Elliw's Update

It's been a whilst since I wrote Elliw's last update. In the past few months Elliw has really grown up to be a proper little girl. I wouldn't say a lady just yet, because she is still our little tomboy. She still loves her boys toys and being a bit of a rebel. On the 5th of March she will turn four years old. I am not quite sure where these 4 whole years has gone, but I have enjoyed every single minute of it looking back.

Elliw still has her bad temper tantrums and they do seem to be getting worse but not as often. She seems to understand that if she does not listen to me then she will be either sent on the naughty step or sent to bed. Which I am glad of because she never seemed to understand that before. As her speech has improved a lot in the past few months, we are able to try and make her understand things a lot more.

Elliw's speech has really improved the past few months, as I said above. She now doesn't attend speech therapy but still attends the language school 3 times a week. I think she will be in the language school up until the end so they can prepare her for full time school. When you compare her to other children her age, you can tell their language is a lot more advanced than Elliw but I am not worried as every child develops in their own time. There is no rush. Elliw really loves going to two schools. I know she will miss the teachers from the language school very much as she doesn't stop talking about them when she is at home.

Elliw seems to be a very cuddly little girl. She can be quite clingy and doesn't really like me going out of the room for too long or doing something she doesn't want me to do. However, I have noticed she has started to play with toys on the floor either in the front play room or in the living room. This is something she never did often before unless she was with Mia.

Elliw and Mia's relationship is strong. When Mia goes to her Dad's, Elliw misses her like crazy. She always asks when Mia is coming home and she can get pretty upset when I tell her she won't be home until the following day. It is nice watching them grow up together, such a close age gap and even though they can argue like cat and dog, they do have the strongest bond. A bond that won't ever break.

Elliw has taken an interest in drawing and writing and can write the letter E. Sometimes she can hold the pencil correctly but other times she can't. She seems to be right and left handed at the minute but hopefully that will change soon so she can concentrate on the one. Her colouring has improved but still very heavy handed when she colours.

I am so proud of my little girl. She is growing up so quickly and I can not believe she is going to be a big sister in July. It's just crazy that she will be the middle child, not the youngest. It still doesn't seem real. She is super excited meeting Baby and asks often when Baby is going to come home. She is such a special little girl just like her sister and new Baby sibling. I can't wait for 3 of them grow up together.


  1. She sounds quite like Amelia with her love of toys and her temper. Amelia's is pretty bad at the moment! Glad her speech is coming on she'll be chatting paragraphs soon I bet! X

  2. I'm being told my Josh's speech is behind what is expected from his age at the moment and he's getting help for it, but I'm happy to just leave him and find his own way through it all. His communication is effective still so I'll worry about it when he's older! x

  3. It sounds like she has come on really well with her speech! I often wonder if N's speech is behind because some of his friends speak SO well. So sweet to read about her bond with her sister!x

  4. I wonder with my daughters speech too but she is recognising what we say so at least she understands. Lovely update x

  5. Eva has quite the temper too. It's so frustrating at times. Great to see your daughters speech is improving. That's wonderful news. How lovely that she misses Mia when she's at her dad's. Very sweet x

  6. She sounds like Darcie! I wonder about her speech as sometimes I still have to translate as other people aren't sure what she says... no-one else has ever commented on it so I'm "going with the flow" and see what happens! xxx


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