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This was taken yesterday (Easter Sunday). I got to take my nephew out by myself for the first time and I really did enjoy it. I was over the moon that he was full of smiles and actually really enjoyed himself with my and his cousin (my daughter) Elliw, who you can see by the see-saw! We were there for around 20 minutes I think and he loved the swings and the slide the best. When they were in the swings I would tickle their legs every time they came towards me which they laughed so much about! They would take in turns with the slide but Osian was very determined to go up the steps but he did kind of understand that he was to take in turns but me putting him on the slide!

Osian would always stop at the bottom of the slide and just look around waiting for me to take him off to have another go! He was so funny, I loved that I could spend time just me him and Mia and really hope to do it again soon and more often.

It really shocked me how much Osian is growing up. I asked him a few times 'shall we go on the slides again?!' and he would point and go 'yes yes!' and I am sure he said 'again' a few times too! So cute.

Osian was getting picked up by his Grandmother around 4.30 so we decided to go back to the house and I thought I could maybe get a nice photo of them together but as I asked Elliw to hold Osians hand Osian thought she was trying to steal his teddy blanket! So I didn't really manage to get a photo of them both looking but I have the memories there in my head to what the photo's mean! Which is so funny.

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  1. Aww I have loved reading this, it's weird at the same time. If you get me? Looks like you all had a lovely time :) you probably did hear him say again! Xx

    1. Yes I totally understand how you mean haha! :) I loved every minute of it, I hope he did enjoy himself !! He was full of smiles and laughter so he made me happy! :) xxx

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