For a few months now, possibly over six months or longer, I've been thinking long and hard about my blog. Not that I want to stop blogging, but I want to turn this blog around, not completely but I want it to be different from now on. All my life, since I fell pregnant at the age of sixteen, my life has been around babies and children. I had to grow up quicker than many of my friends, I had to be an 'adult' when I was just a teenager. Not that I regret having my children, they are the most precious things in my life. I am so grateful that I have three amazing, hilarious (sometimes very annoying) and healthy children. I really am.

But in those years I have lost myself. I've suffered from weight issues, suffered from liver disorders through each of my pregnancies, suffered from depression and still suffering from anxiety. Having a baby, never mind if it's one, two or four, it changes your mind and body. You change, everything changes. Relationships changes and life changes. But we all get on with it like I have done for these years.

My eldest, Mia, is 8 years old now and it's scary to think I've been a parent for over 8 years. How crazy is that? I still have to shake my head sometimes to even believe that she is 8 years old. Having two other ones as well is very hard going. When I first started blogging the first thing I told myself was that this blog was going to be 100% honest. I did struggle to be completely honest through the years, but the past 2-3 years I've been honest on every post and every photo on here and Instagram/Facebook. I don't see the point in writing something that's not real. It's not something I would want to read myself, so I won't do it myself.

My blog has always involved my kids. It's been a parenting blog from day one. Then I started sharing more posts about us as a family. I've really enjoyed sharing as many family photos as I can, as well as our family adventures. I honestly love it. That I won't change or stop writing about. However, as I said above, I've wanted a change with my blog. I had considered starting a brand new blog altogether, but have now decided not too.

In the past recent months, I've had more of interest in make up, clothes and other related things. I've also had an interest in writing more about family meals - mostly Slimming World friendly meals as I'm on the plan now to lose weight. I've decided I'm going to bring them all on here and I'm going to talk more about my interests and any other things that I like.

You might have noticed that I've been writing more about clothing and even receiving a few pieces of clothing to review too. I have a few clothing hauls on my YouTube channel if anyone is interested in watching and I'm really enjoying filming pieces for my channel, especially when they include my children.

So this year there's going to be new topics, new posts and new me on this blog. Of course, I will still be talking about the kids, but this blog has always been my 'little space to escape' from motherhood for a bit. It's something I absolutely enjoy, and I'm so excited to be writing more about what I enjoy and my own personal interests.

Are you a blogger? Have you slowly brought in new topics and changing your blog around?

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