Five Stunning Bathroom Themes to Consider

There are so many lovely bathroom makeovers that you can see all over Pinterest and Instagram.
But what style should you choose for your bathroom? When you hone in on a particular style or
theme, it can help you to get the process going. You could choose anything from a classic
monochrome scheme, to bold wall colour, fancy tiles, and gold trim; there are so many options.
If you’re looking for some inspiration, then here are some ideas to help you to get the bathroom of
your dreams. 

Timeless Black and White
When taking on some renovations of your bathroom, it is a good idea to make sure that your design is
timeless, which can be achieved through a classic black and white colour scheme. It won’t go out of
style, or need you to change it anytime soon.
If you’re wondering what tiles should you use for your bathroom, then for a monochrome look,
patterned cement tiles, along with a freestanding bath, if space allows, can look really elegant. Keep
things simple with this theme.

Modern Twist on Vintage
If you want a unique theme, that is modern, yet has a retro feel, then it is all about upcycling.
You could sand down and varnish an old credenza to use as the vanity unit in your bathroom, and pair
it with vintage-looking rug, and brass accessories and fixtures. Mirrors are great for small bathrooms,
but getting a vintage style mirror can help the bathroom have an instant nod to this theme.

Bohemian and Textured
If you want to go for a bohemian style, then more is definitely more! Even the smallest of bathrooms
can look inviting in this kind of theme, because of the soft patterns, and the variety of textures from
rugs, shower curtains, plants, and woven baskets. 

Glam with Gold
If you want to update a fairly plain bathroom, and give it more of a feminine touch, then using pastel
shades, such as a rose gold colour, can really help. If you prefer to have a white base, then you could
add accents of gold in the room, to offer some real glam and elegance. White subway tiles can look
really good, mixed with some hexagon shaped tiles for the floor. Having fresh flowers, as well as plants,
can look good with gold accents, to make it an all-round pretty little space. 

Nautical Blue
Shades of blue are a really natural choice for a bathroom, with many choosing a nautical theme.
Blue is such a calming colour too, especially in pastel or light blue tones. There is no need to go
overboard with the colour, though, so plenty of white can help to set the theme of the bathroom well.
It is all about accessories with this theme. For example, blue and white nautical striped towels, as well
as anchors on the walls, and glass bottles, flat marbles, shells, and sand decorative pieces.

Have you got a favourite theme for your bathroom? It would be great to hear what you think.

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