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Our Christmas.

I love Christmas time. It's the perfect time to appreciate what we have and spend time with our family. The girls had a Christmas Eve bags which included; One reading book, One sticker book, New pyjamas and some crackers. They loved opening the small presents! It got them both excited for Christmas Day! 
They both went to bed great and excited in their new pyjamas! 
For a change, the girls had a lie in! Mia usually wakes up between 6am - 7am but Christmas Day she didn't wake up until 8am!! So she came into bed with us until Elliw woke up, which was 9am - but i'm sure she would have slept longer as i'm sure she only woke up cause of the all the talking we were doing ha ha! 

We didn't get as much presents as we did last year - well i don't think we did anyway! But we still think it was a little too much after we put everything together. The presents from us and from everyone else. 

I couldn't wait to go downstairs. Mia and Elliw were full of excitement when they came downstairs and saw all the presents! They couldn't wait to open them. 
They had a special present of my Dad (their Taid). They had a tablet, i had tears in my eyes as was not expecting it at all! They were so happy.

Later in the morning, Iwans parents came round too see us all before they went to visit a family member in hospital. Not long after they went we let the kids play a little longer and we all got ready to go and visit Iwans aunty and uncle before we went up to Iwans parents' to have dinner and spend the rest of the afternoon there. Mia and Elliw had more presents there (Iwans parents') which they absoloutley loved! We were all shattered but had a lovely day/evening. Food was also delicious! 
Boxing day we had Christmas number 2 at my Nain and Taid's house with my family. My aunty was also down who lives in England. There was a party buffet and a few friendly drinks. We all really enjoyed ourselves. Around 3pm-ish Mia went to her Dads house until today (Saturday). 

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.
If you have any Christmas posts up - leave your links below i'd love to have a read! 


Merry Christmas

Life-As-Mum and Family would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas.
We hope you had everything you wished for - and more! 
Hope you all had a fantastic day with your families. 
Life-As-Mum will be taking a little break for next few days but plenty of scheduled posts to come so keep a look out!

Merry Christmas.

Christmas Stress

Christmas is probably the busiest time of the year. Making sure they've got everyones presents and getting everything sorted for the big day that only comes once a year! Is it really worth it getting stressed so much about it? Well it is becoming a big problem recently and affecting people of all ages! 
United Kingdom is 56th in the Most-Stressed out countires chart according too Bloomberg. With a total score of 24.6. Stress can come from anything - Panicking about something or an occasion such as Christmas, Money troubles (debts etc) Relationships, Families and more. Benenden health help people who suffer with stress. As stress can cause long term illness as it can effect your mental health. Benenden Health's website provides some Stress Remedies such as;
Go for a walk
There is nothing better than fresh air! Maybe take a friend with you or walk the dog if you have one. I think going for a walk is one of the best things you can do if you are stressed. Or maybe you could pick up the pace and go for a jog?
Exercising keeps your mind concentrated on what you are doing and keeps your mind off other things, another great way to be stress free. 
Don't let stress ruin your Christmas or any other day. Try and keep yourself busy. Coping with stress can be very difficult especially if you think you have no one to talk to. Benenden is a health care that will help you and give you advice. They provide a 24/7 Stress counselling advice line which is great when you are feeling so stressed and you want someone confidential to talk too. 

OCD (Obsesive Compulsive Disorder) is another matter that Benenden deal with. OCD is a mental health condition and affects almost half of the population! Official estimates show that only 1.2% of the population is affected by this mental illness but Benenden Health's recent researched backed by OCD UK suffegest that 20 million Britons could be sufferting from mild to severe traits of OCD. People need to understand more about OCD. 
OCD can have a massive impact on your life and daily life! It can give you stress and can trigger something and if you don't do a certain thing perfectly it can then make you think something bad will happen!
What the saddest thing about this condition is there are so many people who make fun of other people who have OCD but yet have no clue on how it affects that person inside and how it affects their daily life. Some people don't mind but some OCD sufferers are too embarassed too tell anyone that they have this mental health condition. 
It shouldn't be something that someone is afraid of. We all need to learn more and understand more about OCD. If you visit this page here then you can learn a bit more.

