Little Tikes Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker Review

Freddie turned 2 years old in July and he's changing as each day passes. It's crazy how much he has grown in the last month since his birthday. He's learning more words and learning to concentrate more with some of his toys too. One of his favourites recently is the Little Tikes Light 'n Go 3-in-1 Activity Walker that he was sent. I love the fact that it grows with the child from 9 months up to 3 years and Freddie is at the perfect age for understanding it and having lots of fun with it too.

From 9 months of age before your baby starts to stand up or walk, you can fold the walker down and let your baby play the activity on the floor. You can also unfold the walker and use the walker as an activity table once your little one is able to stand. When you put it into this setting, it locks the wheel which makes it safe for your little one to stand. Once your little one shows an interest in taking their first steps, you can use the walker to help them walk.

There are over 70 activities, songs and sounds which your little one will absolutely love. Freddie loves all the lights and sounds, not to mention all the dancing he did with the songs. There are 3 play modes you can set the activity board. Words: say shapes and colour, Music: play melodies, and Wild make jungle animal sounds. Activities on the activity table include piano keys, spinning balls, peek-a-boo slider that roars, a mirror, flowing light dome and so much more. Your little one is bound to have hours of fun with this 3-in-1 walker.

* We were sent this product for the purpose of this review.
However, as always, all words, opinions and images are entirely our own. 

Securing the financial future of your children

This is a guest post by FCA registered broker Reassured

As a mum, there is nothing more important in life than the wellbeing of our children. With living costs rising at a rapid rate, it’s more important than ever to prepare for your children's financial future.

This financial stability can be broken down into 3 stages of life; childhood, adulthood and the unexpected.

1) For their childhood

Ultimately, the financial security of your children whilst they are young is dependent on how financially stable you are.

They rely on you to keep a roof over their head, pay the household bills and keep the cupboards stocked.

Teaching them about money will help your child to understand it's worth and aid them towards being financially independent in later life.

The best way to secure the financial well-being of your child when they are young is to ensure you have enough savings to cover unexpected costs.

This may sound unrealistic, but putting away 10-15% of your monthly paycheck (if possible) can build up quickly and offer a buffer when unexpected costs arise.

2) For adulthood

Even when your child is young, it is a good idea to begin saving for their adult life.

Opening a Junior ISA will allow you to put away money for your child which they can then access at 18 (and not before).

This means that when they enter adult life, they already have a pot of money that they can use for what they wish.

This is a great way of working towards their financial security as an adult. The money can be used to buy their first car, as a deposit for their first house or even to help start a family of their own.

3) For the unexpected

Unfortunately, nothing in life is certain and it is for this reason that it is important to put in place precautions. This ensures that if the worst were to happen to you, your loved ones would not be left with a crippling financial burden.

Dependent children

As previously mentioned, dependent children rely on you to fund their entire life from their home to their lifestyle.

For this reason, if you were not around, your child may be left having to move out of the family home or undergo a complete lifestyle change.

Taking out adequate life insurance cover can ensure that if you were to die, your children would receive a lump sum pay out to cover the mortgage or fund their existing lifestyle.

If you are in good health and still relatively young you could secure life cover for just 20p-a-day.

Whilst the emotional void of losing a mother can NEVER be filled, the financial fallout can at least be minimised.

Life insurance for mums infographic 2018

Independent children

Even when your children are fully independent, it is still possible to burden them financially if you were no longer around.

The average funeral in the UK costs over £4,000 which is not an easy feat for most. In fact, the total cost of dying, according to insurer SunLife, is over £8,000. This often leaves people having to borrow money, take out loans or even sell personal belongings.

To avoid burdening your children with this responsibility, taking out a life insurance policy or funeral plan can ensure all costs associated with your death are covered.

Equally, any unpaid debt (including your mortgage) will fall to your loved ones. Therefore, adequate life insurance can ensure that these are covered and your children are not left to pick up the bill.

Financial security for all stages

It is possible to financially secure your child throughout all periods of their life from childhood, through adulthood and even when you are no longer around.
  • Teaching your children about money will help them gain an understanding of its value
  • Putting away some of your monthly income will help to cover unexpected costs
  • Putting money into a Junior ISA for your child will provide them with a good financial footing when they turn 18
  • Securing adequate life insurance can ensure the financial stability of your children (whether young or fully grown).

- collaborative post. 

