Slimming World Update

I haven't written a Slimming World update for a long time. I guess life just gets in the way and it's been a big struggle in the past couple of months. I honestly thought I was going to completely fail Slimming World - yet again. I was stressed, feeling low and all the rest of the low feelings. Although my weight has been up and down for weeks now, I think I've finally slowly changed my eating lifestyle. For the past three weeks or so, I've had bad days, but instead of eating junk as I'd normally do, I've actually been sticking to plan. My problem is I eat chocolate when I'm down or stressed. I fail miserably on plan when I'm feeling super low - because I just don't care about myself when I'm feeling so down.

But something I am happy about is that I've not given up going to group. Even though I do feel embarrassed that I've only lost a small amount in the time I've been at group, I know I'd have gained 10x more weight if I hadn't gone and stayed to group. However, these past three weeks I have felt different in myself. I am feeling good, although I have had a really bad 2 or so weeks of feeling down and struggling with a lot of personal things, I've managed to stick to plan. That's all down to the help from my lovely friend. She's lost over 6 stone and has done amazingly well. She is at her target and looks absolutely stunning. She really is an inspiration to me. She's helped me so many times when I'm down and reminding me that I can do this, no matter what kind of day I'm having - I CAN do it.

I've been doing a lot of SP days, which I love because you get an extra Healthy extra B which means more salted caramel Hi-Fi bars - YUM! Last week my whole week was amazing and 1000% on plan but I only lost 1.5lbs which shocked me as I thought it'd be a lot more. The following week (this week) was a bit of an up and down week. I've struggled really badly with feeling low, but I also had a nice walk to freshen my mind on Saturday evening, with my partner. After the walk, we had a kebab (oops!) but I didn't eat it all, in fact, I didn't even eat half of it, and I went straight back onto plan the following day. But because I had the kebab, I thought it was going affect me a lot, and I struggled a lot more again just overthinking things - I do that badly.

Although with all the worries and so on, I lost another 1.5lbs this week which I am so happy about. I'm so glad that I've finally found that place again where I'm feeling the weight coming off, I'm slowly feeling better in myself and I'm finally changing my eating habits and not finding it difficult either.

So, that's my week. I'm really proud of all the changes I've made in these past 2-3 weeks. It's Thursday today, and I'm feeling motivated to go in with a loss again this week *cross fingers*. I need to try and remember to write these weekly, and hopefully, it will help someone else too, as well as keeping myself motivated.

The week ahead goals:
- Go for 2 long walks
- Still, drink a lot
- Have 2 or 3 SP days
- Eat more speed
- Chew chewing gum when I feel picky!

This week: 1.5lbs OFF
Total Loss: 6lbs

I've done a few Slimming World videos on my YouTube channel such as what I eat in a day, food hauls etc. If you fancy watching some, you can find my videos here. It would be amazing if you would subscribe if you haven't done so yet.

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