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Forest Walk

On Friday my Dad came over with my little brother, Sean. I planned a day at home and do all the housework but my Dad changed my plans! He had invited me and Elliw out somewhere. Mia had gone to her Dad's early for a change. It was pretty weird without her there, as I knew she would of loved it.

Anyway, we went somewhere just outside Newborough, Angelsey. A place I'd never been before. It was called 'Red Squirrel Forest'. We parked up and the view was stunning (above photo). We saw a red squirrel straight away but the pictures were pretty rubbish (read on to see better photos at the end). It said on the sign that it would be an hour walk. I didn't time how long we were but I think it was near enough.

I wish I was more prepared for the muddy puddles and mud sinks! It was a really fun walk. Elliw wanted a carry for some of the way but I made her walk. At some places when you turned the corner it really did feel like the path was never ending!

We came across this sign, which I found pretty funny! Although I don't understand why they say to flick it, because you'd think it being a forest, they would tell you to pick up, right? On our walk we did spot dog mess twice, they obviously forgot to get a stick and flick!

If you like an adventure, and don't mind getting messy/dirty then this walk is perfect! A proper Forest walk. The trees were huge! It was such a nice view, so green and I think we went on a perfect day! It wasn't too hot and it wasn't cold either.

I wore my Trespass waterproof coat just incase! (look out for a review soon!). It was perfect. I did get a little too hot at the end but it was really comfortable.

We reached the end of the walk. We saw another red squirrel. We watched it for about 20-30 minutes. It was so relaxing and peaceful. My brother and Elliw were quiet and well behaved too. I then saw a woodpecker in the tree. It's not a great photo but I have never had a photo of a woodpecker before!

All of a sudden, another red squirrel came down a tree, too the bottom and started eating nuts. The next thing, another one came down. They were both there for about 10-15 minutes. We watched them until they decided to go back up the tree again.

None of these photos below are edited.

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Running in Lavender

My Sunday Photo

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Why Can't I Do It

I've lost motivation and my determination in these past two months. Why can't I just put my head down and stick to my Slimming World plan. If I've had a bad day or week, I end up beating myself up about it. Am I taking it to seriously? Is that why I can't do it? Do I need to be more laid back about it? How would you think/feel if you have gained 1 stone and 6lbs in 3 months? I feel sick. I feel fed up.
(An old photo)
I have been a member of Slimming World for over 2 years, and I know I am not doing all that great. Especially now, I'm not! I did loose 3 and a half stone. Now I've gained half of that. I just really don't know anymore. My clothes are getting tighter. My hips are getting bigger. My belly and my legs are getting bigger. I really don't like it. Many times I will just sit and look at myself in the mirror and ask myself 'why can't I do it?'. Many time. The simple answer is, I just eat and give in too much.

I started the week with good intentions. Until it comes to the weekend. I do wish my group was on a Saturday not a Wednesday evening. I have been thinking of swapping groups but I know I will miss the people in the group I am in at the moment. I feel comfortable there and it's just a like a little family there, we all talk to each other and we all trust each other.

 Another old photo.
Last year (blue top). Christmas 2012 (leopard print top) at my heaviest.

I am hopeless at sticking to things. I really need to stop giving into things. I've even tried looking back at old photos before my weight loss journey. It helps me a bit, but give me a chocolate cake in front me and I will eat it ha ha! But I know if I have a very good week, I will push it away. This is the motivation and determination I want. I will do it. I will get back to the weight loss I had. I will get to my target, one day.


Never did I think I would be a mother of two beautiful girls at the age of 22. The amount of tears I've cried, the amount of friends I have lost and the amount of times I thought I just 'couldn't do it anymore', I absolutely love being a mother.

There are a lot of ups and downs being a parent but at the end of the day we only remember the good times and the bad times only become a funny story in the future when they grow up! A parent can never hold a grudge on their child, it's natural that we forget their tantrums after a few hours or at the end of the day. A child's smile can put a parent in a good mood instantly.

As I am writing this I have a screaming child wanting something she is not allowed. Yep, it's Elliw! Times like this is when I find it stressful and hard. Elliw has always been a screaming/moaning child. As she has delayed speech she just tends to scream or moan if she wants something but we are working on it and trying to help her talk a bit more. (Goes to sort the kids out!)

