Adding Little Touches to our Home with Wayfair

We've been living in our current home for over 5 years now and still to this day we are wanting and needing to change so many things. But I must admit, compared to the first day we moved into today, so much has changed and I am so happy with all the added touches too. I personally think adding little personal touches to a house makes it feel more like home. Whether it's a duvet cover, house plants, photo frames or even a nice new sideboard. I always like to add my personality into each room.

Wayfair got in touch a few weeks ago asking if I'd like to review a few items from their website. I instantly said yes and I am overly pleased with every single item. I thought instead of going for one large item within the budget, I would go for a few little things that would go great around the house. I also chose things that have been on my 'to buy list' for a long time too. Here are a few home updates, along with the items I received from Wayfair:

A couple of years ago our kitchen ceiling collapsed, which meant we had to re-do our bathroom as we discovered there was a lot of damp from the bath, which was one of the reasons our kitchen ceiling fell down. We decided to have a new bath fitted, re-tile and re-paint. We are yet to find the right sink and toilet to replace the ones we currently have, but for now, they will do.

Something that's lacked in the bathroom, is storage. We do have some storage cupboards but they are very awkward and I use them to keep our towels. The room lacked storage to keep cleaning products, toilet tissues and other little bits. This is where the Antenore Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet has come in handy. I have managed to store a lot of things in there such as some of my cleaning products, toilet tissue and much more. It's made the room feel brighter and slightly more modern too. I've always wanted a grey and white kind of theme for my bathroom and this cabinet mixes in perfectly with the 'theme'. Another plus side, the cabinet is not only great for storage but it's great quality and at a great price too.

K I D S  B E D R O O M
If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I am in the middle of re-decorating the girls' bedroom. It's been put on hold now for a couple of months because life has been super busy these last few months. However, I'm not really going for a theme for their room. I am painting the room white, grey and a light pink but their little touches are going to be their personalities and things they like, such as these two single duvet covers they received from Wayfair.

If you're a long-time follower/reader of my blog you will know that Mia's favourite animals are horses. So I thought this Noveltext Horse Duvet would be perfect for her. There's a choice of a pink or white and I decided to go for the white background, which has different and bright colour horses on top.

For Elliw, I decided to go for this Zoomie Kids Coppola Duvet Cover which comes with a super cool Unicorn pillowcase. It's a double sided cover with one side being white with the words 'Believe in Miracles' at the bottom and the other side all pink with unicorns. It brings out brightness and colour to the room and most of all, both girls adore their new covers.

My bedroom is the room that has taken the longest to sort out over the years. But we are slowly getting there. Our main wall used to have a black and gold tree wallpaper until we decided to cover up and paint it in Saphire Blue. I do think I'll be changing the colour again to something brighter but the room does feel pretty warm with this navy.

I decided to go for a new duvet cover and I chose the King Size Devonshire Percale Duvet Cover Set and from the second I saw it I fell in love with it. Again, like the other two duvet covers, this one is double sided with different pattern/print. I currently have the navy side up and it just brings some more warmth to the room and it feels cosy. Choosing a nice duvet definitely adds a fab touch to the room.

Our kitchen will probably be one of the last rooms to get re-done, but we have re-painted the cupboard doors and I am slowly adding a few personal touches. I've never known what kind of 'theme' I really wanted for the kitchen but I am slowly going towards the white and copper accessories because my kettle and toaster are white and copper, and I love them.

I chose this amazing Damascus 5 Piece Knife Block Set in white and copper and I've fallen in love with it. The holder is plastic but it's still good quality for the price. The set includes your usual 5 piece knife set such as your bread knife, utility knife and the rest. The handles have a good grip and I am very pleased with the set.

- Wayfair kindly gifted me the items mentioned above for this collaboration.

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