A Guide To Feeling Happier At Home



Your home should be a comfortable place that puts a smile on your face when you’re in it. If this isn’t the case currently then it’s time to roll your sleeves up and put in the work so you can make this a reality.

This is a guide to feeling happier at home so that you can truly feel joyful living in your property. While it’s good to make your bed every morning, there are additional actions you can take that will help you achieve this goal and ensure your days are rewarding.

Clean, Declutter & Get Organised

You can feel happier at home by cleaning, decluttering, and getting organised. Spend time going through your items and boxes and getting rid of or donating what you don’t need. If there are items big and small that you want to keep but that you don’t have a place for now, then consider looking into Kiwi Storage solutions and options.

Let the Light in

Brighten up your home and rooms with the right lighting solutions if you want to feel happier at home. Let the light in by cleaning your windows and opening up your blinds and shades during the daytime. As for the evening hours, make sure you have plenty of lamps, candles, and fixtures that you can switch on, and that will help you set the right mood in each room.

Display Sentimental Items

When you are busy decorating your home or rearranging make it a point to set out and display sentimental items throughout your rooms. Feel happier at home by hanging family photos or pictures of past trips you’ve been on that were meaningful to you. There may also be some artwork that will add colour, texture, and warm feelings to your spaces that you can think about hanging. Another idea would be to put out items that your kids have made or created for you.

Make Your Rooms Cosy & Comfortable

If you want to feel happier at home then focus on making your rooms cosy and comfortable. Add throws, blankets, and area rugs to your rooms, and put some of your lights on dimmer switches. For example, you may want to use these lights to highlight your fireplace mantel or to spotlight some interesting artwork in your home. Other options include displaying fresh flowers and adding greenery and floor plants in certain areas.

Improve Your Bedroom

If you want to feel your best and have a lot of natural energy each day then you need to get a good night’s sleep. Feel happier at home by improving your bedroom space so that it’s comfortable and inviting. Your goal is to walk into the room and instantly feel calm and at ease. Therefore, make sure you paint the walls a soothing colour and have some lamps on your bedside tables you can turn on in the evening hours. You might want to set up a reading nook with some chairs and a lamp that you can enjoy when you want to relax and get lost in a good book as well. 

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