5 Thoughtful & Fun Gift Ideas For Your BFF

True best friends are one in a million, so when their birthdays come around we want to be
sure that we’ve picked the best gift out there. If you’re struggling for ideas, check out these
five thoughtful and fun gifts.

1 . Personalised artwork

Artwork is a wonderfully unique gift that can be treasured for a lifetime. To make sure that
your art gift is extra special, try choosing something personalised. Search for ‘personalised
art best friend’ on Etsy Marketplace, and browse the lovely options available. Stores like
‘Catia Creative’ allow you to customise illustrations to represent you and your bestie.
For some great cartoon illustrations of you and your bff try the ‘BestPhotoMagic’ store.

2. Message in a bottle set

‘Message in bottle sets’ are a cute and thoughtful gift. These are decorated glass jars with
colourful capsules inside. Each capsule has a blank piece of paper, and the idea is that you
write a message on each one. Every day your bestie can open just one capsule and read the
message. It could be a memory, a joke, a motivational message- anything you like! You can
purchase these message in a bottle sets on Amazon, or make your own if you're feeling

3. Beautiful jewellery 

Jewellery is the ultimate sentimental gift for someone you really care about. We don’t tend to
buy ourselves jewellery often, which is why jewellery gifts feel so luxurious and special. It can
be difficult to choose jewellery for someone, even for such a close friend. Think about their
fashion style, and which piece of jewellery is most likely to complement what they usually
wear. Whether it’s a formal negligee necklace, or a more casual pair of Gold Helix Earrings,
consider what your friend will get the most use out of.

4. Photo cushion

Printed photo cushions are just about the sweetest gift for your best friend.The tricky part is
choosing the perfect photo to go on the cushion. Since photo cushions are a rather novelty
gift, funny photos tend to work well. Companies that will print your photographs onto cushions
include Boots, PhotoBox or PrinterPrix. You should be able to test out your pictures online, so
you can get an idea of what the finished cushion will look like. Photo calendars or mugs are
also great options if you prefer.

5. Best friend hoodies

Best friend hoodies make great loungewear for both you and your bestie. These hoodies
come in many different varieties, (all involving you and your pal having similar or matching
clothes)! For some stylish best friend hoodies check out stores such as Wish, or Shirtcity.
Here you’ll find a range of lovely designs including both hoodies and t-shirts.

Perhaps you prefer the idea of making your best friend a gift? If so, why not simply print out
photos and make a photo collage of you and your pal? Homemade gifts are always well
received, so if you’ve got the skills, go ahead and get creative!

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