What to pack for your stay in Bluestone, Wales

We have been to Bluestone twice, once in December 2016 and once in March this year. We first went with a friend and her kids during the Christmas period and it was absolutely amazing. They do an amazing Kingdom of the Elves during the Christmas period and the kids absolutely love it, so did I. The second time we went was the day after Elliw’s birthday and it was the perfect timing. My partner came with us that time and we explored more things and went to visit Tenby afterwards, which is such a beautiful place visit and well recommended.

Both times we went self-catered and we will be going again this December over Mia’s birthday. We were going to go for the long 7 days but my partner was unsure with what was happening with work. So to be on the safe side we decided to do the 4 night stay instead. We are going to be staying for a review and we’re so excited. I feel Bluestone is a place you can relax. There’s always something going on and the kids just love it. It’s a place I will always recommend.

-          Food
If you are booked for self catering you will need to do a food shop before arriving to your lodge. There’s an Aldi’s and Tesco’s about 10 minutes away from the resort, so it’s not too far. There’s also a little shop in the village at Bluestone, but I found I used that if we were running low on things or forgot some things at the main shop. There’s a proper kitchen in every lodge, with enough storage and even a fridge freezer too for your chilled/frozen foods.
There are 2-3 restaruants on site in the village, so you could go out for a meal some nights too.

-          Correct clothing and footwear
I would really recommend you bring the correct clothing and footwear. There is a lot of walking in Bluestone, unless you hire a buggy. Also depends where about your lodge is located, you may be far or may be near to certain places. Although, there are many things to do all around the place itself.
As for footwear, walking shoes, wellingtons and comfortable shoes is what we brought with us. In Wales the weather is always unpredictable, and so if you are going to a place like Bluestone, being prepared for the rain is a must. Especially, if you are wanting to walk through the forsest or on their walking route.

-          Money
I can’t say it is a cheap place, because it isn’t but we have been there on a budget before and so it is do able. The main attraction, and the place the girls love going to is the Adventure Centre. It’s free to go in and it’s amazing – perfect for the rainy days. Also, many sofas are there which is ideal for the parents to sit for a little break while the kids tire themselves out.
There are many activities to do there throughout the year and prices vary.

-          Camera

This may not be for everyone. But I honestly think it’s so important to capture the moments. It’ll be so nice to look back through the photos in years to come. It’s such an amazing place and I’m sure you are going to absolutely love it there. 

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