Income Report {June}

Firstly, I have not written this post to 'bost' or brag on about how much I have earned. I am writing it because I am actually proud of something I have done, for a change. I can actually turn around and say that I have earned more this month that I did it one month at my two previous jobs, and that makes me feel proud. My first job wasn't the best. It was something I worked towards in College but my experience there was pretty rubbish. Let's just say the boss wasn't all that great and I was glad when I decided to leave.

When I started blogging back in 2013 never did I think I would of made a bigger income than my previous jobs. Never did I think I'd even make any money out of my blog. If I remember rightly I had my first e-mail for a sponsored post at around 8 months or so into blogging. I thought I would write a few tips in this post too so it's not just based on my monthly income.

Since I started blogging and started earning from my blog I have had people asking 'how?'. I guess it's just hard work. There is nothing else to it really but here just a few tips that have helped me and if you are a blogger yourself some of these could help you:

- Don't start a blog just to earn money, it will never work.

- Join Facebook groups and keep notifications on as there are a lot of sponsored/guest post opportunities there. (Remember to say thanks!)

- Keep writing. They will come to you.

- Make sure your contact page or e-mail address is clear on your site.

Now back to what I have earned this month. It's not a huge sum but it has helped me out a lot this month. I am still yet to be paid by a few but I was given all this work this month.

R E V I E W  I T E M S

Bravado Nursing Bra - £34.99
Chatty Feet Socks - £15.00
x2 Pairs of Shoes from Brantano's - £55
Meadow Kids Toys - £36.85
ToTs Voyage Changing Bag - £74.99

T O T A L : £216.83

S P O N S O R E D  P O S T S

SPONSORED : £792.98
VOUCHERS : £75.00

T O T A L: £867.98



INTERNET : £10.00
PAYPAL FEES : £18.35 


INCOME : £687.98 & REVIEW ITEMS : £216.83
OUTCOME : £43.04

T O T A L : £861.77
*this does not include the £180 pending money.

So, as you can see all my earning are mostly based on sponsored and guest posts. I try and reach a goal of £500 a month and I have gone past that this month, so I am very happy. My total outcome isn't that much this month so I am happy with that. 

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  1. Well done! I love to read posts like this as it gives me the push to start working harder at my blog. My ultimate aim is to earn £500 a month. Xx

  2. Wow! Great job to you! I really like how you've shared this, and it doesn't sound braggy at all. You hit the nail on the head, blogging is hard work! Now, at 11 months old, I've just written my first sponsored post! Thanks for the inspiration <3

  3. This is great-well done! Blogging is more work than people, who don't blog, realise. You have done brilliantly and have not come across as boastful in this. It's a very honest income report, which I have found very interesting. You should be proud! :-)

  4. I love reading income posts! I love seeing how well bloggers can really do if they put the work and effort into it! I hope to be able to earn a little something from my blog one day, to be able to earn money from something I really love doing would be amazing! You've done brilliantly, you definitely should be very proud! Hope next month is just as great or even better for you!

  5. I don't think these posts are bragging at all - I think it's inspiring for other bloggers to see. I am actually going to start doing my own too.

  6. I think it's great to see these posts, it gives us all something to work towards. I alwauys have a goal a month to make from my blog and I love it when I exceed it! Well done on smashing your target xx

  7. I find posts like this so interesting! You've done so well, I'm usually doing well if I manage over £100 in a month haha :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  8. Well done, you have done really well, one day I may be able to reach those type of figures, for now I will carry on enjoying what I do x

  9. LOVE these posts! Im super nosey :)

  10. Wow great job, I have only just started blogging and can't imagine making money from my blog, but if it happens that would be nice #justanotherlinky

  11. Wow that's brilliant that you can make so much from blogging well done. Lets hope you small the £500 mark again next month x

  12. wow that's fab! well done! I don't make anything from the blog right now. I don't overly need to but id def like to do some sponsored posts and more reviews as long as it fits with my audience and blog :) #justanotherlinky

  13. Wow this is fantastic! Posts like these motivate me to try and make my blog even better :) Hope you earn even more next month!

  14. Well done for making so much cash last month, you did really well. I find that sponsored posts come in batches and you might get loads in one go and then nothing x

  15. Wow, this is amazing, well done you and I hope the pending comes through soon x

  16. Well done and congratulations. Great report! Love the advice

  17. Great job! This report can also encourage you and other bloggers to to work more smartly. :)

  18. Well done you, I share my blog income every quarter and it's not to boost but because I too am proud because I never thought I would earn from the blog

  19. Great work! Thank you for sharing this in so much detail as it's really great to see what's included and how you work it all out. You certainly exceeded your target this month!

  20. This is pretty awesome!! Its very interesting to see how other bloggers earn money with their blogs.

  21. Well done! I love reading these type of posts, I think they are helpful and informative for fellow bloggers who are trying to earn an income from their blog.

  22. That's wonderful, so glad that you have built your blog up so that you can earn from it.

  23. I like these post as they encourage people like me to keep going. Hopefully one day I will be doing posts like these :)

  24. I like these post as they encourage people like me to keep going. Hopefully one day I will be doing posts like these :)

  25. Hi Beth, well done. It must feel fab to be able earn doing something you enjoy. By sharing your income it makes people realize what is possible through blogging.


  26. Well done! That's a really good amount - you've done really well! #justanotherlinky

  27. This is inspiring for sahms like me. And yup, i didnt sense any hint of bragging in this post about the figures. Be proud mum!


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