Benenden offer other advice : Check it out here.

New Years Eve

Just under 2 weeks we will be celebrating the New Year 2014. A New Year is a fresh start for most people and where some people set themselves a goal to reach in the year. I've got a few New Years Resolutions for next year: 
Reach 100,000 page views on my blog.
Get my blog more popular.
Reach my 5 stone target by December 2014.

I've never stuck to New Years Resolutions before but these ones i will definitely stick to. A survey was conducted by Ladbrokes Bingo asking people their thoughts and plands for New Year's Eve. A shocking 81% won't be making a New Years Resolution this year while only 10% can be expected to keep it beyond 12 months! More Females (44%) said they have made a New Years Resolution.

Where will you spend New Years Eve this year?
I think New Years Eve is a time to celebrate ending the old year and welcoming the new year with your friends and family! I think spending time with family is very important. As you can see in an older post of mine here i think family is very important, and what is better than spending a special occasion like celebrating a New Year with your family?! Every year i've spent New Years Eve at home with my family, with maybe a few party food and a few drinks. I think it is such a special time. It showed that 64% prefer to celebrate New Years Eve by staying at home! 16% like to have a house party/gathering where 7% go out to town or around the locals. 
I will be spending New Years Eve with my partner and children this year and maybe some of Iwan's family will come over. 57% of people will spend their New Years Eve with their partner, 41% with the family, 29% with friends and saddly 6% spend it all on their own. 

When i worked I never took time off work New Years Day because of a hangover but only 12% will phone in ill New Years Day with a hangover to miss work and 87% won't. 42% of people will work New Years Day.

Will you be making a New Years Resolution for 2014? If so, What will it be?

Heroes Of The City Goodies Giveaway

Would you like to win those items above? A Book, DVD and 2 Toy cars by Heroes Of The City. 
I will soon be doing a review on these products and i am really looking forward to doing it! I know my eldest daughter will love these! 

They also have Apps available :
AppStore: here
GooglePlay: here

If you would like to win these items above (in picture) then just enter the giveaway below! Please read Terms & Conditions before entering! GOOD LUCK!

Terms and Conditions.
1. UK only.
2. Competition ends 28th December 2013 at 10pm.
3. Winner will be e-mailed by myself within 48 hours.
4. Winner will be chosen at random via rafflecopter within 48 hours.
5. Winner will be announced on Facebook & Twitter also.
6. No cheating.
7. Good Luck!

The Best Way To Relax After A Stressful Day in the Office

The Best Ways To Relax After A Stressful Day in the Office

Some days in the office just don’t go as you expect. Perhaps the morning starts off on a sour note when you miss your train or bus, and things only go downhill from there. You get to your desk late and your manager gives you “the look” when you walk past. Then you find out that there’s no milk to have a cup of tea, and finally you open your emails and realise that a piece of work has gone terribly wrong. On days like these, getting home in the evening is so much sweeter.

Having a good old rant sometimes does the trick, but at other times you’re just too wound up from the day’s events. But if you look on the bright side, a difficult day in the office actually gives you a good opportunity to relax - guilt free - when you close your front door to the rest of the world. If you are looking for some methods to reach a restful and relaxed state, try some of these ideas the next time you’re left in despair:

Enjoy A Special Bubble Bath

Sometimes you just need to crack out the luxury bubble bath so you can soak all of your troubles away in a nice warm tub. Bring yourself a nice drink, light some candles, play a little mood music and you’ll be in heaven. The tip with enjoying a long bath is to avoid filling the water too high at first; you are going want to top up the hot water when it starts to get a bit cooler.

Do Gentle Exercises

It might sound a bit mad, but there are some exercises that can actually calm you down when you are in a bit of a state. A slow jog might do the trick, or you might prefer an hour of yoga or Pilates. This may not seem very appealing in the winter, but it will give you something else to focus on rather than the state of affairs in your office.

Have An Early Night

If the weather is particularly horrible, there is a pretty good place to hide: your bed. Have a look on if you need to boost your comfort levels; good recommendations include goose down pillows and a heavy tog duvet... very cosy! Once your bed is your own personal paradise, you can settle down amongst the covers for an early night, a nice read, or a sneaky feel-good film.

