Rio 2 DVD Review.

Recently we were kindly asked by Cash Generator if we would review the Rio 2 DVD and I just had to say yes! Mia has been going on and on about Rio for quite a while now and I am so glad we got the chance to review it. We as a family were a big fan of the first Rio! So we couldn't wait to watch the 2nd one. I didn't tell the girls we were getting Rio 2 so I decided to wait until they behaved. Safe to say that on the day the DVD was delivered the girls were misbehaving so bad! So I waited a couple of days.

On the day I chose, I decided to keep my phone on silent in the kitchen, close all doors, and just watched Rio 2 with my girls. It was really nice and was filled with laughs! I can deffintley say it is a fun Family film.

Rio 2 is mainly about a blue bird called Blu who is an exotic pet bird (atleast he thought!). His owner finds out that there is another bird the same, named Jewel. They go out on a great adventure where Blu discovers new friends who help him learn to fly! In Rio 2 Blue, Jewel and their children set out for an adventure in the Amazon to find more birds of their kind!

In this comedy family film no one will be bored! With the great songs your sure to enjoy every moment of this film. Deffintley 10/10 rating from me and my girls. It kept them happy and we have watched it quite a few times recently too!

* We were kindly sent this DVD free of charge to do an honest opinion. All words and photos are my own.

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Leave Beyonce Alone!

Beyoncé is a woman I really look up to. Just look at her, she is gorgeous, she has the figure every girl dreams of, she does fantastic songs and she is just someone I do look up to. I have been going mad at all these ridiculous rumours with Beyoncé and Jay Z. Why can't these pathetic people stop making stories up, and just assuming things by the way Beyoncé stands or the way Jay Z's face is for a second.
It's a shame that their daughter will be able to read all of these headlines in years to come. It's not something a child wants to read about their parents. One thing I really can not stand is people making rumours up about someone when they don't know the full story.
I saw a post earlier today which you can read here. Here are a few things I think of the 'body language' 'expert' comments -

Beyoncé’s face“She’s giving a false smile,” Constantine says. If she were really happy, her eyebrows would be lifted and her eyes would be more open.

Maybe she is just feeling very emotional that she has just given one of the best perfomances and that her daughter was there. I have done that face towards my children! Don't see how this emotional face makes out that her and Jay Z are 'done'

Jay Z’s face
“This is what we call a flat face,” Constantine says. “There’s no expression whatsoever.” Happiness would be indicated by upturned corners of the mouth. But he’s less strained than Beyoncé.

To me it looks like he was just about to smile just before this shot was taken. To me it looks like he is just concentrating on his daughter.

“Neither one of them is looking at each other,” says body language expert Susan Constantine. “Their interest is more in their daughter.”

Well come on now!! It is a PICTURE.. That captures half a second or less of the rest of the night doesn't it. Also, it is obvious that they're daughter is more important, kids do come FIRST! How is not looking at your partner in ONE photo and looking at their daughter instead mean that their relationship is 'done'. If this is how 'body language experts' work then my relationship must of ended months/years ago LOL!

Beyoncé’s hand over midsection
She’s blocking her stomach area — the home of emotions in the body — indicating a feeling of vulnerability. Were she feeling comfortable, she’d expose her midsection.

Another pathetic comment. How does blocking her stomach area comment on her relationship. She is holding something in her hand, I stand like that most of the time if im holding something.

Beyoncé’s hip
Her hips are angled away from her husband, indicating disassociation. “In other [older] photos, you see Beyoncé leaning into her husband,” Constantine says.

Yet again, just judging on ONE photo. One word - Pathetic.

Blue Ivy
Her hands are clasped in a prayer-like way. Happiness would be indicated by raised arms and an extended body. Instead, she’s making herself small. “Maybe she’s praying her parents get back together,” Constantine says.

She is clapping for her mummy. She is a child. My children do this, and so have many other children.

Things like this really do get on my nerves. She gave one of the best performances. They are both just probably stressed over people making rumours and stories up without actually knowing the full story. No wonder if their relationship is a little bit under strain if they are getting all kinds of stories made up about them!

What are your thoughts?

God Bless Hooky Street!

You might  recognize the title of this post? Yes! It's Only Fools and Horses song, the end credits. Well yesterday we were in my partners mothers house and we were watching it, the song came on and all Elliw did was move from side to side and repeated the words 'hooky street'. It was so so funny and so cute!
Later that night when she was supposed to be sleeping she wanted a toilet so my partner took her to toilet then he decided to bring her downstairs so he put the songs onto YouTube and there she was again, dancing and trying to sing along to it! It was so funny but yet so adorable.
One big thing Elliw loves to do is dance and sing to songs but there are only certain songs she will sing and dance too, these are a few - Frozen Let It Go, Only Fools and Horses start&end songs. Pharrell Williams - Happy, Martin Garrix - Animals and i'm not sure who sings the song 'Bang Bang' I think its David Guetta.