Waking up every morning.
I struggle waking up in the mornings and i am miserable most mornings but i still love my morning cuddles with my girls. I love waking up with them even if i am miserable! I feel lucky that i have two beautiful little girls.

Excuse to act like a child again!
I love acting silly with the kids! Even though I am 22 I still have that 'child mind' when I play with the kids. Perfect excuse to dance, sing and play silly. The kids love it and so do I!

I love having cuddles with the girls. They are growing up so quickly now so I don't have cuddles like I used to but I am lucky that they are both cuddly little girls!

Looking at my girls, really does make me a proud Mother. I love looking at old photos, back to when they were babies and looking at them now makes me feel so proud on how well, clever and beautiful they are.

My Rock
My girls are my rock. They are the ones that keep me going. They can be very hard work at times but I always remember the good days over the bad days. I love that I have two little people in my life that I can love to bits!

Clothes Shopping.
Ahhh! I love doing a bit of clothes shopping for the girls. I got more of an excuse to go out clothes shopping or do some online shopping.

That first hold 'memory'.
I love that I have that memory of holding the girls for the first time after giving birth. It truly is an amazing memory to have.

Reason to watch Disney/Kid Films.
I love that I have a reason to still watch Kids and Disney films! Even though I am the only one who will watch it all!

The future.
Sometimes i sit down and i just think about the future. I've never had a mother and daughter day with my own mother so i really can't wait to have a day out with my girls when they are older. Go shopping or out for a cup of tea and lunch.

My Children.
I love being a parent because of my children. They are beautiful. Even though they can drive me crazy most of the time, i feel so lucky to be their mother. I wouldn't wish life any other way. I feel happy that i got two happy daughters full of life and bubbly. They are my world. They are the main reason why i love being a parent.

Things Can Only Get Better

Ever feel your world is crashing down on you? Feel like you're so alone, you don't know what to do with yourself anymore? You feel like the whole world is against you? Sturggle to get yourself out of bed in the morning because you're worried how your day is going to be? Scared incase you're going to burst into tears again, out of nowhere?

The worst of it? Having to pretend in front of my two beautiful innocent little girls that everything is ok. When it's not.

Trying to hold back those tears that are slowly forcing themselves out of my eyes. I just want to sit somewhere, think everything over and let everything out. I feel like I want to scream just to let all my feelings out of me. I hate feeling this way.

They say your children can make everything better. Yes they can but you can't forget everything that has happened, all of a sudden. You have to pretend that everything is ok. So they don't see you upset, and so nothing affects them.

I guess it's life. But things do get better, right?

Basics of online Bingo

When I first started playing online bingo, I was very unsure of where to start playing and whether the sites I was playing at were worth my time and money. So here I am, trying to help all those who are new bingo and also have some tips that regular online bingo players can use. 

The first and most important step is choosing the right site to play at. There are tons of sites online and all have something interesting to offer. But choose a site according to what your interests are. Mostly newbies on a site look for free sign up bonuses. This way new players on a site can play a few games for free and then decide whether or not they would like to continue playing. New Look Bingo, which has been one my personal favorites, offers a free sign up bonus of £15 to all players that have newly joined. Apart from this, the site also gives handsome welcome bonuses on the first three deposits that players make.

Before registering on any site, it is recommended that players check on the safety of the site and where they are licensed. The online world can get very rough and that is why it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Different sites have something different and unique to offer. Once you identify what that particular feature is, then choosing sites becomes all the more easier. If you are keen on playing free bingo then you have the option of playing on certain sites that have free bingo rooms. Not too many sites have this option, so it can get a little time consuming but it sure is worth the while.

The best way to check for offers being provided on online bingo sites is by checking on the site’s bingo promotions page. All details including the prizes at stake, the rooms to play in and at what time is all mentioned here. Players just need to read up on all the terms and conditions carefully. 

These promotions change every month and it is up to you as a seasoned bingo player to make use of these offers. 