Pig Out On A Pizza

Finally, sometimes nothing will do but a large pizza (with sides) and a couple of glasses of wine. When you have got your pyjamas on and a slice of pizza in your hand, it really doesn’t matter what is going on at work! Finish off your relaxing evening with a few soaps on the telly, and avoid the news to keep the happy vibes going until you head to bed.

* Guest Post.

Review & Giveaway: Dreambaby 3 Stage Baby Gum & Tooth Care

I recently received a Dreambaby 3 Stage Baby Gum & Tooth Care. I chose the pink one for my youngest daughter. I was really pleased with these brushes as I find the tooth brushes from shops around where i live aren't that good, and to top it off these brushes care for your baby's gums and teeth. The curved handle is great for babies to hold and get a grip and learn how to clean their teeth properly.

Stage One:
Elliw loved this one! This textured surfaced brush gently massages and relives sore and tender gums. Elliw loved bitting this brush and brushing it against her teeth. It is a soft rubber material so it's great to help those teething babies with sore gums! 
Stage Two: 
This brush has very gentle rubber spikes for cleaning and massaging cavities, gums and tooth rim! Also great for growing baby teeth. 
Stage Three: 
Toddler brush with soft short bristles brush to ensure great oral hygiene for developing teeth. 

I am really happy with the product. I would most deffinteley recommend this to a friend. I think it would have been even more ideal for when Elliw was younger, as she has all of her teeth now so doesn't suffer from teething anymore. But she loves bitting the Stage One brush and the Stage Three brush is great for brushing her teeth cleaning them and her gums as the bristles are so soft and not hard/rough like most toothbrushes you buy from some stores.

I am happy to let you know that Dreambaby and I are giving TWO lucky people to win this 3 Stage Baby Gum & Tooth Care. The winner can choose from Pink or Blue. Please read Terms & Conditions before entering. GOOD LUCK!!

Terms and Conditions.
Competition ends - 29th December 2013.
TWO winners will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter within 48 hours of competition ending.
The two winners will be e-mailed by myself within 48 hours.
Please reply within 5 days or I will choose another winner.
Please no cheating as you will be taken out of the competition.
UK only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* I was given this product to do an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Baby's First Christmas Gifts

A Baby's First Christmas is a very special time for the family. I think it's quite difficult to know what to buy for a baby on their first Christmas especially if they are only a few weeks or months old! Mia was born 20 days before Christmas! I didn't have much money then to be honest so she had a teddy and she has still go it now. For Elliw she was a few months old on her first Christmas, she had no idea what was going on. She was more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper. 

I think for Baby's First Christmas the best and most special presents are Baby's First Christmas Gifts. I love them! It's my nephews first Christmas this year. I can't wait. Here are a few Baby's First Christmas Gift ideas.

How cute is this Santa Claus teddy?! Even though it's first Christmas, i think it's always nice to have a teddy! 

I would have loved to have one of these when my two girls had their first Christmas. It's such a lovely idea and such a good way too keep all their First Christmas Presents safe and clean. 

It's nice to have a first Christmas decoration up, maybe on your tree or a photo frame or something else? You can get these personalised on a few websites.

Always lovely to have some new pyjamas on Christmas! Or maybe Christmas Eve to sleep in the night before Christmas.

Every baby should have a First Christmas Stocking! Great for those stocking fillers! 

How cute?! This is what my youngest had for her First Christmas and it's what i've bought my nephew for his First Christmas this year! 

It's always nice to buy something you can keep for their first Christmas, or something that will get good use. 

What did you get your little ones for their First Christmas?

This little fella would love to know :)
My beautiful nephew Osian! 

Where To Spend Christmas

I never really thought of this until i moved in with my partner just over 2 years ago. 2011 was the first ever Christmas i spent away from my family because i live roughly 30 minutes away. It was really weird - and i did think for a while before Christmas where should we go. We decided to stay home and go up to my partners parents for the rest of the day and that is what we have done ever since and what we will do this year too. As i think Christmas is a special time for all the family to come together as one we decided to go to my grandparents again Boxing Day just like we did last year and how I've always spend boxing day. Me, my partner and my girls will go to their house boxing day and spend it with my family just like we spend Christmas day with my partners family. I think it is only fair to share. 
If you're still stuck on where to spend Christmas read below, they may help you!