Does your child have a favourite song?!

Sunday Linky's.

This is an old photo, but I love it. It isn't a very old photo, I think it is just a couple of weeks actually.
Linking up with Sunday's Photo with OneDad3Girls and PODcast's Black & White Photo Challenge.

Another Year Older!

Ah I am getting older and these years are just going quicker and quicker. I remember when I was young, maybe about 8 or 10 around that age anyway, I would always say 'I cant wait to be 18' or I cant wait until im an adult and so on! Im sure every child says that right? Well if I knew how life would be then I really wouldn't of wished for the years to flow by. Don't get me wrong, I love my little family to bits. I really do. On the other hand life these days is all about money isn't it? For me it is anyway. Everything is getting smaller but the prices are getting bigger. Bills are getting more expensive. At the end of the day family comes first, so I try not to stress myself out way too much.

So back to the point now, On Friday (22/8/14) I turned 22 years old! I'd only just got used to being 21 years old! I don't feel older and I hope to god I don't look it either - even though I probably do - ha ha. Yet again, 22 isn't old really is it. For a good few months, I knew I wanted to drink for my birthday and I wanted to spend it with my partner. So that is what we did. Mia was in her Dad's and Elliw went to stay in my partner's mothers house.

I knew I was having family coming over through the day so I made sure I was home. I got woken up by some lovely surprise presents from my partner and my girls. My partner had been asking me all week what I had wanted, I gave him a few hints but I honestly didn't know what I wanted myself. In the morning he went downstairs and brought up a lovely bunch of flowers, chocolate cupcakes and a chocolate heart from the girls. The night before my birthday my partner said he had got me a chocolate birthday cake, so we had some that evening as an early birthday present!

It was really nice seeing all the family through the day. Couldn't of asked for a better day. We got ready to go out once the girls had gone. We went with two close friends of ours. We went for food and then we hit the town for some drinks, lets just say I cant remember the night properly!

Yummy Veg Rice Recipe

About 2 weeks ago I tried 'rice fusions' which I absoloutley loved! But then I realised there are syns in them. Seeing as I do Slimming World I like to try new recipes where I can make the foods free. So on the weekend I really fancied some rice fusions but then I realised I could try make it myself so that is what I did! It was so simple and all free for Slimming World, great to make if you are a member.

Veg stock
Mixed Herbs

All you have to do is cook the rice, boil water mix the veg stock, add the stock into the rice mix the veg and then the herbs and garlic. There you, simple as that!
And very yummy too!

Family Wall Planner Review & Giveaway!

We were kindly given the chance to review this fab Family Wall Planner by PersonPlannerUK. I had to order the planner and go through the ordering process, which was shockingly, very simple! You could choose any design for the front of you planner. As you can see I chose a family photo and I wrote 'Our Family Planner' in the middle with '2014-2015' on the bottom. The great thing about this Planner is you can personalise nearly everything and have it the way you want it. Such as you can choose to put columns in the planner which is ideal if you have a very busy life! I decided not to put any columns in mine. Even though I do have a busy life, I usually just write birthdays in planners but its very handy to be hung up on the wall in the kitchen (or any other rooms).

There were plenty of designs and colours you can choose from. I decided to go with a pink theme design. I wanted to keep it plain and simple. It is one week per page. I have got it starting 2014 August until July 2015.
This Wall Planner is £24.95 with £2.95 postage/shipping.

Life-As-Mum and Personal Planner UK have teamed up to give one lovely reader a chance to win a Personalised Wall Planner. If you would like a chance of winning this great prize then just read the T&C's below and enter by entering Rafflecopter.

Giveaway starts 19th August 2014.
Giveaway ends 31st August 2014 at 9.30pm.
You must do atleast one of the entries below.
Any 'cheats' will be disqualified from the giveaway.
UK entries only.
* I was given this product free of charge to do an honest review. All words and photos are my own.

Blackberry Picking!

It's that time of year again where the blackberries are out! However, I haven't done blackberry picking in years. I used to go quite often when I was younger with my Dad, brother, Nain and Taid. My Dad came down the other day with my little brother and we decided to go on the cycle track for a walk and all the kids to go on their bikes. As we were walking we could see lots and lots of big juicy blackberries so my Dad went back to my house and got some bags so we could pick them! I can say the kids dropped their bikes and enjoyed themselves much more by picking blackberries!