The Science Of Hearing

The Science of Hearing
Infographic provided by Hidden Hearing

I think it's amazing how our bodies work. I found this infographic very interesting to read. It's amazing how the brain and our ears work. Many people I know suffer with hearing problems. Most of them are elderly. You would only think that it is mainly the elders that suffer with hearing loss but shockingly it can slowly start from the age of 30-40. I think when I am older I will worry about hearing problems. I hope my hearing doesn't get affected, I am too nosey and love listening to people talking when I'm on the bus, or in the doctors or somewhere public ha ha! I think we all do that though, don't we? But it is great that there are hearing aids to help people with hearing problems.


Mummy & Me | May

I didn't manage to get a photo of me and both my girls last month. Which pretty much shocked me because it made me realise I don't have enough photos of Mia, Elliw and myself together. I made sure I took some photos this month. There isn't many but I made sure there was a couple and I am going to try my best to do it every month from now on.

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Places To Visit In North Wales

Wales probably gets the most rain. We are known for rain and sheep! Ha ha. But I have to admit, we have stunning views. I live in North Wales. We have got stunning mountains and some lovely places to visit. So I thought I would write this post to give a rough idea on some places you could visit, if you are visiting North Wales.

1 | Greenwood Forest Park.
Last October, I got the chance to review Greenwood Forest Park. Even though it is near me, I had never been there before. I will be taking my girls there again. There are many things to do there. I would say it is for all ages. Even adults can join in! The park attraction is a fun day out for the whole family.

2 | Rhyl
Rhyl may not be the most attractive place to visit, but I have so many fun memories there from when I was little. If you go to the front, where all the arcades are then you and the family are more than likely to have a good time! You could spend most of the day there. Remember to bring all your 2 pennies! There are a few shops there too and a beach at the front. It can get busy during Summer. There are caravan parks to stay.

3 | Beddgelert
This is another place I used to visit a lot when I was a child. I have also been taking my girls there. It's a lovely and stunning place to go for a walk. It can be very busy during the Summer. Many times we have visited but not been able to get out of the car because there were no parking spaces. But the times we do manage to get a parking space, there are a lot of people having picnics by the river and in swimming costumes swimming in the river. It's a lovely family place. Lots of fun to be had with the whole family. There are many great restaurants and an ice cream shop too! I have written a couple of posts about visiting Beddgelert with my family.

4 | Caernarfon Castle
I visited Caernarfon Castle a couple of times with my Mother when I was young. I also went once with my Dad. I loved going there. I was told a story that when I went the first time, I asked my Mother 'how did princesses walk up these steps with high heels?'. It's just one of the few good memories I have with my Mother, since she doesn't bother with me now. Caernarfon Castle is a great place to visit with or without the kids. I can't wait to take my girls there one day. What I am more excited about is how they are going to use their imagination!

5 | Dinas Dinlle // Caernarfon Airport.
If you like to have a walk by the seafront then Dinas Dinlle is a lovely place to visit. I love going there when it was warm/hot. It's only 10 minutes away from. There is a chip shop, cafe's and an indian restaurant there. There is also a park and a small mountain/hill you can have a walk up. There are some stunning views to be seen. If you go further along the road, you will see Caernarfon Airport. There is a small museum and a café too. The last time I went to that side was for my Taid's 70th Birthday Surprise. I was lucky enough to be able to share the experience of going in a helicopter with my Nain and Taid.

6 | Llanberis
There are many things to in Llanberis. There are many gift shops and cafe's. There is a park for the children and a great walk. On the opposite side to the park, there is a museum and a small railway. There are many places to have a walk in Llanberis. This is a place I loved visiting when I was a child. I love taking my children there and I am looking forward for a lot more great memories with them there too.

7 | Snowdon
Climbing Snowdon is one of my best achievements in life! I am so proud of myself that I finally climbed it. There are a few ways to climb up Snowdon. Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and England! You don't have to climb up, you can take the train too! So it's a great experience for all ages. The views are truly stunning. I would advise you to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Bring some extra t-shirts and jackets as it can get really cold!

8 | Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay.
My girls love to visit the zoo. We have taken them to Welsh Mountain Zoo twice. Both times we have all really enjoyed it. Another place you could spend all day and enjoy it. There are many activities and events in the Welsh Mountain Zoo. They have a reasonable price for entry and you will enjoy the whole day! (I would advise you to take a picnic though! We weren't keen on the food in the café).

