After school walks

Ever since I was a child, I've always loved being outdoors. My Dad used to take my brother and I to so many places. As I've grown older, I've still loved being outside, but I appreciate it so much more now. My favourite kind of places to walk are forests and any lovely walks with breathtaking scenery. Somewhere quiet, somewhere you can relax and just walk your worries away.

Being a Mum of three has its challenges. No day is the same and along the way, it can feel like you're losing yourself a bit. It's so important to try and do things just for you. For me, walking is something I choose to do for myself. I find being outdoors my kind of therapy. It's something that helps me mentally. I'm lucky enough that the school run is a walk I like doing, which helps me go for two walks daily. 

Being a family that loves being outdoors, outdoor clothing is something I always look into. The weather has been pretty cold these past few weeks and the Laurel Coat from Lighthouse Clothing has been the ideal coat to wear during the cold weather. It's also water repellant, which is good for those days if you get caught in some rain. Not only is it a good coat to wear on your coastal crispy walks, it's also a stylish coat to wear out for a meet up with friends too. 

Being a Mum raising three kids on my own, it can be difficult to find the time to go for walks sometimes, which is why I take the kids for a walk after I pick them up from school. There's a field nearby their school which is one of our favourite places to visit, especially when it's a little warmer. However, recently the sunsets have been breathtaking, even the kids love looking at it. 

Going for a walk after school helps the kids destress a little after a long day at school. It also helps pass the time a little before the after school routine starts when we're back home. On a plus side, it can help tire them out that little more. 

Where are your favourite kind of walks?

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