30 Things I've Learned Since Becoming a Mum of Three

I remember when I was younger, the days where you dream your 'future' and how you'd like your life to be and all that rubbish, I knew I always wanted kids. I knew I wanted a family of my own. But, life doesn't really pan out as good as you dream of it being. If you're a regular reader, then you probably know that I fell pregnant at the age of 16 and gave birth to my first daughter at 17. It was hard and probably one of the most challenging times of my life but I've got through it, and now I actually do have a family of my own. I never thought my life would be how it is, though. I always wanted four children but little did I know how hard parenthood actually is. I remember a few years after having Elliw I said I wanted one more and no more after that as I knew I would never be able to cope with two children close age - hard work! Little did I know, I'd be a Mum to a little boy. That is one thing I never saw happening. I felt I was always going to be a Mum of two girls. Freddie is our little bonus baby and has filled a place in our hearts.

Throughout my pregnancy, with Freddie, I was told that being a Mum of 3 kids wasn't as hard as being a Mum of 2. In my experience, they were talking utter rubbish. Juggling breastfeeding a newborn and having to care for Mia and Elliw too was hard. Freddie was born a day after the kids' school broke up for the summer, so they were home throughout the whole summer holidays. It was hard. I do wish I had more help but it's been and gone and I've promised myself that I will give my kids a better summer holidays this year.

These are just 30 things I've learnt since I've become a Mum of three;

1. There is always someone crying or moaning
2. Always someone to chat too
3. It's hard when one child gets invited to a birthday party - but the other two aren't!
4. It's hard to keep all 3 happy the same time
5. You absolutely LOVE it when they're all quiet and happy together for five minutes
6. Your bathroom is your best friend
7. Speaking on the phone without interruptions is a no-go!
8. There's always something to do.
9. Very rarely will you drink a full hot cup of tea or coffee
10. You'll realise hours after a meal time that you have forgotten to make food!
11. You'll always be on your feet
12. Your lunch is just a few snacks as you just have no time to cook
13. Washing is just never ending
14. Bedtime is your favourite time of the day
15. You deal with one child, then the other wants attention and so on
16. Trying to find someone to babysit all three kids is just hard!
17. Eyes are all over the place when you go out for a walk
18. Housework gets left behind
19. NOISE! Expect ALOT of noise
20. You learn that every single child is different
21. SO many toys, everywhere
22. Trying to take a photo of all three kids looking and smiling is just impossible (bonus if you get it!)
23. There's always someone to have cuddles with
24. Parents are outnumbered by little people
25. Booking a hotel room is hard!
26. I'll never be alone - there's always a kid there
27. They bring madness but happiness in the home
28. Going through pregnancy when you have two other children is knackering and hard work
29. You will hear a lot of people telling you that you have your hands full
30. Some days will be bad. Really bad. But the following day is a new day

Being a parent of 3 is very challenging. There's always something going on, always a child to tend too. The minute you sit down you have wanted again and you feel like you never get a five-minute peace or break, but they are only young once. They won't wake you to make them a drink one day, they will be able to do one themselves. They won't want cuddles with you in years to come, but you will want to cuddle them. Since becoming a mum of 3 I just take it day by day as I never know what kind of moods or behaviour the kids are going to be in.

It's challenging but so worth it.


  1. I don't know how you manage it, lovely! Two is flipping hard, let alone 3. The one thing I keep thinking is that I'm never bored anymore, I'd love to be bored!! Haha. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  2. Two is definitely hard enough! I am not sure how you do it. I can appreciate the never having any free time though. Must be hard when some are invited to party and not all of them. I have twins so I hope that never happens to them or it will be quite tricky xx #MarvMondays

  3. You've easily filled up 30 things! It's manic sometimes isn't it and since having three, I really do feel like I'm being pulled every which way and there is always someones demands to deal with. When I do ever get a moment to relax now, I find it really hard to just sit still! You have a gorgeous little family :) x

  4. Empathise with oh so many of these and it doesn't seem to get any less full on as they get older


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