Boxing Day 2014.

Every Boxing Day without fail we go to my Nain & Taid's house to spend the day there. My aunty from England comes down over Christmas too so it is nice to have all the family together. Unfortunately this year my Uncle or my Dad wasn't there as they were somewhere else. However we all still had a brilliant time. Mia and Elliw had more presents again, and so did me and my partner. We had a buffet and a couple of drinks but my partner didn't drink as he wanted to work in the evening. Mia went to her Dad's 4pm to spend a few days there.
We had another lovely day with my side of the family. That evening when we came home I ordered a Pizza and relaxed all evening whilst my partner was working. Elliw slept half way coming home so I brought her down since she wasn't settling and kept her up until about 9 - 9.30pm which was a nice change!

What did you do Boxing Day?

Our Christmas.

First of all.. I hope you ALL had a lovely Christmas! We sure did. I apologize I did not do a 'Merry Christmas' post, I have not been blogging a lot recently as I've just not had the time and when I have had the time then I've been to tired!
Our Christmas was filled with laughter, smiles and lots of mess. This Christmas was totally different to previous years. Mia understood what was going on, really knew who Santa Clause was and lets just say she was over-excited! All day Christmas Eve she wouldn't stop talking about Santa! In her mind, the way Santa Clause comes to gives presents is; he puts some magic on him to make him very small to come down our chimney and then open our log burner door to get out and then lay out all the presents. They both had some Christmas Eve boxes with a letter from Santa which they loved. They both went to bed around 7pm I think. Anyway, they both finally went to sleep so I decided to bring all the presents down whilst my partner went to go get the doll cot, dolls house and Frozen bike from his mothers house. I am so glad I decided to finish the wrapping about a week before Christmas so I did get a bit of relaxing time Christmas Eve which was nice but I did make sure I went to bed early-ish so we could wake up nice and fresh Christmas Day.
Did it go that way? No. Both girls were up 4am. Mia saw her presents in her stocking on the side of her bed and she got very excited however she did listen to me when I told her Santa was still around and she was not allowed to open them until it was around 7am. From 4am - 6.45am she slept for about 45-60 mins maybe or less. We were shattered, plus my youngest wakes up 3-4am most nights so we were both a little like zombies waking up ha ha. We decided to come downstairs and the girls were confussed as I had put wrapping paper on the door! I wanted them to run into it and break it but they wouldn't ha ha. When Iwan got it down they went into the living room and lets just say their reaction and faces were PRICELESS! I got a gorgeous Clogau Gold necklace off my partner which I absolutely love! Plus an Eastenders Children In Need Calender which I opened Christmas Eve ha ha!
I do think they got a little too much presents as we all got a little bored in the end. However, they loved everything they got. My partners parents came over about 10.30am then when they went home me, my partner and the girls went to my partners aunty and uncles house to say Merry Christmas and spent about 1-2 hours there. We had a drink and yes, I got a tad tipsy! We then made our way to my partners parents house for Christmas (late) dinner, which was lovely. We spent the rest of the day there, the girls had more presents which they loved!

Hope you all had a lovely day.x

Christmas 2014

For the first time in a good few years we are actually very organised this Christmas. I started shopping online around mid-August time then got a few bits over September then me and my partner went to Chester for the night and went shopping to get most of the girls' presents. Then we have been getting everybody else's presents in the past month and finally we are sorted and don't need to buy no more presents for anyone. I am so glad that all i need to do is wrap the rest of the girls' presents and do the rounds of giving other people's presents to them which i will do this weekend, like we do every year.

I have struggled quite a bit on what to get for Mia and Elliw this year especially Elliw as she is a bit younger and she likes to copy Mia so i tried to get them both similair things but because i know they will share their toys and Mia will probably play/take some of Elliws toys and Elliw will do the same back i thought there was no point in buying th same presents each. It has been a very expensive year this Christmas and i think we will cut it down a bit next year.

On Christmas morning i always video the girls coming downstairs and this year for a change i think i will put wrapping paper on the door so they can be suprised when they come downstairs! I am really excited to do that if i'm honest. We will all open the presents, take photos and probably eat some chocolate for breakfast as you do Christmas Day! Ha ha. We will all get ready and take a walk down to my partners Aunty and Uncle's house and have one drink there and a chat and exchange presents. After that, we will go to my partners parents house and spend the day there along with having Christmas Dinner too!

On Boxing Day we will go and see my family and spend the day in my Nain's house which i have done every single year since i was little. It's really nice because all the family will be there and it'll be a nice change having everyone together. There is always a buffet there and the girls will play and probably make a mess too!

I absoloutley love Christmas. The main thing i love about Christmas Day is spending it with the family and especially my girls. I can't remember a Christmas with both my parents and i was very young so i remmeber growing up with my Dad on Christmas, which i absoloutley loved and wouldn't change a thing! But it does feel really nice me, my partner and my girls all together for Christmas.

How do you spend your Christmas and Boxing Day?

Are too many teens drinking alcohol?

A recent study commissioned by global brewer AB InBev UK showed that parents aren’t as well informed as they might like to believe when it comes to the drinking habits of young people today.

