Our New King Size Bed From Lakeland Furniture

For years now we’ve been updating the kid's bedrooms, and they’ve even had about 2-3 different themes, as well as a couple of new beds in their bedrooms too. One room that has never been updated since we moved is my partner and my room. It should be a room we can go in and relax. Although when we do de-clutter it every few months, it does feel like a place I can relax, but it was never a room I loved. It didn’t feel like my bedroom. Sometimes it just felt like a rented room we just slept in, and that was that.

That was up until recently when I decided it was time I gave some effort and time into decorating and do a makeover in our bedroom only. The kid's bedrooms are fine, but our bedroom desperately needed a makeover. We decided to take our old black and gold wallpaper off and paint it a navy-kind of colour, which I love. We are still trying to find bits to find and add to the room and a full bedroom makeover post will be up in the next couple of months.

Something I was really appreciative about was, we were sent a new bed frame to review. We were given the Charlotte Low End Fabric Bed Frame from Lakeland Furniture. They were kind enough to send us a king size frame, something I’d been wanting for years. My partner and I had actually been looking for a new bed frame for months, but there was nothing we really liked. Our bedframe at the time was broken and I’m sure would have completely broken by the end of the year if we still had it. It would squeak every time we got into bed, which was really annoying.

When we received the bed frame my partner put it together and it was pretty straightforward to build. When it was all put together I was really pleased with how it looked. The grey fabric is fab and I absolutely love the headboard. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love the colour grey, so to have a bed that’s grey and fabric too, is just a huge bonus. I also like the black bedframe stands too, it adds that extra touch.

I’m really pleased with the bed frame and Lakeland Furniture also sell a great range of other household items are such fantastic prices such as garden furniture, dining table sets, other bed frame sizes and more.

* We were kindly gifted this item free of charge in return for an honest review.
All words, images and opinions are entirely our own. 


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