My bedroom is a room where I like to feel relaxed at the end of a hard or challenging day. When you're a parent, no day is the same. So, our bedrooms should be a place we can relax and sleep comfortably ready for the following morning. Below are some simple steps on how you can transform your bedroom to be your happy place during the day, evenings and night time.

1. Make Your Bed Each Morning
Get into the habit of making your bed each morning. The last thing you want to do after a long day is getting into bed with a scrunched up duvet. Getting into a fresh bed every night can freshen your mind and feel relaxed. Also, having your bed made up each morning makes your bedroom feel calmer and happier during the day.

2. Warm Colours
If you are planning on redecorating your bedroom paint your walls with warm colours. The 'in' colours at the moment are blush pinks, navy blues, greys and whites. They're all beautiful colours and just having that extra touch to your bedroom walls will make your bedroom feel welcoming, warming and relaxing. 

3. The Right Mattress For Your Bed
Having the right mattress for your bed most definitely helps. When you get into bed, you want a mattress that is comfortable. A popular choice of mattress is memory foam mattresses. There's also a choice of what size you would want, and if you have kids, then a king size mattress would be perfect.

4. Add Some Accessories
I personally find having some accessories around your bedroom, such as plants, photo frames, prints and little trinkets make your bedroom feel a lot more welcoming and warmer. Also, adding some cosy throws on your bed and extra pillows or cushions too. 

5. De-clutter
Make sure to de-clutter your room every now and then. Also, keeping on top of your tidying can help too. Having a room with no clutter and no mess on the floor can make a room feel more positive and keep your more positive too.

How do you make your bedroom a happy place?

* This is a collaborative post with Happy Beds

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