Beddgelert Forest - Llyn Llewelyn

My partner and I absolutely love being outdoors and taking the kids on some outdoor adventures. I was brought up to be adventurous and my Dad always used to end up taking us to places where we had to walk miles, and although I complained a lot, I always enjoyed it. I'm lucky to have a partner who has the same interests in me, and when he told me that he was taking us to Beddgelert Forest, I was interested to see where it was and what kind of place it was. Beddgelert is one of my favourite places to visit, but I've never visited the forests before.

The forest is absolutely huge and has some very rocky paths, which we struggled with the pram at times, but we got through it. During the walk, you pass the Welsh Mountain Railway, and the views are just stunning. There are many paths and different routes you can take and anyway you go, you are bound to see some beautiful, breathtaking views.

We stopped at Llyn Llywelyn, and the lake is stunning. There are some picnic benches nearby which are perfect for having a picnic, which is something we are planning to do the next time we visit. You can walk to this forest from Beddgelert and walk back to the beautiful village too. You can read more about the forest in this article here: Beddgelert Forest

Horse Care Tips

Owning an animal is a huge responsibility, there are a lot of things to think about before even considering buying an animal. Horses are large animals that need to be taken good care of, and they aren't cheap to look after either. There are many things to think about such as if you can afford to look after a horse for the long run if you can keep on top of their daily care and keep them in good health. If you're thinking of buying a horse, here are some horse care tips for you to think about first: 

Space and Exercise
Horses are larger animals than your common home pets so they will need extra space and a big enough space to run around and do their daily exercises to keep healthy. A decent size space where they can run and walk around is important if you're thinking of buying/keeping a horse.

Feeding Horses
It's important to give horses some good quality food to keep their bodies and health in good condition. Spillers Horse Feed has a good range of horse food to choose from. It's also important to make sure there is access for a good amount of feed and water for the horses.

If you're planning on keeping/buying a horse, it's important to make sure that the land you are thinking of keeping them, has some good shelter. Shelter for the horses to keep under from extreme heat, wind and rain. There are waterproof rugs//clothing you can put on your horse during the cold weather, but you must make sure they are comfortable and in good condition. Trees and stables are the best shelters for horses.

General Health
Not only feeding and space, but you need to keep on top of your horses health. The vets can help you with this. The list of general health care for horse include: making sure your horse is vaccinated (vets will keep you updated as to when and how often they will need it), trim their feet, teeth need to be checked every 12 months but younger horses under 5 years will need to be checked every 3-6 months. You should also worm your horse every 6-8 weeks to prevent a build of worms in the horses' intestine. 

They are some basic horse care tips, and it's so important that you think about everything before buying a horse. A horse is not your common cat, dog or pet rabbit. Horses need a lot more space, taken care of a lot more and make sure you're on top of their health appointments such as dental and any vet appointments if needed. Not only that, but you need to be sure that you can afford everything to keep their health in good condition, as well as making sure you can afford the vet and dental bills. They also need the right equipment such as grooming gear, food, water, saddle, saddle blankets and much more. 

If you do decide to buy a horse, it's advised you take a person who's experienced with horses with you too help choose the right horse for you. 

* In collaboration with Spillers-Feed

How to Make Sure Your Car’s Kid-Friendly

Family vehicles can range from people carriers with extra seats in the back to 4x4s that have plenty of space for all the kids’ toys, school bags and so on.
However, there are some specific features that will help make things both safer and easier. So below, I’ve picked out a few handy features that’ll help make your new car as kid-friendly as possible.
And don’t forget, when you’re ready to buy, companies like the AA offer great financing options so you can get the perfect car for the entire family.

Consider the Colour
Of course, you’ll want a car that you like the look of but your choice of colour shouldn’t just be something that appeals visually. Rather, it’s also worth considering how hot the cars get inside.
Yes – the colour of your car really does affect the interior temperature.
According to various studies, white cars are far cooler than black cars when they’re in the sun. And while you’ve got air conditioning to cool the car down, it’s important to note that a white car’s going to cool down quicker. This is especially important for kids and babies who are more sensitive to heat than us.

Window Watching
Check to see whether your child’s going to be able to see out of the window as you’re travelling along. If they can’t, it’s highly likely they’re going to get bored sooner than if they can see the world whizzing by.
Take the car seats with you while you’re looking for a car to see how it works with the window height. But also consider that you want to be able to block the sun out. Some car models come with retractable sunshades, for example.

