Me and Mine - April

I can not believe it's the last day of April! Where has this month gone? It really has flown by. We've had some lovely family days out this month and we've all loved it! On the last Me and Mine, in March I said I wanted to try and get a family photo every month from now on as we will only be a family 4 for another 2 months. It's really mad to think that in July's Me and Mine our first little boy will be joining us.

At the start of the month we decided to book a last minute hotel in Llanelli, South Wales. We had a lovely day out in Pembrey Park. We then did a last minute booking in Travelodge in Cardiff, where we spent our second day in South Wales at Cardiff Bay. The third day, before we went home, we stopped at Sain Ffagans which was a stunning and beautiful place to visit. We all really enjoyed ourselves.

Another family day out was at Penrhyn Castle. We were given the experience to have a National Trust day pass for the girls learn more about the wildlife. I decided for us all to visit Penrhyn Castle as it was one of my favourite places to visit when I was a child. The girls loved it and I even managed to do a little vlog about our day.

It's quite scary but also really exciting to know that in just under 3 months our baby boy will be here. It's also a little bit more exciting to know I will have him in July and on the 25th or before. They won't let me go overdue because of the liver disorder I have during pregnancy. We have decided on a name but only very close friends and family know. We haven't told the girls yet because we know they would just tell everyone, so we will make sure we tell them first before announcing to friends and all my fellow readers. The girls are super excited in meeting their baby brother.

As heading to the third and last trimester of my pregnancy I can notice the difference. I have struggled a lot this last half of the month. I have been so lucky to have my partner and two beautiful girls as support. My partners Mother has helped a lot this month too, which I really appreciate. When I have tough days I don't really see who is really there for me until I have a calm-kind of day. But I feel so lucky that I have such a wonderful and caring partner. I am also very lucky to have my two beautiful girls who can drive me mad but can also be the most caring little girls ever. I really do love my family and I can't wait for it to be completed in 12 weeks.


  1. Beautiful photos! Your girls are just gorgeous xx

  2. Aw stunning photos lovely! I can't believe it's only 12 weeks now! So excited for you x
    Thanks for hosting #justanotherlinky x

  3. Such lovely family photos I need to get some done more often.

  4. The photos are lovely, fab to look back on. Not long to go until you're a family of 5!

  5. What lovely photos, I rally need to start actually being in ours as I'm the one always taking them!

  6. Hi Beth, you'll be a family of five before you know it! It sounds as if you've had a bit of an up and down month, but at least you have managed to get out and about with the family.

    Hope May is a good month for you and your pregnancy gives you less hassle.


  7. Such stunning photographs. Your little girls are adorable.

  8. You have such a beautiful family. What brilliant locations for those shots.

  9. What a lovely place for some beautiful family photos. I'd love to join the national trust x

  10. Looks like you had a fun break away with some lovely weather too! The boys enjoyed Penrhyn Castle a couple of years ago but we've not been for a while. #justanotherlinky

  11. Lovely pictures - so sweet! #justanotherlinky


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