3 Daily Habits That Impact The Environment


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According to data, each UK household produces a tonne of waste annually. The truth is, many of these things considered waste might not only be the physical items that you may consider trash or rubbish. But, it also includes daily habits that many individuals and families may not realise negatively impacts the environment. Below is a list of some of these habits you can let go of before Spring arrives in March.

  1. Leaving water running

The usual moments people usually leave taps running is during teeth brushing, doing the dishes, shampooing the hair or taking a shower. And during these times, people waste a lot of water without realising the repercussions of their actions. Water conservation is an issue to take seriously to avoid increasing the country's existing wastage rate. According to maintaindrains.co.uk, the United Kingdom loses a whopping three billion litres of potable water every day. The question, therefore, is why this continues to happen. 

Indeed, formed habits can be hard to break. However, a tip is to practice mindfulness whenever you use water. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of financial resources to treat the water that flows out of your taps. Therefore, when you use water wrongly, it translates into a waste of money. Moreover, you could be denying others who may also need water in their homes. 

  1. Improper disposal of batteries and ink

There are waste management services in the UK whose primary function is to safely collect and dispose of household batteries and ink. All it takes is an internet search to locate the closest one to you. Failure to dispose of your batteries and ink properly can cause further pollution to the environment. For instance, used cartridges, household batteries and things of that nature tend to release toxic substances in the soil when left at landfill sites. Over a long period, the accumulation of these substances seeps into vegetation and water bodies meant for animals like cattle and sheep.

When ingested, these chemicals can be passed along the food chain and then in humans. Indeed, the repercussions can be dire. Therefore, it is better to stick to the right measures when disposing of waste that contains hazardous chemicals. You can also rely on environmentally-conscious companies like Sheridan skip hire services to attend to proper waste disposal.

  1. Excessive use of paper

The tree is the raw material used to produce paper and its related products. Therefore, the more paper you use, the more trees need to be felled to satisfy global demand. Kitchen towels, newspapers, printed sheets are a few examples of paper use. Indeed, there are viable options that work just fine. For example, you may want to consider reusable cloth napkins instead of kitchen towels. Again, instead of newspapers, you can try reading your news from credible online portals.

As little as these changes may seem, they go a long way to reduce environmental pressure. So, as you go about your daily duties in and around the home, you can make positive changes to impact the earth.

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