Plenty of Storage
From ample space in the boot to lots of pockets and storage boxes around the car, being able to stow toys, drinks and various other bits and bobs safely away is always a welcome relief. While you’ll never prevent toys (and probably drinks) from sliding around the floor of the car, at least you’ll know you’ve got all your essentials along with you for the ride.
Even cars that come with built-in coolers can be the difference between a good or stressful journey.

Finishing Touches
Now, if you really want to go all out with your next car, why not look for those standout features you know your child will love.
You know what I’m talking about – the TVs at the back of the seat. You can even use existing tablets in some cars as they now come with built-in Wi-Fi!
Overall, then, choosing a kid-friendly car is all about finding those features that will make yours and your children’s lives easier, safer and more enjoyable when you’re on the open road.

 *Collaborative post.

Spirit Riding Free!

Spirit Riding Free is a new show that we have started to watch on the kid's TV channel, POP. It’s set in the 19th century, and it's about a stallion called Spirit. I can see Spirit being a huge hit in many households! My girls adore Spirit and absolutely love all the adventures Spirit and his friends get up to.

Mia has adored horses ever since she was a toddler, and Spirit is one she really does adore and loves to watch on a daily basis. She loves to find out what adventures Spirit will get up to that day. I have sat with the girls and watched Spirit Riding Free on a couple occasions too, and I do like how they show so many adventures and friendships on the show. They teach children that friendships are important and adventures are fun! 

POP currently have an amazing competition called The Spirit Riding Free Stable Sleepover Competition. The winners will stay in a converted stable with a friend and enjoy a weekend full of things Spirit related such as horse riding, fun activities, lots of crafts, treasure hunts and so lots more surprises. If you'd like the chance to win this amazing price you can enter on POP right now here!

You can catch Spirit Free Riding at weekends on POP at 12.30pm. 

Things To Do In Edniburgh

I have so many plans and so many places I'd love to take the kids, not only abroad but in the UK too. One of the places my partner and I are planning to travel next year in Scotland. Scotland is a place we've wanted to visit for such a long time, and we were meant to do it this year. We've both heard a lot of good things about Scotland, especially in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a city I personally want to visit, I've heard there are many things to do there as a couple and with the kids. As we are planning to visit next year, I've been doing some research on things to do in Edinburgh that's family friendly. When it comes to booking accommodation, there are a lot of serviced apartments in Edinburgh which we typically like to stay in as they offer plenty of space for the whole family.

Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Castle is a must see if you're planning a visit. It's a world famous icon of Scotland, and it was recently voted top UK Heritage Attraction in the British Travel Awards too. It's such an old building and is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit.

The Georgian House
This house was bought by John Lamon in 1796 and is now run by the National Trust for Scotland. It's a reconstruction of how wealthy Edinburgh residents lived in the late 18th and 19th century. It's definitely a must visit - especially if you like visiting National Trust properties.

The Meadows
The Meadows is a popular place for many people in Scotland. There are many things available such as tennis courts, children's park, cricket pitch and even a cafe. It's popular with joggers, sports teams and locals, as well as tourists. They also host gatherings in The Meadows such as Meadows Marathon and Edinburgh Moon Walk.

Just off The Meadows, there's the Summerhall. There is so much going on in the Summerhall, such as shows, art exhibitions and much more. When there's no event on, it's still recommended that you visit for the bar and the food they serve too. A stunning building and another great place to visit.

Have you ever visited Edinburgh or do you live there? 
Can you recommend any places or things to do there, that's also family friendly?

* This is a collaborative post. 

Host Your Own Summer Garden Party

The summer holidays are in full swing, and there's no better time than August, to host your own summer garden party. There are still a few more weeks to go until the summer holidays break up and the kids are back off to school, so it's the perfect timing of the year to gather everyone around for a garden party. There are a few things to think about when planning your own garden party and I've collected a few tips that will help you host your own garden party:

Location and Space
The first thing to think about is, where are you going to host your garden party? As it's a garden party, the back or front garden would be best, but some people don't have a garden, or not big enough space to host a gathering/party. If you do have a small garden or no garden at all then you could think about possibly hosting a garden party at a local community centre (if they have grounds), a local field (ask the owners permission) or a family/friends garden. 

This isn't really that important, but if you do want to go for a theme, there are so many to choose from. You can go all out summer party with bright colours, flowers and all. Or if you want something low-key but nice, pastel colours are soft and low-key.