At home
How about just spend Christmas at home? Have a lovely lazy and cosey day in your pyjamas and onesies and let the children play all day with their new toys! Welcome any``` of the family over for Christmas dinner maybe? Or just do Christmas dinner for you and your little family. 

Over at a family members house
Spend Christmas morning at yours and then go off to your parents or someone else in the family and spend the rest of the day there, the children are bound to get more presents and be even more excited! If you are with a partner and still un-decided on which family to go to, maybe go to one family on Christmas and the other on Boxing Day. If you're not keen on that idea, how about one family one year and the other the next year.

If you plan a few months before that you want to go abroad or maybe a few miles away from home in a cottage or hotel at somewhere you could spend Christmas away from home. If you've been thinking of this but worried about what you would do with presents then maybe just pack a sack full of presents and then give the rest when you come home. Two Christmases for your little ones! They will love it! 

Where are you spending Christmas this year?

Choosing A Theme: Living Room

A few weeks ago we had a phone call to say our offer had been accepted for the house we wanted to buy. Since then i haven't stopped thinking about what theme to do each bedroom. One thing i know, it's going to be much different to how we have it now. We have one long living room with a red theme, in the new house there is two seperate rooms, a front room and a living room. I've found a few things i really like for the living room. 

Curtains || White Clock || Wallpaper || Rug || Cushion 1 || Cushion 2 || Basket || Throw

As you can tell I'm going to go for the theme colour 'green'. I've always loved this colour but i was given cushions, vases and a throw by a family member and the colours were red so our living room theme as been red for over 2 years now. I've already started selling things so i can start buying stuff slowly for the new house! 

Days Out With Your Children

I love going out with my partner and daughters. But with it being Winter now we are limited on where we can go! But we still try and do things as a family when we can. 

We love going for walks as a family. Makes the girls really tired and sleep good for us at night time ha ha! When we go for walks we like to go somewhere the kids can just run around free without us worrying every second! 

First Christmas Concert.

Mia had her First ever Christmas Concert today. She was doing at 2pm and at 6pm. I went too see her at both times. She was gutted that her Dad couldn't come because he had to work but she enjoyed herself so much and she was brilliant singing! I had tears in my eyes watching her. Grown up so much. 

Have your children had their Christmas Concert yet?

Shrek The Musical DVD Review

I was given a chance to review the DVD 'Shrek The Musical'. I was so excited to sit down and watch this DVD as i am a huge fan of Shrek. 
'Shrek The Musical' from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is available on Blue Ray & DVD on 2nd December. 

'The best musical for younger audiences since The Lion King!' Time Out NY.

I'll be honest, My eldest daughter Mia was scared of it! But me and my youngest daughter loved watching this DVD. I've always been a huge fan of musical DVD's. I loved the actors, they were brilliant. The Actors are -
Brian d'Arcy James as Shrek.
Sutton Foster as Fiona.
Daniel Breaker as Donkey.
Christopher Sieber as Lord Farquadd.
John Tartagila and Pinocchio.
This DVD features fantastic 17 all-new songs. Shrek The Musical was filmed on stage with 10 cameras and was directed by Michael Warren. 
We all have to admit Shrek is the one of the best fairy tale film. Which makes this DVD even better as the fairy tale comes to life in a brilliant Broadway production. 
You can also enjoy a sing along with great songs on the Deluxe Edition Blue Ray which you can also take a look at behind-the-scenes to see how this great show became smash hit! 

Shrek The Musical is based on the story and characters from William Steig's book Shrek! It tells us the story about our favourite Ogre who lives in a swamp and goes on a life-changing adventure to reclaim the deed to his land. He is joined by a very funny and talkative donkey. This unlikely hero fights a fearsome dragon, rescues a feisty princess and realises that true friendships and true love are not only found in fairy tales. 

