15 Chicken Recipes

Having three kids to look after, cooking meals can be a right pain. Especially when I have my little shadow (Freddie) following me everywhere I go. Although I use the oven for a lot of meals, most of my meals are cooked on the hob. One of my favourites to cook is chicken. It's quick too cook and there are so many meals you can do with chicken. Here are just a few:  

1. Chicken with BBQ Soy Sauce
Such a simple and quick recipe. Perfect if you have little ones and want to make something quick. 
Cook your diced chicken with mushrooms and onions.
Add some garlic and then add some Organic Amino Sauce, Barbecue Soy Sauce from The Coconut Company. We recieved a bottle to try out a couple of weeks ago and I have since used it so often. Adding it to diced chicken and frying with onions and mushroom has been one of our favourite meals. The Barbecue Soy Sauce has such a delicious taste and I don't normally like Barbecue, but this is something I will most definitely be buying once we have run out. 

2. Thai Chicken Curry
My partner and mine's favourite meal. Since coming back from Thailand a few years back, I've fallen in love with Thai food. So full of flavour and you most definiteley won't be dissapointed with this Green Thai Chicken Curry. Very easy to make and you can check out the recipe here

Other ideas:

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* We were sent the Barbecue Soy Sauce. Words, opinions and images are my own.

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  1. Ooo the Moroccan chicken wraps sound really tasty, I love anything with moroccan spices.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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