7 Ways To Improve Your Morning Routine

Getting up and out of bed in the morning can be one of the hardest parts of the day. Maybe you're not
a morning person, or it might be that your job your daily routine is a grind and sleeping in seems like a
much more appealing option. Often, when the morning looks drab and dull, we want to pull the covers
over our heads and hide from the world. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with doing just that, but
when we have commitments; sometimes we need to face the day and get on with things!

Having a positive morning routine can make getting out of bed seem more bearable, and maybe even
a worthwhile experience. How you feel when you rise in the morning affects the rest of your day; starting
in an upbeat way will go a long way to making sure that your mood is better throughout the rest of the

Here are a few tips to help you start your day right:


One of the best ways to make sure you have a good morning is to prepare for it. Picking out your clothes
the night before will save you valuable time and will reduce stress as you will have fewer decisions to
make. Look at the weather forecast to see what the next day looks like and dress accordingly. You'll
also be more inclined to pick an outfit that makes you feel good because making decisions when we're
not at our best first thing will often lead to us just throwing on the first thing we find. Dressing well is great
for our self-esteem and gives us positive feelings.

A Tasty Start Helps

Pick a breakfast that you know you will look forward to and enjoy. Make sure it is filling and healthy. Try
to make a meal that has a mixture of protein and carbohydrates to give you plenty of energy. Adding in
fruit will get you off to a great start. Porridge mixed with flaxseed, blueberries and bananas will keep you
full for longer, give you lots of energy while blueberries are excellent sources of antioxidants and flaxseeds
are rich in dietary fibre.

Coffee is the obvious choice for a great pick up, but why waste time on supermarket bought instants
when you can go to coffee beans UK for the best morning cup? Having a quality coffee is worth looking
forward to, give yourself the morning treat you deserve.

Don't Snooze The Alarm

Hitting snooze and going back to sleep is only likely to make you feel groggy and lethargic on a morning.
Instead, set your alarm tone to be your favourite uplifting song. Playing feel-good music that you enjoy
first thing will engage your brain early on. You'll be less inclined to press snooze. Singing along to a tune
that makes you happy can be a great release of those early morning tensions. 
Not hitting snooze several times will buy you extra time in the morning and allow you to be more productive,
and to take getting ready for the day in your stride. 

Get Your Blood Pumping

Ten minutes exercise in the morning will set you right off to a flying start. Pick an activity that you can commit
to every day and build that habit. If you have a treadmill or exercise bike, you can combine your morning
jog or cycle with catching up with the morning news.
If you would prefer something less intense, consider taking up yoga. 

Morning Meditation

Stresses and worries often come into play very early in our day. Even if anxiety does not play a big part
in your life, meditation can help focus your attention on the present. Using simple breathing techniques,
we can find a natural balance in ourselves and clear our minds ready, giving us a fresh outlook every day. 

Having A Schedule

Scheduling your time is important, especially when you live with others, and there is a clamour for the
bathroom. If you have a set routine in the morning with time frames for each aspect, then you will find
that you are naturally more productive and less likely to procrastinate or dawdle. 
Plan in some time for if things go wrong though, if breakfast gets overdone, or if someone else is in the
shower too long. Setbacks can be stressful without extra time to compensate for them, however, by being
stringent with your morning timetable you will always be ahead of schedule, this might be helpful if there
is a risk of delays on your way to where you need to be.

Make a List

Set your day out right by creating a list of everything that you need to achieve that day. Prioritize the
tasks that have to be completed by specific times and do them first. Always try to get the worst job out of
the way first. If there are phone calls, you are dreading making, put them at the top of the list. Be kind to
yourself, if you know you are likely to put something off, don't allow the anxiety around that task to build.
Nip it in the bud by doing that task at the earliest possible convenience. Next time you have to do the
same job, it might not be so bad as you will have avoided worry. 
There is nothing as satisfying as crossing off an item in your to-do list and having a plan for your day can
make an overwhelming pile of work seem much more manageable. 

Getting your perfect routine might take a bit of fine tuning to get right, you may need to change the order
that you do things to get them right for you. But, once you have it running like clockwork, then you will see
the benefits. You might find that there are still days when getting out of bed is the last thing that you want
to do, but more often than not, your morning routine will help keep you healthy, happy, motivated and raring
to go.

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