'Shrek The Musical' recieved 8, yes 8 Tony Award nominations in 2009 which included Best Musical, Winning Best Costume design of a musical and recieved a Grammy Award nomination for Best Musical Show Album. 

Blu Ray - £24.99
Comes out 2nd December 2013 (Digital HD 18th December 2013)
Follow the cast as they take you behind the scenes to show you what it really takes to make a Broadway show to come to life! 
Comes with a songbook with a sing-along! Something kids and adults can enjoy! Where the lyrics appear on the bottom of the screen as you watch actual musical performance on screen! 

DVD - £19.99
Comes out 2nd December 2013.
Same as the Blu Ray with a songbook with a sing-along! Great for Christmas day! 

Digital HD - £9.99

* I was given this DVD too do an honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.

Christmas Feature: Great Gizmo Toys

I was sent some toys from Great Gizmos recently. This is what i received -

I was really pleased with the items! The two teddies were so soft! Ideal for a young toddler or newborn baby, or just great for just sitting on the shelf too! I gave the Boy Snow Leopard Teddy to my baby nephew and kept the Girl Snow Leopard Teddy for my girls too share. I was very pleased on how soft the teddy was! These two snow leopard's are so soft and cuddly it would make a fantastic present this Christmas for little ones! Perfect for this winter.
You can purchase these snow leopard's (25cm) for £18.99 on Great Gizmos website here.
Rate it : 10/10

We was also given a 'Rabbit with Teether' which you can purchase here for only £10.99. Yet again, the rabbit was very soft just like the snow leopard teddies we recived (above). This is designed to support baby motor and memory skills during babies early years! I gave this to my nephew as well since he will soon be old enough to use it! 

Rate it : 9/10

We also recieved a Pull Along Snail which you can purchase for £17.95 on GreatGizmos website. This has been a hit in our house. The girls love it! The snails moves when you pull it along and does a noise! I would deffintley recommend this toy to anyone who is wanting to buy a pull along toy! My girls love pull along toys so this was perfect! Rate it : 10/10

Overall: Well overall i was really happy with all these products! If i ever had another baby i would most definitely order toys off this company! Will even order for my children now as there's a range for all ages! 

* I was given these products to do an honest review. All opinions & photos are my own.

How To Choose Baby Carseats

How to Choose Baby Car Seats

Whether you are expecting your first child or already have children but have just bought your first car, you will need to think about car seats. The legal requirements in the UK state that all children under the age of three must use a car seat when travelling, and children from the age of three until they reach a height of 135cm or the age of twelve, must use a booster seat. There are a lot of choices and options in the car seat world and it can be hard to choose one that is suitable for your child’s needs. The following hints and tips will hopefully give you enough information to make a wise choice for the needs of your family.
Go For New
There are some things that should never really be bought second-hand. One of them is bicycles; the other is car seats for your children. In both cases, if there is internal damage to the second-hand item that does not show up initially, you can end up with an injured child or worse. The only time you should countenance purchasing a second-hand car seat is if you know the previous owner and find them to be conscientious and careful. Otherwise, rather spend the extra money on a new car seat, knowing that you are buying peace of mind and sturdy, untarnished construction. Sites like can help you to make your choice by offering reviews and opinions on all manner of baby equipment.
Best for Baby

If you are expecting your first child, you may not be aware that you are required to have an age-appropriate car seat (size 0, which is new-born to 13kg) fitted before the hospital will let your baby leave. The size 0 seats are almost always backward-facing, and sometimes require a great deal of patience and skill to install! If you can, try to buy one that comes with a fitting service as the experts will know how to fit the seat in a short time, ensuring that all the harnesses and fittings are secure and stable. Please note, never install a rear-facing car seat into the passenger side unless the airbag has been removed. De-activated airbags can still go off in the event of a crash and pressure of the airbag explosion, even though momentary, can be enough to crush a baby.
The First of Many!

