As I wrote in the siblings post last week, I really do treasure the times that the kids play quietly and so nicely. It’s not very often that they play so nicely with each other and when they do, it’s not for very long. But the summer hasn’t been that bad, and I think there have been more good days than bad days. Something that I was anxious about over the holidays was coping with the girls always arguing like they did the previous half term off school. Luckily, these holidays haven’t been too bad.

When the girls were sent the Paw Patrol Seat Patroller to review, Elliw was on her last day of her holiday and so Mia got a chance to play with it first. Freddie even loved it himself. The first words that came out of Mia’s mouth was ‘wow, ’ and when Elliw saw it the following day, she was so excited. Ever since, it has been played with most days and they’ve both had so much fun with it. One thing I never mind buying them is figures and playsets as I notice they do get played with for a long time. One of the best things that both girls liked was how the Sea Patroller has drop-down wheels to transform from a shop to a land vehicle. They thought it was absolutely amazing.

One figure, one vehicle and five objects come with the Sea Patroller. Additional figures are sold separately if you were looking to buy more figures. There is a movable crane and attachable cage. The girls have had so much fun playing with it and have used their imaginations so much. It’s amazing watching them play and listening to the stories they make up. They get other toy characters involved too. The Patroller has flashing lights and sounds, which was Freddie’s favourite. Eventually the Sea Patroller was taken upstairs because Freddie kept ‘ruining’ their game, ha ha (I found it hilarious).

It’s been a big hit in this house, and it’s such fab quality. A perfect present for Christmas or a birthday treat. The Paw Patrol Sea Patroller is out now. You can also find it here for a reasonable price.

Do your little ones like Paw Patrol? Who’s their favourite character? 

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  1. Thank you for this review as I was looking to get it for Christmas for the youngest as he loves paw patrol! To be fair I think both the boys will love this! We already have quite a few of the pups so wont need to get to many extra one! My eldest loves marshall and my youngest loves rubble luckily as there isn't a lot of fighting on who will be who!


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