Freddie George at 3 Months

I am finding it hard to believe that Freddie is 3 months old. These 3 months have flown by but they have been the best 3 months ever. It's been amazing watching him grow and watching him be the boy who he is today. He has grown so much and it's hard to think that he used to be so small. It doesn't seem that long ago that I wrote his announcement on the blog and even his first month update. It's all gone so quick.

Freddie's sleeping has improved a lot since he was born. His usual sleeping pattern during the night is 9-10pm until 2/3am, which I am really pleased with. He will then have a feed and fall asleep in my bed (oops!). He will then wake up every 2 hours for a feed. He still doesn't sleep much during the day which can be a pain at times, especially when I have a lot of things to do but I am treasuring all these cuddles I get to have with him during the day. He will usually have a nap whilst we do the school run at 9am and 3pm, but he wakes up the minute we arrive home. He will also have a nap either at 11am or 2pm for roughly 30 minutes to an hour.

It has been tough at times but we have made it to 3 months and I am so proud of myself and Freddie for reaching 3 months. I honestly can not see me stopping anytime soon either. I love breastfeeding and I do regret not breastfeeding my girls. It's such a special and amazing experience and I am glad I decided to do it. I have felt like I don't feed as much anymore but I still feed every 3 hours most days. Some evenings he has been cluster feeding and I do feel quite sore afterwards because he's been there for so long.

Mia & Elliw
The girls are still amazing with Freddie. Especially Mia as she tries to Mother him so much. She loves picking him up (when we are right next to her) and looking after him in the morning as I get ready. It's also become a part of our school morning routine. Freddie has started to recognise both his sisters voice now and when he hears them, his eyes just pop open and his head goes side to side which is adorable. They are over the moon with him.

He is doing perfectly well. He has his second lot of injections on the 17th of October which I am dreading and really hoping he will be better after these injection, unlike his others. Freddie has giggled a few times and trying to bring out some noises too. He smiles loads to me and other people now. The best way to make him smile is by rubbing his chin and cheeks.

He is currently in 3-6 months clothes and even some of them he seems to tall for. He is still fitting some 0-3 month clothing but not much. He is slowly outgrowing his carry cot for the pram but I will be using the carrycot until he really can't fit in it anymore.

Freddie Loves:
- Cuddles
- Being called beautiful
- Going for walks
- Sitting up
- Co-sleeping
- Watching Peppa Pig

Freddie Dislikes:
- Loud noises

Freddie's Firsts:
- Giggle
- First holiday
- First time swimming


  1. What a little cutie. I love the pic in his little flat cap #justanotherlinky

  2. He is so adorbs! I miss this tiny baby stage.


  3. Aww! He is such a cutie.
    Three months has flown over!

  4. Awww I remember these first months. Crazy to think its nearly 2 years ago since she was that age. Keep up the breastfeeding to. I loved every moment of it as well :D #justanotherlinky

  5. My mummy loved Breastfeeding as well! He's such a little cutie! Happy 3 months little one! #JustAnotherLinky

  6. What beautiful pictures, he looks a very happy little bundle! Hope the injections are better this time round - I was prepared for the worst for the second lot after a traumatic first set and they were nothing like as bad! #justanotherlinky

  7. Lovely update... We're slightly ahead of you (about to write the 4 month update) so it's nice to read other updates and thank god it's not just us who are far from sleeping through!!!
    Lovely to hear his big sisters are looking after him and LOVE the photo with the flat cap! Xx

  8. Oh all of my babies have been cuddly too! I love it. He is absolutely delectable! H x

  9. He's gorgeous! Great update and fab to hear that your girls are helping you!

  10. Oh wow Freddie George is an absolute cutie!! What a great update!! xxx

  11. Awww what a beautiful baby boy. He is growing super fast.

  12. Oh my goodness, he's an absolutely beautiful baby!

  13. Oh isn't he gorgeous!!! My youngest is also named Freddie!! I love his cap and the he loves to be called beautiful!

  14. aw so adorable! what a great update. Time goes by so quickly

  15. Oh my, he is super cute! I bet he has you wrapped around is little finger.

  16. I love the pictures, he is a gorgeous little man isn't he ;-)

  17. He is so cute and absolutely adorable.The photos are awesome.

  18. Oh my word he is such a little cutie. I cant wait to have a little one myself.

  19. What a cute little man he is! Well done for breastfeeding him for three full months.


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