Liverpool Christmas Market

Those who know me will know that Liverpool is one of my favourite cities, ever. Putting Liverpool and Christmas together is a dream come true. We were invited to Liverpool last weekend to experience their Christmas market, and I was so excited. My partner and I visited Liverpool last year, but sadly, we were there a week too early before the market. We also went for a family day out in Liverpool last summer and stayed in Liverpool overnight earlier this year. This year, we took the girls with us and made a full day of it by travelling there and back on the train and having a fun-filled day in the city of Liverpool.

Liverpool's Christmas Market is right outside the most beautiful building, St George's Hall. Over 40 cabins are selling all kinds of different things from food to drinks to gifts. There's a bar if you fancy a drink or a cheeky glass of mulled wine to get into the Christmas spirit. Mind you, you will most definitely get into the Christmas spirit with all the festive decorations of the chalets, Christmas songs and happy vibes.

You will find many gifts to buy your loved ones this Christmas from the festively decorated cabins. Unique gifts, festive decoration, fragrances, fudges, cheeses, canvases and so much more. Not only are there amazing gifts to choose from, but there are also many delicious food and drink cabins too. Why not treat your self to a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap (these smelt amazing, btw), or crepes, Belgian waffles, cupcakes and many more.

You will find the market running until the 23rd of December outside St George's Hall. Not only there, but you will find some festive cabins on Piers Head too, as well as the Christmas Ice Festival. Full of delicious food, drinks and festive gifts to offer. Not only that but there are rides to enjoy, as well as the ice rink where you can pay to go ice skating. Unfortunately, we missed the ice skating as we had to go home earlier than planned, but we did see it, and it looked amazing. If you're not a fan of ice skating, there are other festive things to do as a family too such as Santa's Grotto, Ice Slide and more.

While you're in Liverpool, why not experience the shopping too? Liverpool is a large city with 100s of different shops. It's ideal for Christmas shopping, and we've been to Liverpool many times to do our Christmas shop, and we always seem to find everything we need. The girls really enjoyed making their own build-a-bear, the service was great, and they still adore their bears today. As well as shopping, there's a large choice of restaurants to go if you're feeling picky. We were booked into Byron's Burgers, and it was amazing. I would definitely recommend a visit if you've not been before.

Have you visited Liverpool's Christmas Market?

- We were invited to Liverpool to experience the Christmas Market, Shopping and Food. 
We were gifted, Ice Skating tickets, half train tickets, food and Liverpool One vouchers.
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Saving Space While Adding More Seats

Are you suffering at the hands of a lack of space? Do you want to add more seats to your living room or dining area yet you simply don’t have the space to do so? We know how you feel! But, it is not all doom and gloom; there are some clever tricks and tips you can use to add more seats to a room without taking up too much space. Read on to discover all you need to know:

Buy fold-up chairs – One of the easiest methods you can use to fix this issue is to buy fold-up chairs. By doing this, you can bring out the added chairs you need whenever you have guests, ensuring everyone has somewhere to sit. However, when the chairs are not needed, you can fold them up and put them in storage, so they don’t influence the appearance of your living or dining area.

Re-arrange the furniture in the room – More often than not, the layout of the room and placement of the furniture is the main detriment to the space. By playing around with your furniture, it is likely that you will be able to find a way to create some more space and make the room appear bigger. However, don’t just start picking up things and moving them about! Have a plan in place for the various layouts you can try.

Add casual seating options – Another way to add extra seating without taking up a lot of space is to look for casual seating options, such as the Pumpkin stool, which is featured below. These Fishpool stools are a great way of creating more places for people for sit without making the room look cramped. They are especially beneficial if you have children, and the large stool could fit more than one person on. Other casual seating options include the likes of beanbags.

Swap your bulky sofas for small-scale furniture – If you have a small room, one of the most effective ways to incorporate more seating is to ditch the bulky armchairs and full-size sofas, and opt for small-scale furniture instead, such as chairs, loveseats and small sofas. You may also need to downsize your accessories and other elements so everything is in scale. Poster display frames work well and other wall adornments because they free up floor space.

