A Typical Day | Before And After.

I was lying in bed one evening and I was thinking of how my life was before I had my girls. I can't remember much of my 'teen life' because I had to grow up pretty quickly at the age of 16/17. But it came to me that life is so different. I do think sometimes, what would my life be like now if I didn't have any children? I don't think i'd be Blogging, I don't think I would of met my partner and I wouldn't be living where I am now. I would probably have a full time job or two part time jobs and go out most weekend, atleast that's what I think I would of done! I know I would have more friends if I hadn't had children because my friends before motherhood faded away because I couldn't go out to many places with them. But I am happy with my life now and I wouldn't change anything for the world.

Here would be a typical Saturday -

Before being a parent.
Have a lie in until about 10 - 11am.
Have breakfast or go out for breakfast.
Go for a nice long shower.
Get ready, put make up on, do my hair.
Meet up with some friends, go shopping.
Come back home, get ready to go out.
Back home 3 or 4am in the morning.

Get woken up around 6am.
Downstairs for about 7 - 8 am.
Change nappies and get the kids dressed.
Make breakfast for the kids.
Do dishes and a wash.
Get ready quickly or just throw on a pair of comfy trousers and my hair up in a bobble.
Sit on the sofa, or go out with the kids.
Catch up on some blog work whilst I can (when they're quiet).
Make lunch for us all.
Go out for the day. But making sure kids are clean and gone to toilet.
Housework and maybe another wash.
Tea time! Cook tea whilst kids are shouting they are hungry even though they've had a snack about 2 or 3 hours ago. (My kids love food, a bit too much.)
Relax. (I wish.)
Bath time, putting a lot of towels on the floor because kids seem to love to splash too much!
BEDTIME for the kids! Woohoo!
Mummy time.. after an hour still realising Peppa Pig is still on TV and you're watching it.
Catch up on Blog work.
Realise it's really late, so get yourself too bed.
Get woken up once or twice in the night.


It makes me think really, how boring does my 'before' motherhood sound? Even though my usual typical day as a parent is full of stress, I think i'd be so bored without it! We have more happy days than bad days but at the end of the day they are my children, and they worth it. I don't think any mother would change anything about their children. I'd love to know what I would be doing in the week days if I wasn't a parent. My week days are ever busier than a normal Saturday.

If I wasn't a parent, i'd like to think I had carried onto a level 3 childcare course, had a full or part time job and moved out by the age of 21. I would also like to think I would have gone to Uni.

Has your life changed since becoming a parent?

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