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I lie in bed sometimes and over think things. I wish some things in my life was different, I wish things for the future and I wish I could go back in time. There are so many things I wish for and I am sure everyone else does too.

I Wish...

1 | My girls a better life than me.
I think this is what most parents wish. We all wish our children to have a better, happier, healthier and wealthier life than us. I really hope they fullfill their dreams, manage to do what they want to do and be happy.

2 | I was a child again.
I really do wish I could be a child, living back home again! No worries, No bills and No stress. Back to my childhood where I would go out knocking for friends instead of texting, where a graze on my knee would be the only stress I had and re-live my lovely memories with my Dad and brother. Such a fun, easy life back then.

3 | I worked harder in school.
Never did I think I would say this! I really do wish I concentrated more in school. I also wish I was back in school. It's mad thinking back, how much I hated it, but now I would love to go back. Not that It would change anything now, but it would of probably made me feel better and proud of myself.

4 | I didn't eat so much junk food in my first pregnancy.
Ahh! I ate so much when I was pregnant with Mia. I could eat a full packet of custard creams and 4 packets of Twirls in one day. Disgusting! I remember me and my Dad argued one day because I kept eating all the biscuits! I gained 7 stone! Not very shocking... But I WILL get back to my size 10/12!

5 | I cut out the negative people out of my life sooner.
I've done this now, but I wish I had done it sooner. My life is so much better now. Some people made me paranoid with my own relationship sometimes. It's not something that a person needs in their life.

6 | I was a morning person.
I think this every morning! I hate waking up in the mornings. If someone wakes me up in the middle of the night or too early, I am a different person! I am not a nice person to be around, but give me about an hour and i'll be fine!

7 | There was no such thing as housework.
I hate housework. Even though it makes me happy when everything is done, I hate keeping on top of it. You will always find a full basket of dirty clothes that need doing in my house! I just hate it! I wish there was some magic wand or I could afford a maid/cleaner!

8 | Myself a happy future.
I really hope that soon, I get to look forward for something in the future. I have always wanted a happy little family and I've got that. Maybe one day we will have another addition but that won't be any time soon! I'm really happy as I am, I wish for plenty more years of happiness with my wonderful partner and beautiful girls.

9 | I could cut out chocolate.
If chocolate didn't exist then I could of lost weight ages ago! For some reason, I just love chocolate! It's bad!

10 | I could stick to a workout plan.
I always have these great ideas of doing home workouts, but when I do them it only lasts about a month or so! I just wish I could really stick it and not give up! One day it will happen!

Do you have a wish list?


The past week I have been making my own homemade Smoothies for lunch times. My favourite one so far has to be the Summer Fruits Smoothie. I buy a big bag of frozen Summer Fruit Berries which include, strawberries, cranberries and blackberries. I defrost them the night before but I have also defrosted them for a little bit in the microwave on the same day of making the Smoothie.

If you have any Smoothie recipes leave a comment below, I would love to know some more.

Welsh Cakes | Recipe

I love a Welsh Cake with a cup of tea. Especially in the mornings. I spread so much butter on them. They're delicious. The other day I fancied baking something different. So I decided to look for recipes. I found a Welsh Cake recipe. I honestly can't remember which website I got it from, but the recipe is below. It was so easy to do. Not much mess and you only need the basics!

225g Plain Flour
85g Caster Sugar
0.5 tsp of Baking powder.
50g Butter
50g Currants.
1 Egg, beaten.
Splash of milk.

1. Put the flour, sugar, baking powder and a pinch of salt in a bowl.
2. Rub in the butter until crumbly.
3. Mix in the currants.
4. Work egg into the mixture.
5. Mix with your hands until a soft dough. (may be sticky)
6. Add milk if it is too dry.
7. Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface.
8. Cut into circles. Make sure the height is roughly the same as your finger tip of your little finger.
9. Put a little bit of butter onto a frying pan.
10. Fry your welsh cake on a medium heat, 3 minutes each side.

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Be Strong

My Bank Holiday weekend didn't go to plan as such. The above quote is what I have been telling myself for the past 3 days. Things can only get better, right?


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