Add a window seat – There are particular corners of your home that you probably do not realise could be used for seating purposes. A window ledge with a small bench running along of it is one of the best ways to add more seats without taking up any more space. Not to mention, it looks pretty cool too!

Be careful with your colour selection – Last but not least, by using colours with care you can create the illusion of more space, which is ideal if you are planning to add more seats to the room. Neutrals and light colours are perfect as well as patterns that draw the eye vertically.

- Collaborative post.

Choosing The Right Christmas Tree

Christmas is just around the corner, and it's time to start decorating! We are having our first ever real Christmas tree this year, and I am so excited. I absolutely love this time of year, and I love to decorate, so to have a real tree in our home this year, is just amazing. The Christmas Forest offer top quality, real trees for that special time of year. If you're not able to visit to pick your own tree, they also deliver to your home. But if you are able to experience the magic in choosing your own tree this year, here are a few top tips for picking the right one:

Where and Height
Firstly, you need to plan where you're going to put your tree. By knowing where the tree is going to go, you will know what size tree to get. You don't want the tree to overpower your room by being too wide or too tall. Ideally, you should have a reasonable gap between your ceiling and the tip of your tree. While measuring, don't forget to measure the tree stand and your tree top decoration too. Write all your measurements down on paper, width and height, to remember when you're out picking one.

Bring Your Own Supplies
Remember to bring a tape measure so you can make sure your tree is the perfect size for the space you have chosen in your home. Not only a tape measure, but some heavy duty gloves to protect your hands while you're picking. To protect your car from pine needles and sap, make sure you put an old large cloth or blanket over the tree.

Decide What Type of Tree You Want
There are many types of Christmas trees to choose from. If you want a certain type of Christmas tree this year, be sure to read up what types of trees there are.

Fresh Tree
When picking your own tree, make sure that the tree is fresh. To tell that the tree is fresh, the needles of the tree should look green and shiny, whereas if the tree is not fresh, it will look dry and brown. 

To keep your tree looking healthy and fresh through the festive season, it's so important to make sure you water it on a daily basis. There are some spray and extra things you could buy from the shop to help keep the tree fresh and fresh looking, but as long as you feed it water on a daily basis, it should be fine. 

Are you getting a real tree this year?

* We are working with The Christmas Forest. 
All words and opinions are my own. 

Getting into a New Sport

With the New Year coming bringing the feeling of a fresh start, have you thought about trying a new sport? Maybe you don't do any sports right now, and with Christmas on the way, you may be too busy to commit to something just now. But why not plan to start a new sport in January? We all know how important exercise is for our health, but why not attempt to find a hobby as well as doing something good for ourselves and bodies. There are 100s of different sports to choose from, here are a few sports you may be interested in:

For those of you who love to be outdoors, golf is a great option. It is such a popular game, that can be easy to get to grips with. To get yourself started, you could look to book in some lessons with a professional, to ensure you have learnt the basic technique, while visiting your local driving range regularly to improve and progress. You will be on the course in no time! Although you would need to invest in your own clubs to practise in your own time, this doesn’t have to be costly if you buy second-hand. Once you feel more confident in your abilities, you could then purchase some golf clothing or more suitable footwear, like Nike golf shoes available at Function 18.

There are many different dance classes you can attend these days, from ball-dancing to street dancing. They can be attended alone, with your partner or with friends. Dancing is great for your mind and body and is a fab way to boost up your energy levels. You can be sure to increase your flexibility and fitness, all while having fun.
All you need to be a cyclist is the right bike and the right equipment/outfit such as cycling gear and most importantly, a helmet. Most cyclists prefer to cycle on the road, but some bikes are good for track cycling and mountain cycling too. Cycling is great for burning off those calories and getting you fitter. There are many cycling clubs across the country, and it's a great way to make friends and meet new people with the same hobby as yourself. 

