Elliw's 31 Month Update.

I can't believe it isn't long until Elliw turns 3 years old! Where have these months/years gone? Soon I will be planning Elliw's birthday. I'm so proud on how she is growing up to be a little lady even though she can be a right little terror at times too.

Dear Elliw,
I'm writing this a little later as I was quite busy the other day so I thought id write it now whilst I have the time. Whilst I am writing this you are in the living room playing and watching Doc McStuffins. You can be a right little madam at times. Your temper towards Mia has calmed down a little bit, as you always used to grab her hair, punch her, hit her, kick her and scream at her! You still do it sometimes but not as often thank god! You can drive me nuts at times with your high pitched voice but I try to ignore and just get on with it. Your speech is coming along quite well and you have been booked to see a speech therapy so you should be seen before Christmas hopefully so we can get these sentences coming along. Mam tries her best to do the housework and working from home too but it can get so stressful with you not letting me sit down for long ha ha! I guess you will grow out of that soon though (hopefully).
You love playing with your baby dolls.
You love dancing. Your favourite song is Only Fools & Horses theme song and Frozen Let it Go.
Your friends are Mia and Aishah.
You love screaming on the top of your voice when you don't get your own way!!
Your having trouble with toilet training at the moment because youre getting a little too lazy going to toilet.

You're growing up to be such a sweet little girl. Even though you have your tempers, you're a sweet beautiful little girl otherwise. You can be so kind and hilarious with the things you do.

Until next time,

Love Mam xxxx

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