A few years ago I was pretty much obsessed with walking everywhere and eating normal/healthy. I lost nearly 4 stone and I was happy. I wasn't 100% confident as I was still learning to love my 'new body' and new figure. However, as years have gone by, with a third pregnancy and just being stuck in a horrible rut and suffering from depression and anxiety, I've gone downhill again. I don't like it - I hate it.

I remember all through my pregnancy with Freddie I kept saying I was going to stick to the Slimming World Plan, and although I didn't do too bad, I still gained and I was still extremely unhappy with how I felt and looked. As months went by, I kept telling myself I was going to stick to plan again and I was going to go out walking and so on, but it never happened. I did stick to plan now and then but not each week.

I kept making silly excuses for myself which stopped me getting up and going out. Either I had work to do, no time, Freddie is napping or I had the girls to pick up. When in reality I could put Freddie down a little earlier to have his nap and just move him from his pram that he naps in, to his other pram to go out for a walk. I did have time because I could go before picking the girls up from school and pick them up on my way on the walk. There's always a way around things. As for work, yes that can be difficult at times but during the day, I work when Freddie is down for his nap, so before or afterwards, again, there are no excuses.

On Monday the 8th of January I had it in my head that I wanted to go out for a walk. I was looking forward to it and looking forward to feeling good, feel healthy and start losing weight again. It could just be a phase of the new year, but I'm hoping it's the start where this year can be for me. This year can be my time to feel and look good. I am aiming to lose 8 stone and I will be happy. I'm not looking to lose all of that in this year, maybe it will take me 2-3 years, I'm in no rush or competition with no one. My journey is my journey and no one will put me down in that way.

I'm not rushing into the whole thing but I am setting myself a goal each week that I'd like to achieve. I'm aiming to walk roughly 4-5 miles per day on top of the 3 miles that I do each day by taking the girls to school and picking them up. It's crazy how good you feel after a good long walk. There are a few paths to walk around my village but they can be quiet boring at times and I am worrying already that I'll get bored of them but I'm hoping to do different walks to make it seem and feel a little bit more interesting.

On Wednesday, I decided to go for a walk after dropping the girls off at school. Half way back home, I decided to let Freddie run around - this shattered him out for nap time - I missed the afternoon walk but went for one after picking the kids up from school. The weather is the perfect weather to go for walks, although it is freezing, you warm up by walking so it's not too bad. Freddie and I had a lovely little walk back home, it was over 3 miles long, and the feeling when I reached back home was a good positive feeling.

Are you walking or running more this year?

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