Date Night Ideas

Alternative Date Night Ideas
Sometimes we can all be guilty of not making time for our loved ones and as we rush around trying to balance all our different hats, mum, partner, friend, sister, it can become hard to squeeze in that all important ‘we’ time.
If date nights are on the rare side then it’s important to make it an extra special event when they do come around and aside from the usual dinner out or cinema date there’s a whole other world of date night ideas just waiting for you and your loved one to experience.

Alphabet Dates
If you’ve not heard of alphabet dating before then the idea is you and your partner alternate your dates working through the alphabet and keep it a surprise from each other. Alphabet dating is not only a fun way to plan some quirky date nights but also keeps your partner guessing, adding a surprise element back into your relationship.
You could go to an art exhibition or bowling, attend a comedy show or double date. The idea is to get as creative as possible, the trouble might roll around when it gets to X, Y and Z but by that point you should be an expert at planning alphabet dates!

Cosy Night In
No one’s saying you need to leave the house to plan a date night and what better way to get cosy on the sofa and snuggle up watching a film together with a picnic filled with your favourite food and sweet treats.
Lay out a blanket, pick a bunch of your favourite films – action, chick flick and comedy all allowed here and tuck in to a delicious mezze of food. Extra points if you pick up cute popcorn cartons and make a sweet treat display! If you’re stuck for ideas why not search on Pinterest for ways to spice up your date night at home.
Get Outdoors
We can often take for granted that we live in such a beautiful country and sometimes the beautiful lights and sights of London can be heard calling our name and whisking us off into the capitals embrace.
With such a wide range of activities to be found it can sometimes be a little daunting to know what to pick, but after a long day of exploring and shopping sometimes only a cocktail will do! Visiting celebrity magician Oliver B at the W Hotel London will add a little magic to your evening and will certainly make it a night to remember with a drink in hand.

Learn Together
We learn new things everyday but finding the time to learn a new skill can often be hard to fit in when we’re often found juggling our daily routines with children, work and everything in-between. 
If you’ve always wanted to take a cookery course and create some culinary delights then why not do it as a couple? Plus, there’ll be no more excuses for not having a meal prepared at the end of the day. You could also go to a dance or art class and learn a new skill, the list is endless and you’ll have fun learning something new together.
Whether you plan regular date nights already or want to surprise your partner with something a little different, making time for each other and planning fun date nights will keep that special spark alive.
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  1. Fab ideas! I love the alphabet dating idea! I think we might try that - it gets a bit boring watching a film all the time! xx


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