Home Improvements To Make Cleaning Easier With Kids

Cleaning is a constant battle when you have kids. From food spillages to general toy clutter, there
are all kinds of ways in which kids can make your home messy.
While you can eventually teach your kids to tidy up after themselves, young kids often aren’t capable
of scrubbing stains away or managing laundry. During these early years, you can make life easier for
yourself by considering a few home improvements that can make cleaning less strenuous. Below are
just a few improvements worth looking into.
Opt for easy-to-clean wall paint
When you have young kids, walls can often get marked as a result of grubby fingers (or worse felt tip
pen). Cleaning marks off walls that contain regular paint can be difficult – often it’s easier to add a new
lick of paint. However, you don’t want to be repainting your walls every time they get marked.
Fortunately, there are many forms of paint that are scrubbable, allowing you to easily get rid of marks.
These could be great for a nursery or your living room.  
Consider laminate wooden flooring
When it comes to flooring, carpet can be cosy but difficult to get food stains and crumbs out of.
Laminate wooden flooring can be easily mopped or swept making it a more convenient flooring option.
You can shop for laminate flooring at sites like https://www.floorsdirectltd.co.uk/.
Vinyl and tile are other easy-to-clean options to consider.
Increase your storage options
Homes with kids can rapidly accumulate stuff ranging from clothes to toys. It’s useful to have storage
options that you can hide these items away in. Being able to tidy away this stuff will make it easier to
clean your home.
Extra storage options could include shelving units, cabinets, chests and in-built wardrobes. You may
even be able to buy beds and sofas with in-built storage. There are lots of different kids bedroom
Decide whether new furniture is necessary
Some furniture options can mark more easily than others. If you want sofas and armchairs that are
easy to clean, consider leather as a material. Spillages can easily be wiped off of leather making it a
great option.
Of course, if you don’t like the ideas of leather furniture, you could try other options such as
machine-washable slipcovers as compared at sites like https://www.bestproducts.com/home/decor/g2733/best-sofa-couch-covers-and-slipcovers/.
These could help to catch stains while preserving the sofa underneath.
Invest in a tumble dryer

Laundry can often be a chore with kids. When it comes to drying clothes, a tumble dryer can be a great
investment preventing you from having to hang up clothing and wait for it to dry. There are lots of different
tumble dryers on the market including space-saving washer-dryers that can wash and dry your clothes.

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