Exercise At Home
If you're unable to attend the gym or only able to attend now and then, why not start exercising in the comfort of your own home. The great thing about exercising at home is you can use furniture as equipment to help you. From using your stairs to run up and down, using household items as weights or a chair for some step ups, all are sure to make a difference.

This is probably one of the easiest forms of exercising and it's great for your physical health. When you feel your body is getting used to the walk you're doing, why not push yourself further? Be sure to do this gradually however, as you don’t want to cause yourself too much strain or injury. You can improve your walking by making small changes, such as coming off the bus a stop before you usually do or walking on the school run instead of driving.

If you love to be in the water, swimming can be the perfect sport. It can offer a full body workout and can be enjoyed both alone or with others. Most pools offer swimming lessons for kids and adults, these may be good if you're planning to help improve your swimming skills. Or if you're unable to swim, there are a few swimming lessons for beginners available too. Swimming is such an important sport to learn, not only that, but it really is a great form exercise and will most definitely keep you fit.

Are you thinking of starting a new sport?

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Tips for the most comfortable night’s sleep

Did you know that nearly a third of the population is suffering from insomnia? Having a good night sleep is so important for our health. It is
imperative to make sure that we have a relaxed bedtime routine each evening and most importantly, sleep for the right amount of hours during
the night. By having a good and comfortable night sleep can help us improve with our daily tasks the following day. Here are just a few tips
for a good night sleep:

Find the right mattress
Firstly, you must make sure that you find the correctly sized mattress for your bed; The Sleep Station has a large range of different types of
mattresses to choose from. When selecting a new mattress, it is important to find one that feels the most comfortable for your body. Have a
think about whether you would prefer a soft, medium or firm mattress to help decide on the type you choose. Consider then using a mattress
topper to protect the material, allowing it to last longer.

Same Time Every day
From experience, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day helps you have a better night sleep and helps you mentally too.
If you don't concentrate on the time during the evenings, you could always put an alarm on your phone to remind you of when you should go
to bed, ensuring you get a sufficient amount of sleep. For example, I go to bed at 10pm, to sleep by 10.30pm and I wake up 6-6.30am each morning.
Going to bed early-ish helps me to have a good night sleep, and waking up early means that I start my day fresh, and complete tasks much
more efficiently.

Have Outdoor Fresh Air Daily
Another tip to have a good night sleep is to make sure you go outdoors, whether it's for a day out or for a casual walk. Staying indoors all day can make
you feel unmotivated and tired. But by heading outside, you will feel more energetic and motivated then by the time bedtime comes around, more settled.

Relax Before Bed
This may be hard for some parents, but try to relax before you actually go to bed. Once the kids are in bed and settled, go and take some time out for
yourself by reading a book, watching some tv or a long hot soak in the bath or shower. By taking some time out, you're relaxing your body, and that
will help you have a better and comfortable night sleep. 

Homely Bedroom
Your bedroom should be a room where you feel relaxed, a room you feel cosy in. Try not to make your bedroom overcrowded and cluttered.
‘Tidy room, tidy mind’ they say - and it is true! Having a fresh, clear room helps for a fresh, clear mind, which is great for relaxing for bedtime.
Walls painted warm shades, dim lighting and calming music can help you feel more relaxed too.

What tips do you have a for a comfortable night sleep?

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Creative Christmas Gifts

It's finally that time of year where most of us are thinking of ways to treat our loved ones this Christmas. I am the type of person who loves to get creative with gifts, whether they be handmade or unusual purchases. I always look around online and in different shops to find that perfect gift. If you are thinking of getting all creative this year, here are some creative Christmas gift ideas, some where the kids can get involved too: 

• Hampers
Hampers are a great gift to mix and match items to suit that particular person you are gifting. There are 100s of different theme hampers you can make, or my favourite is a total mix and match kind of hamper. For someone who loves their chocolate, you could mix in lots of different chocolates in a hamper, chocolate bars, hot chocolate and slabs. Or maybe you know someone who loves tea and/or coffee? Mix in a lovely mug, their favourite tea bags/coffee, a gorgeous Countryside Art Printed Tea Towel and their favourite treat alongside. 

