Our Family Bucket List 2017

I really wanted to write one of these at the beginning of the year but I lost track and I guess it's better late than never, right? My biggest achievements last year was giving birth to my beautiful baby boy, Freddie George and earning more money through my blog. Another two things I could tick of my list for last year is visiting Haven and Bluestone. I had always wanted to visit those two places and although I had visited Haven years ago, I wanted to take the kids there too. It was Freddie's first little holiday and it was perfect.

This is our family bucket list for 2017

• Visit Haven again
• Visit Bluestone again
• Book a holiday abroad
• Have a long weekend stay in Liverpool
• Buy a new camera
• Do a 1st Birthday Cake Smash photoshoot for Freddie
• Book Disneyland
• Visit Thailand again
• Go strawberry picking
• Visit a pumpkin farm
• Have a night away before Christmas - just my partner and I (and probably Freddie!)
• Reach my 18-month goal of breastfeeding
• Visit more food festivals
• Visit Cardiff again
• Go camping
• Visit a Zoo
• Have more family outings

This is my personal bucket list for 2017;

• Learn to be better with money
• Pay off store card
• Have a night break away
• Go to a spa
• Save £300 towards Christmas
• Walk up Snowdon again
• Lose 6 stone by early January 2018
• Be more organised
• Look into a course in photography for 2018

This is my blogging bucket list for 2017;
• Buy a new camera suitable for photography and vlogging
• Achieve 1 full year of vlogging
• Go to Blog On Conference
• Arrange a meet up with Bloggers
• Reach 6000 followers on Twitter
• Reach 4000 followers on Instagram
• Reach 3000 likes on Facebook
• Reach 150 subscribers on my YouTube channel
• Have one day break a week
• Interact more with bloggers

I'm really interested to see how many of these I will achieve this year. 

Do you have a list of things you want to achieve/do this year?

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  1. This is a great list! Hope you've been able to check many of them off so far.


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