You need to make sure there are enough chairs for everyone, as well as enough tables if you're serving food and some spare tables will be handy too. Having a gazebo will be handy to put up near the buffet food area, or if it's really hot, it'll be good to have a gazebo with some chair underneath for the people who don't want to be overexposed to the sun. The Gazebos for your garden will look fab and give that party an extra summer look.

Every party needs some music. You could book a DJ or if you have your own Bluetooth speakers or CD radio player in hand, it would most definitely make the party feel more alive. It also gives you less stress thinking about entertainment.

As well as music, it's always good to have some extra entertainment. Some party games, photo booths and if kids are attending, some paddling pools or kids games would be a huge bonus. It will most definitely make a party feel more fun and upbeat.

This could go with your theme. There are so many outdoor party decorations you can buy these days. They don't have to be expensive either. You don't have to go all out, but it will look nice with a few decoration bits around the gazebo, your walls and tables. Some banners, balloons and other party decorations will make it feel more like a party.

Food and Drinks
Of course, you need food and drinks at a party. You'll need to decide if you want to do a BBQ or a cold buffet. Or if you're feeling up to it, you could do both and have a mix of hot and cold food. There are so many different kinds of party foods to choose from and something to think about when you host your own garden party is to ask if anyone is vegan/vegetarian or has any allergies. This way you could cater to them too so no one is missing out. For your drinks, you could either decide to ask people to bring their own, or buy drinks from a wholsalers to cater for everyone.

* In collaboration with Garden Camping

Great Things About Living In Cheshire #ExploringCheshire

Deciding to buy a home is such a huge decision. A decision you shouldn't take lightly, and you should definitely look into the area before deciding to buy the house. There's a whole list of things to think about before buying a home, especially if it's your first home. It's always recommended that you find out what the area is like in house prices when the right time to buy is and if it will be a good investment. Right now, Cheshire seems to be the place to buy a house. With housing developments going on and price rises, it could be a good investment. Not only that, but Cheshire has also got a lot to offer adults and families.

Laurus Homes Developments are currently developing houses in these areas: Winsford, Daresbury, Delamere and Congleton. They develop all sorts of houses from multi-million pounds home to affordable homes. There is also future planning for Haslington, Wincham and Chester too. So to be on the property ladder or if you're looking to buy the right home, Cheshire is the place to look. Cheshire also offers a good opportunity for investment because of rises in house prices.

Of course, when you're looking to buy a home, you should always look around to see what's in the area. Cheshire offers a load of things that are great for the whole family but not just families, for just adults too. For families, you can find Chester Zoo, GoApe!, Botanic Garden and much more. If you fancy a bit of shopping, you can find Cheshire Oaks which has a lot of different shops, Grosvenor Shopping Centre and much more. Not forgetting the lifestyle where Cheshire holds some events such as Creamfields, Chester Pride, Just So Festival and more.

Something else you would need to look into before considering buying a home is how employment is in the area. Cheshire have pretty good employment due to all the retail shops and other work placements there are such as B&M Stores, Lookers, Essar Oils and so much more.

Check out this infographic that has tonnes of information about the Cheshire area and the property developments.

* This is a collaborative post.

Finding My Style With River Island

I've been a Mam since I was 17 years old (just turned) and over the years I seem to have lost myself somewhere. I've lost my style, but that's also due to my weight. I've gained a lot of weight over the years, and I struggle to find clothes that I feel good in. Clothes that suit my figure and make myself feel like me. But also because most of my days are just for school runs, chasing an active toddler or a toddler rubbing his snotty nose all over me, I don't tend to buy myself some nice looking stylish clothes.

Up until recently, my wardrobe has been all black. Black jeans, leggings, jackets, tops, jumpers, you name it, everything black. But I've slowly started to add colour to it, but if I do get anything in black, I always try and mix it up a bit with some accessories or some added colour somewhere. I'm slowly finding 'me', and I'm still learning to be more confident and love myself for who I am. 

I was lucky enough to have been asked if I wanted to review some clothing from River Island recently. I instantly said yes and thought it would be a good chance for me to put my style out there and stand out with something that's a little out of my comfort zone, but something I love too. River Island has a great range of clothing, women's shoes and accessories at the moment. I love their different styles and how different their clothing is compared to other stores.

Although the clothing I chose included the colour black, I mixed it up with a few of my favourite colours, grey and gold. I personally think all three colours go really well together. I also chose an outfit that could do me on a daily basis, running around after the kids, doing the housework, but still looking stylish too. 