It was really nice watching them enjoying themselves, even I was enjoying myself! I think the one that was enjoying themselves mostly was Elliw. She was concentrating so much and she didn't care what she had to touch or walk by to get the blackberries, even though she did pick the ones that weren't ready yet, but she loved it so I let her be. I put the right clothes on her too seeing that she was going near nettles but her coat was pretty padded and she had jogging bottoms on so she didn't get stung at all.

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Slimming World Oat Buscuits Recipe.

 I have been a member of slimming world for over a year now and I am always up for trying out new recipes. About two weeks ago I tried out 'Vanilla Oat Buscuits'. They were very easy to make, it's not something I would make very often but I do have a friend who makes lovely oat buscuits and crunchy ones too, I will ask her soon and let you all know the recipe.

Vanilla Extract

(It all depends how much you want to make)

Mix all ingredients together.
Put on tray with greaseproof paper.
Cook for roughly 20 minutes.

These can be used for your healthy B if you put the HB amount of oats.

B&W Photo Project #6

Linking up with PODcast's Black & White Photography Project.

My Sunday Photo.


#MyKidSaid. #1

The amount of things Mia has come out with is unbelievable and so funny! Sometimes it is just the way she says things to, the tone of her voice and attitude! In the last 2 weeks of school before the Summer holidays Mia and her best friend Llio have been saying the most funny things! She also been carrying this on up until this day and I am sure for the rest of the holidays too.

They are both very adamant that they are moving in with each other, they make their own plans for sleepovers and visiting eachothers houses! They're going on holiday together, they're going to Peppa Pig land together! Everything. Oh and also they have a classroom and I am taking them apparently.

I have no idea how they get these funny stories but I love listening to them! Such a great imagination both of them! I love how close friends they are.


Learn To Ignore!

At the moment Elliw is going through a stage of shouting, screaming and not stopping until she gets what she wants. Well obviously, I don't give her what she wants all the time as I don't want her to grow up like that and I will learn her to be patient. However I am having to learn Mia too, but Elliw is the youngest and the worst, her tempers will turn out to hitting the floor, doors, walls and she will even go for Mia to. If I am totally honest, it is very hard work with the both of them at the moment.

I have tried my best to put her on naughty step most of the time when she starts hitting, if I put her there every time then im sure she would be on there most of the day! So I try to make my voice serious so she tries to understand a little bit but she smiles or laughs back! So I guess that isn't working.

Another thing I have learnt that I have to ignore is when they constantly ask for food through the day, the summer holidays have been so hard. I don't like to give them rubbish food to snack on, I don't mind if they have ham, chicken, breadsticks or fruit but not constantly. With their routine I have no idea how they get so hungry! It is really hard to understand.

I am finding it hard to ignore, I need to stop getting wound up and in the end I do start crying because I have just had a enough! However I am getting better at this and I am starting to ignore a lot more!
It is hard for you to give 1000% attention all day every day when you have loads of other things that need doing to!

Is your child like this? Or been like this before?

Getting Ready For Winter!

Winter is coming, well maybe winter has already started for some of us if the weather is like here where I am! (rain, cold and wind!) Bye bye summer! Can't complain though since we have had a good and a very hot summer even if it did start a bit early! The things I like for winter is winter food, but one main thing I am looking forward to this year is looking for new winter clothes. Since I've dropped 4-5 clothes sizes im really looking forward to it!
Black is the main colour I buy when I go out clothes shopping, I don't know why it's always black but it makes you look 'thinner' than what you are and the main thing is black will never go out of fashion. Black is for young and older people. I've chosen a few favourites of mine from Woolovers Black Jumpers page. I don't buy many wool clothing but I've a few before I had my 2nd child. They're so comfortable and warm for the winter.
I always go for jumpers that will be long enough for leggings, but I have started wearing jeans back now so I will be also shopping for jumpers to go with jeans too. Black wool jumpers are great for any age and ideal to wear for work or on a daily basis! There are plenty more colours to choose from but black will go with most colours and always in fashion.

What will be your winter buys?

In collaboration with Outreach.

