Schleich Dinosaurs Review

Just a few weeks ago we were given the chance to review the Schleich Pony Training Set and it didn't disappoint. Still, up to this day, the kids are playing with it most days. We have been lucky enough again to now be setting a set of Dinosaur figures from Schleich and yet again, we were not disappointed. I was so pleased with the quality of these figures and the details are just amazing.

Dinosaurs have always been a top toy for most children and always an interest for collectors and children too. One of Schleich's most popular collections are the dinosaurs and as part of their Spring relaunch, they are adding the spiny-backed Animanatarx and the detailed winged Dimorphodon. These new figures will join Schleich's top selling classic Giganotosaurus.

These dinosaurs are aimed for 5-12 year olds and are great for collectors of all ages too. The details of these figures are amazing and the kids loved the fact that the mouths of the dinosaurs opened too. The most loved one was the Giganotosaurus, its amazing detail sure is impressive and it's a firm favourite.

Overall, every single one of these dinosaur figures have amazing details. Learning about dinosaurs is so fascinating, it's something I've always loved talking about and the kids have taken then interest to learn more about them since receiving these dinosaur figures to review too. They were also packaged well, great quality - worth the prices and I can most definitely recommend them.

If you're interested to know a few more details about the toys separately, carry on reading:

This is the Giganotosaurus and it retails at just £19.99. It's a very strong and fantastic quality toy. The details are just amazing. Not only does it look scary and realistic, but the mouth also opens too. I was surprised to learn that this dinosaur was called Giganotosaurus as it looks so much like the popular T-Rex, doesn't it? After some research, I've learnt that the T-rex would be found in the South of America and you'd find the Giganotosaurus up North America. Not only that, but the Giganotosaurus was around before the T-Rex too!

Next up is the Spinosaurus which also retails at £19.99, just like above. This particular toy has amazing details just like all the others. It's lower jaw is moveable, which the kids loved. I think it's great when toys have extra movements. I was very surprised to learn that the Spinosaurus was actually bigger than the dinosaur above, the Giganotosaurus, in real life.

Thirdly we have the green Dimetrodon which retails at £9.99. All Schleich toys are never a disappointment and again, this dinosaur has a moveable lower jaw which is great for extended imaginative play. You would find this particular one is oceans.

Next to the Dimetrodon is the Dimorphodon which retails at just £7.99. Again, another fantastic quality figure. The difference with the dinosaur compared to the others is it could fly. It was a dinosaur who ate animals such as fish, lizards and even insects. It only had short wings which made it difficult for it to fly long distances.

Schleich Dinosaurs are available in Smyths Toystores.

Wonder Park Toys Review

You may have already watched the new film Wonder Park that came out in cinemas on the 8th of April. We are yet to see it, but the girls are so excited to finally watch it. The film is about an amusement park bought the life by a little girl called June. The great imaginative film is great for kids and the whole family. The amusement park is run by a group of wild animals and we were very lucky enough to be given the chance to review just some of the amazing Wonder Park toys that are available to buy.

The first toy we received was the Grand Wonder Ferris Wheel Playset which retails at £19.99. One of the first things Elliw noticed was that the Ferris wheel lights up when you push a button. There are three spaces to add some characters to take a ride on the wheel too. As well as the Grand Wonder Ferris Wheel, we were also gifted the Flying Fish Ferris Wheel playset which retails at just £14.99. Elliw loved this playset, mainly because the seats are fish, which she thought was hilarious - but cool. The fish are detachable which is great for extended play.

The other two packs we received was a Wonder Chimp Surprise 3 pack which retails at just £5. In Series 1 alone, there are 30 different Wonder Chimps to collect. Along with the pack is a checklist which is great for your child to keep and tick off any Wonder Chimps they collect along the way. The last pack we received was a Wonder Park Figure Pack which are pretty affordable and each character comes with their iconic accessory from the movie too.

All products from Wonder Park are available at John Lewis.

- We were kindly gifted these items in return for an honest review.
All words, images and opinions are our own.

Simple Ways To Child-Proof Your Garden

If you have children then having a garden is definitely a great thing because it means that they
have a place to play outside without you having to worry too much about things like traffic or other
people being around or any outside dangers, and it's just a nice way to get them some fresh air if you
don't feel like going too far.