I absolutely adore the wide-fitted River Island branded trainers I chose. They are black velvet feel with a thick white sole, gold at the back and the RI brand in the middle. They are super comfortable and I thought they made the outfit stand out a little. As well as these, I chose a pair of classic black leggings which again, are really comfortable and as we all know, leggings pretty much go with anything and are great for doing all kinds of things - parenting related, shopping, housework etc. I have to also point out that these leggings are the most comfortable leggings I've ever owned and I will be going to order myself some more.

The t-shirt was a hard choice, they have such an amazing choice of t-shirts and tops on their website. In the end, I went with something a little out of my comfort zone because of the leopard print. It's a plain grey t-shirt with leopard print words saying 'Feel Good'. As leopard print is quite in style at the moment, I thought why not just try it and see what it looks like. Wearing it, I felt good about myself and thought it made the outfit look great. It teams up really well with a denim jacket too. 

For the end look of this outfit, I decided to go for some accessories and the most beautiful bag, ever. First, the necklace is a choker style necklace. It's gold and has two rings at the front connecting them. I personally thought it completed the look and went perfectly well with the River Island branded trainers.

Finally, the most beautiful bag ever. I haven't owned a bag like this for years, and I thought it was about time I owned a reasonably good sized bag that can carry anything and everything. It's a grey large sized bag with gold studs and a gold chain handle, which again, completed the black and good outfit look I was going for. It's such high quality and most definitely a bag I would recommend.

* In collaboration with River Island. However, as always, all words, images and opinions are our own. 

Returning to Work? The Benefits of Going Part Time

If the time has come to return to work from maternity leave, then going part time might be an option to consider. There are plenty of benefits to choosing part time work, it can offer a lot of flexibility and can help you ease back into the workplace if you’re worried about taking on too much too quickly. It also allows you to continue with your career, so you can enjoy making the most of a life at home and take on the challenges within the workplace. If you’re looking for some advice around returning to work, then Randstad have put together a guide which you can find here.

Positive work life balance

There is plenty of research indicating that people who are part time workers might be the happiest of all, which means they might have found the best of both worlds. Achieving the right balance between work and home life can be tricky, with many of us trying but failing to get it right as the pressure surrounding our demanding work culture continuously grows. Part time allows workers to remain in the working world without always being pushed to the limit. This can help in aiding to achieve that elusive balance, which can help with your mental health.

Progressing in your career

Gone are the days where part time roles would limit your career progression, now having a reduced number of working hours doesn’t harm your chances of getting promoted like it once did. There’s a lot of opportunity within the workplace to continue learning and developing vital skills that can help you climb the career ladder. With more people taking part time roles, workloads are often shared within teams. Your rights also remain within the workplace and there are plenty of resources to find out your work rights. Also, never be afraid to speak to your HR manager or manger at work to find out any information around your role as it’s always best to have all the information you need beforehand.

The benefits of the workplace

One of the benefits of being part time is continuing to work in an environment that can give you the extra perks as an employee. This could be things from paid holiday, discounts, health cover and more. You’ll also have the added benefit of working in a social environment which can give you a nice break from your homelife. As lovely as it is to spend quality time with your family at home, it’s nice to have your own time in the workplace where you can establish yourself and your career.


Having a place in the workplace gives you a sense of independence, your own income and a sense of identity in a field you’re passionate about. Using the time at work to forge your independence not only allows you to pursue something you love but it can also set a great example to your children, with working mothers being powerful role models for kids.

* Collaborative post

Planning Your UK Travels

One of my dreams, that I will be making a reality soon, is travelling. My partner and I have said once the kids are over 18, we are to start thinking about planning travelling around the world. We want to see different cultures, different ways of life and different sceneries. We want to explore. But having three kids doesn't really stop us doing that. However, it does mean we won't be able to afford travelling abroad all the time, that's why we try our best to travel across the UK. We have a few places that we would love to visit in the UK, such as Cornwall, Scotland, London and Yorkshire. We've travelled to a few places in Wales, such as Cardiff, Llanelli and a few times we've been to Aberystwyth to stay.

I personally think that kids learn a lot more while they're travelling than they do in school. Which is one big reason as to why I love to go out on adventures and why next year we will be planning a lot of travels within the UK and one or two abroad. We're so excited. But the same with travelling abroad, a lot of planning is needed - especially when you have kids. I've done a lot of thinking, a lot of writing and planning for us all to visit a few of our favourite places next year. 