• Make Your Own Recipes
If you know someone who loves to cook, why not make your own recipe ring? This is so simple to make, all you need to do is buy a wooden spoon, a ring and print some small recipe sheets and remember to laminate them. Put the sheets on the ring, and there you have it, you're very own recipe ring! So easy, yet so handy and a great gift someone will appreciate. 

• Personalised Bottle
You could personalise any kind of bottle, soap bottle, shampoo, lotion, pamper, water bottle and many others. If the bottle you already have has a label on, take it off and stick your own vinyl sticker on instead. Personalised items are fantastic gifts for everyone. 

• Handprint Prints
If you have kids, why not make some handprint prints for the grandparents and other members of the family. Not only is this craft gift idea easy to do, but it's also super affordable to make. The only things you need is a piece of plain white card, kid-friendly washable paint and the kids! To make it extra special, ask the kids to write their names and ages under their printed handprints. 

• Bookmarker
If you know someone who loves to read, why not get creative and craft a bookmarker for them. This could be of anything, a photo of them cut out as a marker, a kids drawing, their favourite colour, absolutely anything. Make it fun and make it sentimental too. You could also add a favourite book alongside it too. 

• Chocolate gifts
There are so many different kinds of chocolate gifts you can make for someone who loves chocolate! Get creative and make your own chocolate shapes or letters. This is super easy, all you'll need to buy is some of your favourite chocolate and some silicone shape baking trays. 

• Sweet Bouquet
These sweet bouquets have been quite popular over the year, not just for Christmas. You can mix match their favourite sweets, chocolate and other bits and pieces. Made with good effort, they look super cool and will surely be appreciated. 

Those are a few of my favourite creative Christmas gifts that would be appreciated and loved. It's always lovely to receive a gift that is either hand-made or has a personal touch, it's extra sentimental and extra thoughtful. 

Are you getting creative with Christmas gifts this year?

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How to Manage a Successful Business

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always dreamt of working for myself. My dream came true over five years ago, as here I am today, self-employed and running my own business. I may not be as successful as others out there, but I am really proud of where I’ve come. Running a business is difficult, and you don't really understand how difficult it can be until you set up one yourself. Whether you are a blogger, craft maker or a shop owner, etc., whatever you do, there is always going to be more going on behind the scenes that no one sees. Here are my top five ways to manage a successful business:

Find your Niche and Stick to it
This is important to think about when you're starting up your own business. For example, if
you are selling products, you need to try and think about what type of products do you want to
sell? There's a huge range to choose from, motherhood, children, clothing, home, photography
and so much more. You must create an identity and a brand, who’s product or service offering
is clear. Although you may wish to extend upon your offering in time, it is important to make
sure that you stick to that niche as you don't want to lose customers or the branding you first

Retain Top Talent
When you run a business, and have employees, you need to make sure of a few things. Firstly,
you need to make sure they are getting the right pay, and that you are complying with any laws
which concern employing staff. You should keep them informed with any futures plans for the
business, always encouraging engagement and growth for them within their role. Running a
successful business also requires being honest and open with your colleagues. It is important
to make sure that they feel comfortable by creating an environment that makes your employees
feel like an asset to your company. You can read more on this and learn to encourage employee

Set Realistic Goals
Always ensure, particularly when starting up your business, that you make realistic goals and
work towards them. This will allow you to organise yourself, and keep a measure of your
progress. By following the SMART criteria, S - specific, M - measurable, A - attainable, R -
realistic and T - time bound, you can be sure to have set yourself reasonable objectives you are
able to achieve. To really attain success, you should always try to push yourself to reach these
goals, and don't be afraid to push yourself further too - leading on to my next point.

