something that every family will have to go through, to put food on the table and to stock up on the essentials that keep powering your family. Whether this is the responsibility of the mum, the dad, or both parents, is entirely up to your family – but the important thing is finding ways to save cash so that you’re better able to make investments in a happy family future through your savings – like holidays, trust funds, or home extensions. Here’s how you’ll save cash on your shopping.

Balance Online to Offline
There are many benefits to be found online that you won’t be able to find offline in the real world. The best spending strategy for you and your family is to find the right balance between the two, allowing you to find savings online, such as:
  •        The array of discount codes available to make your life easier
  •          Special offers emailed to your inbox each week
  •          Price comparison websites to help you make smart spending decisions
  •          Second-hand marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon

If you use the digital world to cut the costs that you wouldn’t be able to cut in the real world, then you’ll be saving cash on your weekly shop. Meanwhile, heading out to food shops later in the day – and into the evening – is a great way to find a large volume of reduced food, which can help to significantly cut down your food consumption costs each week.

Planning Before Your Shop
Many families head out to the supermarket with a blank slate to fill – and no list to guide them. Inevitably, this results in the sorts of impulse buys and poor decision-making that can end up costing you far too much cash – not to mention the sweets and treats you’re pressured into adding to your shopping trolley if you bring your kids along to the shop with you.
As such, you must have an idea of what you’re setting out to buy when you head into a store or supermarket. Take a list with you, and stick to this list where possible and practical. In this way, you’ll always be spending the right amount on your shopping.

Rewards and Coupons
Finally, if you’re shopping regularly in the same supermarket, you must make use of all the incentives that they give out to loyal customers. In simple terms, this usually comes in the form of a rewards card, directed at people who spend in store each time they shop.
But there are also discount receipts, which you can check in as coupons to get further reductions on your shop. By using these two tools in a savvy way – and looking out for discounts in newspapers and magazines, too – you’ll be able to make considerable savings over a calendar year of coupon shopping and rewards card use.
There you have it: you guide to reducing the cost of your weekly shop, using the smart tactics and personal finance wisdom of a wise shopper.

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