Mia Wyn's Update

The last update of Mia you can read here. The past 3 months have been very stressful, and hard work. No progress at all actually. There was one week where she was good and I thought maybe just maybe she's getting better - but I was wrong, yet again. I couldn't wait until her appointment with the paediatrician again (12th august 2014). I was so ready for it, to make sure they understood everything I was saying, I even said i'd argue to my point across to! That is why I asked Iwans mam to come in with me for support and to keep an eye on Elliw too.
I got a phone call in the morning to say that Mia's paediatrician was off sick but there would be a registrar I could talk to instead. I was gutted, I felt like I wasn't going to go anywhere. Even though her paediatrician is hopeless if I'm honest!
Mia kept asking all the way there 'where are we going'. Once we reached the doors to the place she kind of had a good idea I think, especially when I told the receptionist her name for the appointment. However she did calm down and luckily we were the only ones in the waiting room so they both had all the toys to themselves!
We got called in and I was so nervous. I showed her the reward charts I had done for the past 4 weeks and showed her some notes i'd written incase I forgot anything. She asked me a lot of questions, I felt like crying because I was getting so stressed in explaining for the 100th time. However this time was different, she was actually really helpful. She explained everything and everything made sense! Finally we were getting somewhere.
Unfortunately Mia is anemic however the last blood test results were not really bad and nothing to worry about but she had to take the blood test again. It might sound nasty but I was so glad we did it on the same day, so we could get it all over and done with. We walked to the ward and Mia knew straight away where she was and why she was there. It took around 20 minutes to take one blood test. She screamed, cried, kicked and hit whilst I was holding her tight to make sure they could get the blood test from her little arm as quick as possible! I just couldn't wait for it to be over and done with! I hate blood tests myself never mind someone else sticking a needle into my little girls arm! We were both sweating like mad but then what felt like hours, the doctors were done! 2 nurses had to hold her arm still whilst the doctor tried to get the needle in! Horrible experience but it wasn't as bad as the last blood test when she had to have 3! and 4 people holding her down for it - but it was to try and find out what is wrong. Horrible but worth it. She had a sticker after it and so proud of herself after! However she is acting like she has a broken arm which Is very funny to see. In that photo is Mia showing where she had her 'pin' as she says. We're not allowed to touch it or take it off because apparently loads of blood will squirt everywhere and all over our faces! Things this little girls comes out with is hilarious.
Back to the update now! We have been given 60 sachets of Movicol to put Mia back on. This will be the 3rd time of trying this out but I have been given much better advice this time so I am confident I think that this time It will work. However she goes all the way up to 6 sachets a day, she hardly drinks. So I am going to find it quite difficult with her. Especially that Elliw tries to steal her drink all the time. She took her first one last night and I had to force her to drink her drink. I try not to put a lot of drink in there but enough so she can't taste the movicol.

One good thing that has come out of the appointment is that Mia will not need to be under paediatric care anymore! HOORAY! However she will need to go to a constipation clinic instead! Which is better I think - atleast she is under the right care now which I am so glad. If everything goes right, then she should be better by the time school starts. Not putting my hopes up high. It's going to be difficult but it will be worth it if everything goes down the right way!

She has an appointment with the constipation clinic within the next two weeks so another update will be up soon!


Wicked Wednesdays

I don't usually get photos of my eldest daughter Mia cause most of the time she has a strop if she's my camera out but sometimes she will love to pose for the camera! Also, I think I need to take my camera out more, or even my phone cause she does love posing in the spotlight!
Yesterday I told her to smile for the camera, and this is what she did after the happy smiley photo she did 2 minutes before this was taken!



Depression can hit any of us, even the most happiest person you know! Depression means much more than being unhappy, teary and fed up for a few days. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Depression can change someone's world upside down and it is such a shame that many people won't even know you have it. It's something most people can hide with a smile.

Depression Symptoms.
There are many symptoms of depression. You can get mild depression or severe depression. These are just some of the symptoms and signs of depression -
- Feeling sad.
- Feeling hopeless and useless.
- Having no energy.
- No interest in doing things that you used to enjoy before.
- Thoughts of harming yourself/suicide thoughts.
- Feeling worthless, like you life isn't worth living anymore.
- Very tearful, breaking down.
- Finding it hard to sleep but feeling tired.
there are more.

If anyone even thinks that they are depressed then please go to the doctors. There are to ways of treating depression, taking anti-depressants or counselling. You need someone to listen to how you feel and there are people out there who will listen to you and help you.

The last thing someone with depression wants to hear is 'You will be fine' , 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger', 'Get over yourself', 'Don't be silly' or just someone else talking about themselves or how they feel (comparing).

Depression is nothing to be embarrassed about. Depression is a serious illness that needs treating before you get worse. Even if you think you have very mild depression, go to the doctors to get yourself treated before it gets worse. If you don't feel confident enough to go to the doctors then there are numbers to phone.

This post was written in memory of the amazing actor Robin Williams who will be truly missed!
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Siblings - August.

Linking up with this month's Siblings Linky has just made me realise that this is the only photo I have of my girls together taken in August. I really do need to take more photos of them both. I used to take loads when they were younger, but I think most of it now is because I will be really lucky if I get one decent photo of them seperatley never mind together! Im very lucky if I get a really nice photo of them both looking together. I will make sure I take more photos for next months Sibling Linky.

dear beautiful