When you are choosing the first car seat for your baby, do not think that this is the only time you will be shopping for car seats! Each child will need between three and five different car seats as he or she grows and gets heavier. Car seats start with size 0, as mentioned above, then move through sizes 1, 2 and 3, all of which are built for different heights and weights, up to 135cm and 36kg, by which time the child should be twelve and can stop using a booster seat. While many manufacturers account for a child’s growth, by making fully adjustable car seats, you will not find one car seat that will last your child from birth to the age of twelve! Never put a baby into a size 1 or 2 car seat as this can be very dangerous for the baby.
Prevention Better than Cure

Some experts say that size 1 seats, those aimed at toddlers from when they grow out of their first baby seat up to about the age of four, should also predominantly be rear-facing. They say this because it is believed that rear-facing seats offer more protection to the child’s head, neck and back in the event of an accident. Having said that, they are not common in the UK and many parents feel happier with forward-facing seats as these allow the parent to interact with the child better. The child can also see forwards, out of the windscreen, and this may keep them calm and happier than being forced to look at the back of the seat all the time. To avoid accidents, keep your car in great condition. Have a look at for offers and ideas on the best tyres for your vehicle, to keep you safe on the roads.

As parents, of course you want to keep your child safe from harm. To this end, it is well worth investing in the best quality car seat that you can afford. While the legal penalty for not having a car seat, or using an inappropriate car seat for your child’s age and weight is severe enough – a fine of up to £500, the consequences could be so much worse. If you do not want to be responsible for your child being severely injured or even worse, then make sure that you start them off on the right foot, with an age appropriate, properly fitted car seat!
Author Bio:

My name is EmmaVenn. I believe keeping your child save in car will give you a peace of mind that is priceless. Contact me @ G+

* This is a guest post.

Competition: Avira Family Protection & Discount.

Would you like to win an antivirus software (Avira Family Protection). This antivirus softwear is designed for parents with children who use the computer! Every parent wants the internet to be safe when their child is using the PC and this is what you need to make your internet safe for your children! Social media monitoring, safe internet browsing etc! It can also be used on multipule computers. 

Also here is a great 20% discount for my lovely readers!

Click here and use this activation code - F5E-PVX-G49.

Also check out their mummy blog here.

Before entering - read the T&C's below! 

* Please read Terms & Conditions *
1. Competition starts 10.15pm 9th December 2013.
2. Competitions ends 10pm 16th December 2013.
3. No cheats! - You will be taken out of the competition.
4. Winner will be chosen at random.
5. Winner will be chosen within 24 hours of competition ending.
6. Winner will be notified within 48 hours.

My Weight Loss Journey

I haven't done a post about this for quite a while so i thought i would give you all an update! I recently found an old photo of myself that was taken this time last year! It really shocked me seeing myself that 'big'! I couldn't believe how big i actually was. 
Well as you know, i am doing Slimming World and it's been like a rollercoaster (my own fault) but i have lost much more than i have gained. I got my 2 stone award last week which i am so happy with as i wanted it before Christmas, and i got it! 
Some weeks have been hard and some weeks have been easy. When i get hard weeks, like if i am stressed or upset then i just eat and eat and i can't get myself back on plan but Monday is weigh-in days so that gets me back on track! I had a bad week last week, Mia's birthday - so a lot of cakes and cupcakes were made - and eaten too - ha ha!

It's much easier than people think though. You can eat much more than your think too! 

Here is my achievement so far;

Being A Mother Of Two

My life had changed completely when i fell pregnant with my youngest. I had no clue what it would be like. There has been ups & downs but at the end of the day they're both worth it, and i wouldn't change my life one bit.

Having one young child and being pregnant.
When i found out i was pregnant with my 2nd the first thing that came to my head was, how could i love any other child the same as my first child? How could i share my love?
Second pregnancy was so much harder than my first pregnancy. Obviously i had another little one to run around after! I was constantly on the go, but i had no energy! I was so tired and i just couldn't do as much as i would normally do. Most of the pregnancy i would just spend indoors - which i really regret! Here are a few tips 
- Rest as much as you can.
- Accept any help of any of family or friends.
- Go out as often as you can, don't stay around in the house.
- Don't let go of friends, try and keep in touch. This might make you feel happier.
- Maybe put your child into Nursery one or two days a week

When i was in hospital to be induced i actually was really upset as i was not with my eldest child. I've known some other mothers who react like this too. But i could not wait for her to come and meet her little sister for the first time.

