What Happens In The Bedroom Stays On The Mattress

 Most people keep their mattresses for about 10 years. We spend a lot of time creating a cosy and welcoming sleep environment. However, when it comes to the mattress, we are at a loss. Most people don’t even know what type of mattress they need, let alone how to maintain it. The idea of the mattress is that it is a temporary investment, therefore something you can easily ignore. 

But in reality, the mattress plays a huge role in your sleep quality. When you don’t feel confident in your mattress, it can affect not only how long you’re going to sleep, but also how restful your sleep cycles are. As sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of heart disease, weight gain, and depression, it’s time to learn how to care for the mattress. 

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The difficult question of which mattress is right for me

There are different types of mattress out there. Memory foams are massively popular, for instance, because they offer a huge amount of support. But they’re not best suited for every sleeper. Unfortunately, figuring out what mattress you need is tricky in the middle of a pandemic when you can’t go and test mattresses yourself. So where do you start your online search?

Ideally, the mattress firmness has to do with your weight. Bodyweights 16 stone or over will need firm support, while weights up to 8 stones need soft support. Take into account pain and muscle weaknesses to opt for the right material. 

Understand how to care for your mattress

A brand new mattress comes with a warranty. However, if you’ve tried to claim, you’ve probably noticed that warranties don’t cover maintenance issues. Take the time to read all care instructions when you buy a new mattress. These will clarify how often you need to turn your mattress – if you do – and how to turn it. Some mattresses have a summer and a winter side, for instance. Additionally, mattresses can still get dirty, even though you are never in contact with them. Sweat and other bodily substances can seep through the bed sheet and leave stains. They create a welcoming terrain for dust mites and bed bugs. So making sure you know how to clean your mattress will ensure a refreshing night’s sleep. 

Say no to allergies 

Cleaning your mattress can avoid many issues. But it doesn’t keep allergy risks at bay if you’ve got a vulnerable terrain. Allergies affect 21 million people in the UK, and almost 6 in 10 allergy sufferers experience worsened symptoms in the bedroom. Your mattress is the most likely source of your problems. A mattress can hold up to 10 million dust mites, so that’s where cleaning can make a huge difference. Additionally, give your mattress a good spring clean, a couple of times a year. Airing it will refresh the mattress. 

Urgh, it’s too hot

Lastly, you can also avoid aggravating issues with bedding that actively protects against mattress problems. Adding a cooling topper on the mattress will reduce sweat stains, making it easier to regulate your body temperature at night. 

Awkward sleeping positions, night sweats, and dead skin cells can affect your mattress, and ruin your sleep. Changing your mattress can improve your bedtime routine. But if you don’t know how to choose and maintain it, you may be wasting your money! 

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