However, as with anything when it comes to children, you can never really be too careful and if you
turn your back on them for more than a second you know just as much as anyone that they can be
getting themselves up to all sorts of trouble, and so it's really important that when you have a garden
that you would make it as safe as possible for your children so that they can enjoy the safe space to
play and that you can have peace of mind.

Have a secure gate or fence:
When it comes to keeping your garden safe and keeping your children secure within the garden, the
idea is to make sure that you have something like a gate or a fence going around the garden, that not
only, can they not climb over, but that also keeps other things out that maybe pose a danger to them -
this doesn't mean that your garden has to look like a prison, but it's just nice to have that barrier there
especially if you live close to or on a busy road or near to things that could pose a threat, such as living
near water that may entice them.

Keep sharp or heavy things out of reach:
Depending on how much you use your garden, and what you use it for, you may have things like
barbecues, heavy furniture, or other sharp objects, such as gardening tools in the garden that you
like to use.

Just as you would when working around the house, it's important to keep these things out of reach
of children and even things like barbecues or heavy furniture to make sure that they are somehow
secured to the ground so that children who perhaps like to climb or tug on things won't be at risk of
pulling anything heavy or dangerous down on top of them.

Non-slip foundations:
Especially if you live in a place that gets a lot of rain or even if you have a swimming pool then
having non-slip foundations such as anti-slip decking, artificial grass to cover concrete areas, or
other types of material on the ground that could perhaps cushion their fall should they land on it
is always a good idea when children like to run around a lot, and one of the main benefits of having
a garden is that they do have the option to run around in a safe place.

Secure furniture:
As mentioned above, it's important to make sure that if you do have furniture in your garden, which many people do when they like to enjoy it is making sure that you have furniture that is stable and secure, so that it's not at risk of falling over, and this is even more important, especially if the furniture is going to be on or near hard concrete, so that at least if the child falls then they're not going to fall into something extremely hard and injure themselves.

- collaborative post.

How To Stick To The Slimming World Plan

If you know me personally or have followed my blog or youtube channel for a while you will know that I have been a member of Slimming World on and off for the past few years. I lost a large amount of weight a few years back but have struggled since after going for a three week holiday to Thailand, suffering from depression and low self-esteem, as well as falling pregnant with my third baby.

Slimming World is only easy once you've got your head into it and once you are motivated to do it properly. The plan will not work if you do not stick to plan 100%. You will lose weight if you stick to the plan 100% and if you're not losing weight then there may be other reasons why you're not losing weight with Slimming World and if you stay to the group, you will get the help you need from your consultant.

I thought as I am back on track and have lost just over 1 stone, somewhere I've been wanting to see for a long time, I thought I'd share my tips on how to stick to the plan. I'd love to know your tips and how you stay motivated too: remember to leave a comment to let me know, or message me on Instagram.


1. Write a for and against list
Writing a for and against list could be great for those who are thinking of joining Slimming World and for current members who are struggling to find the motivation. Writing a for and against list can help you see on paper why you want to lose weight and the reasons what's stopping you. This could be the list you need to kickstart your journey or help you mid-way through your journey. 

2. Don't see it as a diet
The last thing you want in your head is for Slimming World to be a diet. When you have the word 'diet' in your mind, your brain seems to start to go against what you actually want or need to do - which is stick to plan. This is why you need to learn that Slimming World is a healthy balanced eating lifestyle. The plan helps you learn how to eat properly and eat a balanced diet. 

3. Meal planning
Planning your meals ahead will massively help you on your Slimming World journey. Whether you write a meal plan for the day ahead or for the week. Something I have personally struggled with in the past is coming to a meal time and not knowing what to have. But having a meal plan ready, helps me think fast and plan my meals ahead.

4. Batch cook
Batch cooking is a great way to help stop you from picking the wrong foods and doing that take away phone call on a Friday night. Whether you work or not, there are some nights during the week where you can not be bothered to cook and most of us end up grabbing the wrong things or phoning for a takeaway. By having one or two days a week to focus on batch cooking, it definitely helps you to stick to plan as there's always a meal ready on hand to pop into the microwave. 

5. Join Facebook Slimming World groups
To start with, these Facebook groups are not official Slimming World but they are friendly, chatty and most importantly, very helpful groups for Slimming World members all over the world. The groups are a great way to share your meal photos, syn finds and meeting other fellow Slimming World members. It's also a great place to ask for syn values if you're struggling to find them on the app.

