Mine4Sure Labels For Clothes Review

When you have children, especially nursery and school aged children, it's always a good idea to have some name labels for clothes and anything else such as bags, shoes, and bottles. Adding labels to clothing or any other item is much easier and quicker than trying to take some time to write names down with a sharpie pen. We all know how time-consuming it can be, especially when we have kids to look after and everything else on top. 

Mine4Sure have a great range of personalised name labels to choose from. We were kindly sent 3 packs from their combo packs. I was able to do the order experience and setting up the labels. I ordered online through my phone, and it was very easy to do. With lots of designs, colours and fonts to choose from I knew there would be a style each child would love. 

Each combo pack come with 120 labels that contain:

  • 40 name labels for clothes (choice of iron on or stick-on)
  • 18 round stickers
  • 24 small stickers
  • 72 mini stickers
  • 8 rectangular stickers
  • 6 pairs of stickers special shoes
I was overly pleased with the quality of all the stickers and labels. The quality was very high, the colours were bright and the writing/images were very clear. Not only did they look good, but they also stuck on really well too, which is the main thing to look at when buying any name labels/stickers.

The labels and stickers are very reasonably priced. You can also find personalised bottles and backpacks on the website too. Adding a bonus, it's free delivery worldwide! 

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