Hatchimals Collegtibles Review

I remember when Hatchimals first came out, they were so popular with my girls and they still are, especially for my nearly 8 year old. She got so excited when she received this pack of Hatchimals Collegtibles to review. These Hatchimals Colleggtibles Series 6 carton contains 12 small Hatchimal eggs that are ready for you to hatch to see what's inside.

As you can see there is a lot to collect and that's what makes it exciting. In fact there are 100 Hatchimal characters to collect. Elliw loved hatching her eggs to see who she would get. Within in the pack, when you open the lid you will find two out-of-egg characters. Once you've hatched all your royal eggs you can lift the tray and keep all their accessories there and then store your characters back in the case for you to take around with you.

Which egg will you hatch?
Do your kids still like Hatchimals?

We were kindly gifted this item in return for an honest review.
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