Be Prepared to Make Sacrifices
Every business has its ups and downs, so it's important that you are prepared to make any
sacrifices that you may be faced with. This may mean spending late nights or getting up
super early to work on the business, having to use personal savings or feeling at times like you
have less security for yourself or your family. These are all potential consequences which can
come with running your own company, but through commitment, sensible decisions and a
clear sense of direction, it should hopefully result in success for your business.

What are your top tips for managing a successful business?

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Hoover Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you have kids, then you will know that they are probably the clumsiest and the messiest when it comes to eating food and drinking. You will find yourself cleaning up crumbs and spilt drink many times throughout the years of parenthood. Even though we have a dining table in our back room, I'm always finding myself having to pick up food or brush up food crumbs off the floor and chair, never mind cleaning up spilt drinks on floors and tables in the past.

A product that has been great use recently is the Hoover handheld vacuum cleaner we were given to review from It's a small and lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner that is great for vacuuming food crumbs, fluids and just giving the room a quick little vacuum. It's a must-have for any parent or anyone who wants a vacuum cleaner that is portable and handy around the home.

What's great about this handheld vacuum is it has 0.3 litre dust capacity, so you don't need to empty it a lot. It's portable, so you can carry it around anywhere and everywhere, whether it's upstairs, the car or even the garage. It's handy for vacuuming crumbs/dust from your sofas, dining table or any floor/surface that needs a vacuum.

After charging, it has a 10 minute run time and due to its size, it's easy to store and doesn't take up much room either. It also comes with a dusting brush that is good for giving a gentle clean to some delicate surfaces. It's an affordable handy product to have in your home, I would recommend it.

* I was kindly gifted this item.
All words, images and opinions are my own.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

Are you ready for Christmas? I'm nearly there, and I am literally counting down the day too. I'm so excited this year. Something else I've been super excited about is writing all my Christmas gift guides too. I really enjoyed writing them last year, so here I am again but with an even bigger and better one! All toys/items mentioned in this gift guide, have been tried and tested by us, which means we would definitely recommend them. Hopefully, it will help somebody out this Christmas, as I know how difficult it can be to buy for kids the older they get!


JOJO Siwa Bow and Microphone
JOJO Siwa is still as popular as she was last year. If you're not sure who I'm talking about, where have you been?! JOJO Siwa is a huge popular YouTube Star for kids and she has her huge range of massive bows, all colours but not only that, she also has other toys out for kids, such as a JOJO Siwa Microphone with her ever-so-popular (and catchy) songs.

Buy for £9.94 on Amazon here

Vampirina Hauntley's Mobile Vehicle
This is the perfect gift for any Vampirina fans out there. Vampirina is super popular this year and there's a huge range of toys to choose from this Christmas. One is the Vampirina Hauntleys Mobile Vehicle which is super cool, great quality and worth the price. Not only is it a vehicle, the back also transforms to a little cinema area with a table and seats too. 

Buy for £24.99 on Amazon here.

PJ Masks HQ Rocket
I'm sure any PJ Mask fan would be over the moon with this HQ Rocket playset. It's great quality and the kids will have hours of fun. There's a place for the three PJ Masks to sit in the front of the rocket. 

Buy for £39.99 on Amazon here.

Vampirina Scare B&B Playset
This will definitley be a firm favourite for all Vampirina fans out there. Just like the one on the ever-so-popular Disney Junior show, your child can re-create Vampirina scenes with this set. Why not also get the Vampirina Figure set, to complete the collections too?

Buy for £49.99 on Amazon here.
Buy for £29.99 on Amazon here.

The Original Shrinkles
This is a great gift for any child who loves arts and crafts. Not only for the child, but it's mess free for adults too! It's a magic way of making keyrings, the kids are sure to love seeing their creations turn into small keyrings. Shrinkles are great Christmas gift for stockings.

Review: Shrinkles
Buy for £7.27 on Amazon here.