Here are a few of my tips for travelling in the UK

Maps and Places
When you're planning to travel around a country, it's a good idea to write a list of the places you would like to visit. Then get a map out and see if you're able to link them all together and go around the country. If you do this, you are more than likely to find some hidden gems, beautiful places on your travels between two places. The UK has some stunning hidden places.

Book accommodations
You need to look for some accommodation if you are travelling from city to city. There are many hotels in the UK to choose from. You are better off booking in advance, especially during peak times such as the school holidays as they are more than likely to be booked pretty quickly.  

Travelling is fun, but it can cost. Nothing is free nowadays, however, you can budget and still have fun. There are so many things you can do to save money such as: buying a few snacks as a picnic instead of going out for a meal, taking a bus instead of a taxi and have a budget for each city that you visit. 

Plan It and look for reviews
If you already know a few places you would like to visit in the UK, you could search online for things to do in each place. This will help you plan your day too and not go into a city and not have a clue about what is there to do. 

Plan Your Travel
You need to think about how are you going to travel from one city to the next? If you live in the UK, you are more than likely going to go by car, but if you are coming from abroad, there are different options you can choose from: public service bus, train, taxi or even hire a car for the time you're in the UK for. 

Have you ever travelled around the UK?

* Collaborative Post. 

Save Money With Vileda

Vileda is probably one of my favourite cleaning product brands. I have theTurbo Spin Mop which is great for giving the floor a good clean, but I also have the Vileda Spray mop which is just amazing. I always recommend their spray mop to whoever talks about wanting to clean their floors quickly but giving it a good clean too. Their products are always great quality and affordable too, not only that but they do what they say on the label, which is my biggest reason for always recommending their products. 

I've had a huge de-clutter in our home recently, and I've heard a lot of people doing the same too. I personally think it's great to have a de-clutter in the house every few months, it clears the mind too. Having kids can make cleaning and tidying a lot harder, especially now that my kids are off school for their summer holidays, it can be quite difficult to keep on top of the housework. But I'm always on the lookout for new products and the brand I always keep an eye out on is Vileda. 

Vileda has an online community called Your Vileda, and it's super easy to join. All you have to do is sign up your details here then confirm your email address once you have received a confirmation email from Vileda. What are the perks of signing up to their community? A LOT. 

This year alone they have run a few fantastic campaigns such are giving people the opportunity to test their products out for free. They've also hosted a competition for their Kids Pass giving 8 of their members a free product and an annual Kids Pass pack. Right now, if you sign up, you can get £10 off the fab Turbo Mop. 

If you're looking to save some money, have the chance win some of their fantastic products, get some super great discounts and have early product releases then just sign up here and your in! 

* In collaboration with Vileda

Disney Junior Puppy Dog Pals

Both my girls have always been huge fans of Disney Junior, so when they received some adorable Puppy Dog Pals, they were over the moon. Also, Mia's favourite kind of dogs are pugs, so she fell in love with these the minute she set her eyes on them. They were sent 3 toys from the Puppy Dog Pals, Rolly range: Rolly Action Figure, Rolly Plush and a Light-up Rolly Figure. 

The Puppy Dog Light-Up Pals On a Mission Rolly Rocket Figure is a small figure - great for little hands, comes with a removable jet pack, and it's collar lights up when you press his chest. Rolly's arms and legs are moveable which is great for kids when they are playing with it. It retails at £9.99 which I personally find is a reasonable price and a must have to add to the Puppy Dog Pal collection.

Out of all three toys the kids were sent, this Rolly Surprise Action Figure is probably the best. The girls and even my son, absolutely adore him. The main reason being? He can actually walk! Press the button on its back it will move its legs and walk. It also talks and has over 10 sounds and phrases from the Disney Jnr show. It's a reasonable size and again, an affordable £14.99 from selected stores. 

Anyone who knows my eldest will know that she absolutely adores little plushes and this Puppy Dog Pals Bean Plush Friends is just the cutest. There are two styles to collect, and they are super soft and cuddly. A great addition to the Puppy Dog collection and they retail at £7.99. 

Overall, these toys from the Puppy Dog Pals collection are great. They're all great quality, and they are played with on a daily basis here. They're all at reasonable prices and great gifts for the upcoming exciting season! The Puppy Dog Pals range is available in stores and online such as The EntertainerSmyths and Amazon.

* We were sent these items free of charge in return for an honest review.
All words, images and opinions are our own.