Being a mother of two
I have been a mother of two for 21 months now. I'm not going to lie, it is hard going. They both have different milstones. Mia has just turned 4 and Elliw will be 2 in March. They're both learning different things and need attention for different things. I got to learn Mia one thing and Elliw another. The times i love being a mum of two is how close they are. They do everything together, well most things at least.
Mia goes to her Dad's house every Saturday morning until Sunday evening so that gives me time to have time and give my attention to my youngest. I also do accept any offers of people/family taking my youngest so i can have mother and daughter time with my eldest too. I think it's quite important to try and have time by yourself with one of them once in a while. 
I knew there was going to be challenges, and a rollercoaster life being a mum of two! Even though it is very stressfull, i have loved every minute of it. Time goes too quick! 

I guess i'm quite lucky having them both close age as they can now do most things together such as some activities, going out the park and so on. 

When Elliw was younger we found it very hard as she wouldn't settle for the whole night until she was roughly 6-7 months and then we had Mia too wake up too in the morning! Very tiring. But we got through it, like most parents do! 

How do you juggle being a mum/father of two?

Update: Lactose Intolerance

I thought i would give all my readers an update on my eldest daughter Mia's lactose intolerance test. I am still giving her lactose/dairy free foods - and it is helping her. Past 2 weeks it's gone down hill a bit but we went to a dietitian today in Hospital and she helped us a bit. She told us any meat is fine but just to check the ingredients. Ingredients i had no idea i had to look out for, They were -

- Casein (curds)
- Hydrolysed Caseinates
- Whey/whey solids
- Hydrolysed whey
- Lactalbumin
- Milk sugar
- Lactoglobulin
- Lactose
- Skimmed milk powder
- Milk solids
- Milk protein
- Non-fat milk solids
- Butter fat
- Modified milk

I had no idea about what to look for on packets. All i looked at the 'allergy' part, but i learnt today that i shouldn't rely on that and i should read all the ingredients. I should also not buy any loose foods as i don't know what ingredients they have used. 

It's by law now that the word 'milk' must appear after any confusing names for milk derivaties and shown in the ingredients list of manufactures pre-packages foods for sale anywhere within the European Union. 

I'm really glad i had more information today about the kind of diet she can have. 

Happy 4th Birthday Mia

Happy Birthday too my beautiful baby girl Mia Wyn who is 4 years old today! Can't believe how fast these 4 years have gone. A 10 hours and 29 minute labour, born 5th December 2009 at 7:12pm weighing 8lbs 9oz. 
I was only 17 (just) when i gave birth to Mia. I was a single mother, my Dad was my labour partner. I was so scared, my 'teenage' life was over, but it was a start to a mature amazing life. A life i will never ever change. She has changed me for the good and for the better. 

I was baking loads & loads of cupcakes the night before and of course the main Birthday Cake! Did so much - i felt sick thinking about cake urgh! But she loved the cakes - which i am really happy about! 

Mia's Birthday cake! Not the best but it was tasty! 

Every year for her birthday i do a little tea party for when the family visit to give her her presents and cards. Which Mia loves! Mia loves seeing her family and obviously having presents and cards off them too ha ha!  She was so excited today. Totally different, she knew this year what was going on, but we will see tomorrow morning if she expects more presents lol. We've planned a big party for her Sunday with her friends! Going to be really busy but she will love it! 
Here are a few of the other pictures from today -

Here are a few updates of Mia -

She can write her own name.
She knows numbers using her fingers.
She knows how too count in welsh and english.
She is having her first Christmas Concert 12th December.
She is still left handed - but uses her right for scissors.
She likes me saying 'aww babi del' when she has hurt herself or feeling unwell.
She is petrified of hospitals. 
She loves cuddling.
She still loves holding your little finger.
Loves watching Jake Neverland Pirates and Doc Mcstuffins.
Sleeps with her Teddy and Doc Mcstuffins.
Loves drawing and colouring.

Can't believe how fast time has gone.
Love you loads baby girl