My Three Littles

Having three kids does make you realise that every single child is different. I've gone through different experiences with all three of my kids growing up. I've gone through single parenting, depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and each child has gone through different milestones at different ages. Mia was a quick walker and a quick talker, where as Elliw didn't walk until she was 15 months old and outside until she was 18 months. She struggled with her speech, and we took her to speech therapy, and she went to a speech and language school to help her - she has done amazingly well, and you'd never think she had speech therapy when she was younger. Now, Freddie, well he's basically done absolutely everything the girls haven't. He's a wild one.

Although motherhood is hard, it's so rewarding at the same time. I'm not going to lie and say everything has been amazing recently because it hasn't. Freddie is going through a phase of temper tantrums and hitting. He seems to find it funny when he slaps and pinches someone - so much so he thinks it's a game. He will laugh away when he does it and keeps on going at it. But I know he will grow out of it one day. Hopefully soon. Saying all that, he honestly is the most cuddly and loving little boy. The sweet, beautiful smile on his face is worth waking up to every single morning.

I absolutely love it when Freddie comes into our bed every morning when he wakes up around 7am. He will snuggle up in between us and just hold my hand. Something I'll always remember is how he always has to hold my hand a certain way, his fingers in between mine. It's so adorable and super sweet. He loves snuggling up and having cuddles. His sisters, Mia and Elliw, will then come into the room. They'll hype him up, and before we know, we have three little ones (two are not-so-little anymore!) running around everywhere. They'll pull toys out, they'll play hide and seek or tag. Anything that has super energy - something I wish I could find in the morning.

In between all the giggles and cuddles, there are arguments - of course! But the girls wouldn't be them if there wasn't any. It's normally about one of the girls 'stealing' each other's teddies of their bed or taking things from each other desks and so on. The list can go on and on with the same arguments that they have every single morning and day. It can drive me mad at times, but some mornings I just laugh it off - depending on what kind of mood I've woken up in.

But having my three little ones honestly make my whole day. Some days are really bad, really low but there's always something good that happened on that bad day. Whether it's Elliw coming up to me telling me I'm her favourite, her number one or Mia leaving notes and letters saying I'm the best Mam in the whole world. Then there's Freddie, who'll come up to me for cuddles. There's always a positive in a negative.

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