Tiny Treasures Dolls
These Tiny Treasure dolls are just adorable. Not only do they look like a real newborn baby, they weigh like a newborn baby too. They're such amazing quality dolls and perfect for role play and imaginative play. 

Buy for £54.00 on Amazon here

Spirit Barn Playset Deluxe
This playset is perfect for any Spirit fans out there. Spirit is a popular Netflix series and film, it's become more popular this year and finally, they have a great collection of toys out this year, just in time for Christmas. One of them is this Spirit Barn Playset! 

Buy for £54.99 on Amazon here.

Casdon Chip 'n' Pin Till
This modern till is great for any child to learn numbers and role play. It has many different features and also comes with some branded pretend food too! Your child can also have their very own debit card to role play! 

Buy for £16.48 on Amazon here

Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise
Slime and unicorns are a must have this Christmas - the Poopsie Unicorn Slime Surprise is a mix of two! Your child can make their very own slime with this Poopsie Unicorn and as I'm sure you can tell in the name - yep, the unicorn poops the slime out. 

Buy: here

Luvabella Doll
This amazing Luvabella doll is a must have this Christmas. The interactive doll is just like a newborn baby and can learn up to 100 words and phrases. Every day she/he will surprise you. There's an option to choose for her/him to say Mama or Dada too which is great and definitely stepping in the right direction.

Buy: here

Spirit Feeding Set
Spirit is definitley on top of the Christmas list for many kids this year. The Spirit Feeding set is the perfect gift for all Spirit fans. Comes with an interactive Spirit and a full-sized Lucy doll to.

Buy: here

L.O.L Surprise! Pop-Up Store 3-in-1 Playset
L.O.L are a hit again this year and with this new pop-up 3-in-1 playset, all LOL fans are going to love it. Use it to display LOL dolls, play and carry it around. 

Buy: here

GOGOPO have a large range of products and I'm sure your kids will love them. From fluffy keyrings, slime, super cool stationery and much more. All stationery are cool, unique and brightly coloured - the kids will love them.

Moj Moj Squishy Toys
There are over 95 Moj Moj Squishies to collect! There are two glittery Moj Moj's in each pack, along with a list of collectables. These are great for kids who love squishies, collecting toys and glitter! 

Dobble Game
This super fun family game, Dobble, is a great game to play this Christmas. Dobble is a family game which requires sharp eye and quick reflexes, you'll definitley be showing your competitive side, as well as having a good laugh with the rest of the family. 

DesignaFriend Doll and Accessories
These DesignaFriend Dolls are larger than normal baby dolls, but I love the fact that each and every one has their own unique look. Each doll have their own style and your little ones are sure to love them! 

Buy: here

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots
These super adoral Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tots Dolls are super adorable. You can buy their very own storage case and playset. If your little one loves dolls and adorable things, they will sure love these! 

Buy: here

Crate Creatures Surprise
I'm sure you child will love this blind box! Open the surprise blind box and reveal which Crate Creature they have! 

Disney Princess Calendar 2019

This Disney Princess 2019 Calendar is perfect for any child who loves princess' and Disney! It's a cool change-it-up kind of calendar too, which means you can choose which photo to have for what month and you can change it up however many times you want.

Buy: Disney Princess Calendar

Scruff A Luvs

Which Scruff A Luv will you open this Christmas? Get them from a ball by washing and brushing them to be all fluffy. There are three different animals too collect: Rabbit, Dog and Cat.

Buy: Scruff A Luvs

Pusheen Pusheenicorn

This adorable Pusheen cat / unicorn is suitable from 12+ months and how adorable is she?! This will definitley be loved by any unicorn and Pusheen fans out there. It's super soft and it's just the cutest.

Buy: Pusheenicorn

There you have it! The Christmas gift guide for kids! 
Keep an eye out from now and the 15th of December 2018, as I will be adding more products to this gift guide.

* These products included were either gifted to me for the purpose of this gift guide, others were gifted to me throughout the past 18 months and I added them in here as I do honestly recommend them.