Important Health Checks You Should Have When You Reach Middle Age

Nobody likes to admit that they’re getting older but it happens to all of us. Even if you are young at
heart, your body is still getting older and that means that you have a higher risk of a lot of different
health issues. If you want to stay healthy and live a long life with your family, it’s important that you
start taking care of your health as you reach middle age, and that means having regular check-ups. 

There are a lot of health issues that are easily dealt with as long as they are caught early on, which
is why health checks are so important. If you neglect important health checks, these issues will get
worse and they will be harder to treat later in life. These are some of the most important health checks
that you need as you reach middle age. 

Hearing Tests 

Hearing problems are often hard to spot because it’s a gradual change. People don’t always notice
that their hearing is going because it happens over a long period and they adjust to their new normal.
In most cases, it’s the people around you that notice first, so if people keep telling you to turn the TV
down or you have trouble following conversations in loud situations, like restaurants, you

Many people put hearing tests off because they worry about wearing hearing aids. They see it as a
sign of getting older and they don’t feel ready for it. Many people also assume that they don’t need to
worry about their hearing until they are much older, but that’s not the case. Hearing problems can
affect you at any time in your life and if you catch it early and start wearing hearing aids, you can
protect your hearing. There are some great modern hearing aid styles that are barely noticeable, so
you don’t need to worry about it.

Eye Tests

Eye tests are another one that people tend to put off, even though vision issues are more noticeable
than hearing issues. If your vision is failing and you do not wear glasses, you will strain your eyes and
it will only get worse. It’s important that you have regular eye tests and hearing tests so you can catch
the problem early. If you notice that you are struggling to read and it makes your eyes hurt, or that you
get regular headaches, that could be a sign of vision problems and you should get checked right away.
There’s no need to feel self conscious about wearing glasses because you can get some great
designer frames, like Kate Spade glasses, for example. Glasses can be a great fashion accessory, not
just a practical item, so there’s no need to feel self conscious about wearing them. 

Blood Pressure Tests 

Blood pressure tests are so important because changes to your blood pressure can be a sign of a range
of different health conditions. High blood pressure also increases your risk of things like heart disease
or strokes. If you don’t keep your blood pressure under control, it can have a huge negative effect on
your health, which is why it’s important that you get it checked regularly. It’s a simple test, but it could
save you from some serious health issues in the future. 

If you do have high blood pressure, it’s important that you take steps to tackle it right away. Changing
your diet is important because eating a lot of fatty foods will lead to high blood pressure. Regular
exercise is so important as well because this will keep your blood pressure down and make sure that
your heart is healthy as you get older. 

Cholesterol Tests 

High cholesterol significantly increases your chance of having a heart attack in later life, but many
people don’t know whether they have high cholesterol or not because they never get it tested. It’s
advised that you get a cholesterol test every 4 to 6 years as you get older so you are aware if there is a
problem and you can do something about it. If you make some simple changes to your diet when your
cholesterol levels first start to creep up, it’s a lot easier to manage. Cutting back on saturated fat and
trans fat will make a huge difference, and you should try to introduce more omega-3 rich fish into your
diet as well. It’s best to get ahead of the problem and make these changes to your diet now before you
see an increase in your cholesterol levels. 

Weigh Yourself 

Most people don’t like the idea of stepping on the scales, but weighing yourself is important and it’s a
simple check that you can do yourself at home. Being overweight increases your risk of heart problems,
diabetes, and a whole host of other diseases. But if you are able to lose that extra weight, you will be
much healthier. The problem is, it’s tough to lose a lot of weight if you let the problem get out of control.
However, if you make changes when you first start to gain a little weight, it’s so much easier to maintain
a healthy weight. That’s why it’s a good idea to weigh yourself on a regular basis and get ahead of the

When you weigh yourself, it’s important that you do it at the same time of day and preferably weigh
yourself every day. Your weight can fluctuate quite a lot throughout the day, so weighing yourself in the
morning and evening will give you a different reading. If you are not consistent with the time, you will not
get an accurate picture of your weight and your health. It’s also important that you invest in a good set
of scales that can give you more information, like your body fat percentage etc. Even if you are not
overweight, you may still have a high fat to muscle ratio, which is unhealthy. 

If you want to stay healthy as you reach middle age, it’s important that you don’t neglect these important
health checks.

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