Surprisingly, the survey found that parents are too quick to believe that the majority of teenagers are habitually drinking alcohol; whereas the truth is actually that a much lower percentage than assumed does so.

The survey discovered that, on average, only 39% of young teenagers (11 – 15 years) have drunk alcohol before. This is in contrast to distrusting UK parents that think this number is closer to 60%.

AB InBev UK, alongside the Alcohol Education Trust, is supplying a wealth of information to equip parents for discussions with their young teens about the responsible drinking.

Family Talk UK is an online platform where parents can come together and share their experiences and advice about alcohol in relation to their children and families.

If you’ve ever needed tips on how to start this tricky conversation, check out the Facebook page now!

Writting Christmas Cards.

This is one thing I am so un-organised to do is writing Christmas Cards. I get so stressed on who and how many I need to buy and then having to go to the shops to find them all. It can get so confusing but I am glad when I've finished them all. Every year I buy a pack of small cards for Mia to take to her friends in school and since she loves writing and can actually write pretty well I thought for this year she can start writing her own Christmas Cards. If I'm honest it did get pretty boring waiting for her to write but I was looking at her writing them all and she loved it! She wrote in about 20-ish cards and she wanted to do more but there were no more people to write for.

Who writes Christmas cards at your home?

Women's Party Dresses.

Blue Sequin Dress || Grey Swing Dress || V Neck Black Skater Dress || Black & White Jumpsuit || Black Bodycon Dress

Another year has flown by! Mad Friday is coming in the next few days, a night were all the working men and women can let their hair down! Unforuently I don't work anymore, I work from home with Avon and my Blog work, however I wont be going out as I really cant stand going for a night out when it is full. I haven't been out for quite a long time and I do miss it but I would rather not make myself skint through the week.
The dresses and shoes I have chosen above is what I would love to wear on a night out near Christmas time. They're all glamorous and Christmassy don't you think? But also something you could wear through next year too. I really don't like buying clothes and never able to wear them again so I try to find something I will be able to wear more than once.
Will you be going out this Christmas?

First Family Holiday Abroad.

Never have I been abroad. I've always wanted too but it was only 2 Christmases ago I had my Passport shockingly! However, before I got with my partner thinking about going abroad didn't really appeal to me but I knew I would have gone in the future. Our first family holiday will be in February 2015, I cant wait! We're all going to go with my partners parents to Thailand. They have a house there which is lovely from what I've seen of photos. I'm not sure how I am going to be with heat as I can't handle some days in the Summer in Wales never mind going abroad to somewhere hot!

I hope the girls will behave there as that is one main thing I am worrying about because we will be going for 3 weeks so I hope they will cope okay with being only 5 and nearly 3 years old. But with my partner and his parents going it should be fine. It will be a really nice break away from here, get away from the village and go to a totally different culture and scenery.

My goal is too loose atleast half a stone before going on holiday, but we will see! I am crossing my fingers. Would love to know if you have any tips on taking children on holiday?

5 Years Old.

My eldest beautiful little girl isn't a baby anymore she is a little child! I look at her and I just think how proud I am of her. So proud of how much she has grown, developed and how clever she is. Everyone comments on her funny and bubbly personality. I know this post is a little late but I was too busy preparing for my daughters big day and then her party. I was prepared for her birthday this year, I bought her a new coat, Dora The Explorer back pack set, stationary sets, notebooks, Frozen items, Frozen photo frame and new boots. She had plenty of other presents off family and friends too. She was so excited when she woke up, she thought Santa Clause had come ha ha!
Seeing her face first thing in the morning was lovely. I said 'Penblwydd Hapus' (which means Happy Birthday in welsh) to her and she had a huge smile on her face and say thank you! She came in to bed and we had long cuddles before we all came downstairs to open some presents! It was a school day so I let her open some presents in the morning and some in the afternoon. My Nain and Taid came over after school, then a friend with their kids, my Dad and also Mia's Dad came over with Mia's other sister. It was a lovely day for her and she really enjoyed herself. I made her giant cupcake birthday cake, which I am glad came out a success! She loved it and everyone else did too.
I remember 5th December 2009, I phoned labour ward 8am to ask if here was room as I had to be induced. They told to go in by 9am, so I did! My Dad was my birthing partner and I couldn't of asked for anyone better, he was a great support! They induced me around 9.30am, I had to walk around hospital twice to kick start the contractions, I can still imagine the pain to this day but in a weird way I would most definitely do it all over again just to have that first ever cuddle. I still can't believe that I have a 5 year old daughter!

My daughters birthday party went perfect! I did her party for 7th December in a local hall in our village. I was really nervous about it as only 12 children were invited as I was paying for a Pamper and a Surprise Guest Elsa from Frozen! I was so excited. The first half an hour was just full of nerves hoping that Mia would like her surprise. She had no idea Elsa was coming, when Elsa walked in and started singing the famously popular song Let It Go all the children stopped what they were doing and looked soo shocked and amazed! From then on I was so pleased on how the party went, Mia absoloutley loved it. It was a fantastic day, one of the best parties I have done for her.

Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful little girl Mia Wyn xxx