Last year I wrote a post about what I would like to achieve as a family and personally, as well as blogging goals too. It was interesting to read back and I thought I'd write another for the new year, as well as checking off last years list. I'm really pleased at how many I have ticked off the list and looking forward to see how well I will do the following year. 

This was our family bucket list for 2017

• Visit Haven again ✔ 

We visited haven for Freddie's first birthday.

• Visit Bluestone again ✔ 

We visited Bluestone in March for Elliw's birthday and again in December, for Mia's birthday.

• Book a holiday abroad ✘

We didn't manage to do this which I'm gutted about, but something to add for 2018

• Have a long weekend stay in Liverpool 

Not a long weekend, but we had a day out in Liverpool with the kids and my partner and I went again for the night in November.

• Buy a new camera ✔ 

I bought a Sony a5000 which I'm quite pleased about

• Do a 1st Birthday Cake Smash photoshoot for Freddie ✔ 

Not a cake smash exactly, but I did my own birthday shoot for him

• Book Disneyland  ✘ 

I am gutted about this. This go unplanned. 2018 for definate.

• Visit Thailand again  ✘ 

We were actually going to visit over Christmas but the flights were so expensive and to save it in such little time was impossible for us

• Go strawberry picking 

We finally went strawberry picking and we had so much fun.

• Visit a pumpkin farm ✘ 

I was a week late for this - gutted

• Have a night away before Christmas - just my partner and I (and probably Freddie!) ✔ 

Yep, we went to stay in Liverpool for the night

• Reach my 18-month goal of breastfeeding  ✘

Freddie weaned himself off at around 15 months old

• Visit more food festivals  ✘ 

We mixed dates up twice and another one landed on a weekend where the weather was awful

• Visit Cardiff again  ✘ 

We were actually going to visit Cardiff when we were in Bluestone but decided to go home instead

• Go camping  ✘ 

It wasn't something we planned

• Visit a Zoo  ✘ 

We were just so busy, we just forgot about it

• Have more family outings ✔ 
We did a lot more family outings this year which I'm really pleased about.

This is my personal bucket list for 2017;

• Learn to be better with money ✔ 

Still not 100% but getting better

• Have a night break away ✔ 

I went away with my partner in November 

• Go to a spa  ✘ 

Again, I have never been to a spa

• Save £300 towards Christmas ✔ 

I managed to save closer to £500

• Walk up Snowdon again   ✘ 

I would really like to do this in 2018

• Lose 6 stone by early January 2018  ✘ 

Ha! Nowhere near. Disapointed but all I can do is try better for this year

• Be more organised ✔ 

I have started writing more things down, not 100% organised but slowly getting there.

• Look into a course in photography for 2018  ✘ 

I did look into it but have decided to learn myself

This is my blogging bucket list for 2017;
• Buy a new camera suitable for photography and vlogging ✔ 

I bought a Sony a5000 which is great for both, photos and vlogging

• Achieve 1 full year of vlogging  ✘ 

I've been on and off. My channel has been open since the beginning of the year but have only vlogged properly for a few months.

• Go to Blog On Conference 

 I finally went to my first ever blogging conference in September

• Arrange a meet up with Bloggers 

I think I can tick this off seeing that I met a few bloggers at BlogOnUK Blogging Conference

• Reach 6000 followers on Twitter ✔ 

I hit this goal about a month ago

• Reach 4000 followers on Instagram ✔ 

I hit this goal just before Christmas and I'm so happy about it!

• Reach 3000 likes on Facebook   ✘ 

Facebook seems like such a hard channel to grow.

• Reach 150 subscribers on my YouTube channel ✔ 

Shockingly, I have reached 520 subscribers

• Have one day break a week 

Not one day exactly, but I did make sure I had wednesday evenings off most weeks

• Interact more with bloggers 

I have been trying my best to get involved in more conversations

Goals List for 2018
• Visit Liverpool
• Book Disneyland
• Visit Ireland
• Take the kids for a hotel stay somewhere
• Book a holiday abroad for 2019
• Visit a food festival
• Strawberry picking
• Pumpkin picking
• Visit a Zoo
• Visit my aunty in Cumbria

• Lose 5 stone
• Stick to Slimming World all year
• Go out for more walks
• Have one day off a week
• Walk up Snowdon
• Have one night break away
• Go to Liverpool for a night with friends
• Stay over somewhere with my partner for a weekend

• Reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube
• Reach 6000 followers on Instagram
• Work harder on Instagram and find some kind of theme
• Reach 3000 likes on Facebook
• Reach 8000 followers on Twitter
• Vlog atleast once a week

Really looking forward to see if I reach most of these goals next year.

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