6. Stay to group
Staying to your local Slimming World group definitely helps you stay motivated and stick to plan. By staying to group you are meeting other people who are wanting the same goal as yourself, you're finding out more news about Slimming World, new food ideas and a ton of other things. 

7. Write everything down
When you join Slimming World you will get a new member pack which is exactly the same as every other member. In your pack, you will find a few food diaries. Personally, the paper food diaries aren't great for me, but they work for others. What helps me is writing them in an ordinary notebook or you can find a food planner online such as eBay or Amazon. Writing everything down is key, a top tip is to write it down before you eat it. This will make you think twice if you really need that food - if it's the wrong foods - or are you eating just for the sake of it?

8. Make a Slimming World Instagram account
I personally find Slimming World a great app to stick to the plan. It really helps motivate you to stick to plan, finding new meal ideas and following other Slimming World members too. It's a great way for you to post your meals and help others too. 

9. Fill your fridge with free or low syn snacks
We all open the fridge when we're feeling a bit picky don't we? By making sure you have some low syn or ideally, free foods in there to pick on instead of the wrong things - you're making that change and sticking to plan. The kind of snacks you could buy for your fridge are meat slices, fruit, chopped peppers etc.

10. Drink before you eat
During your meal times and even sometimes before a meal, have a drink. I have a 750ml sports bottle from Home Bargains that cost me just £2.49. I can drink roughly 5-6 full bottles per day. This is by making sure I drink between my meals too as sometimes when you're feeling picky between your meals, you are more than likely just thirsty, not hungry. 

Disney Dumbo Plush by Rainbow Designs | Review and Giveaway

One of my favourite Disney films is Dumbo and I am so excited that the new Dumbo is currently out in Cinemas. I've heard amazing things about the new film and I can't wait until it's out to buy so I can watch it one evening with the kids. As well as Dumbo being one of my favourite films, elephants are also my favourite animal. I think they are so beautiful and such amazing animals.

I was kindly gifted a Small Dumbo Plush to review by the lovely people at Rainbow Designs and I have always been overly pleased with their items. Receiving the Dumbo plush didn't disappoint me. The plush looks exactly like the Dumbo from the classic film. There is no mistaking him and he's just as adorable.

One of the things I love about Rainbow Designs plushes is how soft they are. Dumbo is also available in different sizes, however, this Dumbo stands at roughly 17cm. It's suitable from birth and is such a lovely gift for anyone who loves the classic Dumbo.

Rainbow Designs are kindly giving one Small Dumbo Plush away to one lucky winner. All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below. Remember to read the Terms and Conditions before entering. Good luck everyone.

1. Giveaway ends 18th of May 2019 at 12AM (UK time)
2. UK entrants only.
3. Winner will be contacted via email.
4. Email addresses will not be passed on. Winners email address will only be used to be contacted to tell them they have won the giveaway.
5. Winner will be chosen within 2-3 working days of giveaway ending. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

20 Things To Do With Kids Indoors

The weather can't seem to make up it's mind recently, but we are in typical Wales - where it rains 90% of the time. However, we have had some beautiful days recently, which reminds me so much of summer. We're the kind of family who doesn't mind if it rains outside, we will still dress up in our waterproofs and head on outdoors. But sometimes it's nice to stay indoors and just have a chilled out kind of day (is there such thing as a chilled day with kids?).

There are so many things to do outdoors with the kids, but there's also a lot of things to do indoors with the kids too. Wayfair currently have a great page of colouring sheets you can print out and you can find out more here about choosing the right inks for your printer. Here's a list of 20 things you can do to keep the kids entertained indoors:

1. Build an indoor den
2. Have a slime bath!
3. Make your own play-doh
4. Make your own slime
5. Indoor treasure hunt
6. Play hide and seek
7. Indoor camping
8. Colouring
9. Play some board games
10. Dance and sing some songs
11. Build a den/house with a large cardboard box
12. Bake some cakes
13. Make your own yoghurt
14. Have a movie day with some popcorn
15. Make a road track on the floor using tape
16. Make some crayon letters
17. Bake cookies
18. Build a tall tower/castle with paper cups
19. Plant some indoor plants
20. Host your own fashion show

Why You Should Open a Junior ISA For Your Child

As parents, we all want what's best for our children, especially their future. If you're like me, then you live for the moment, but you also look ahead and wish the kids are better future than you've had. My partner and I have spoken about our children's future many times and what we'd like them to achieve, such as passing their driving test, buy their own home or have a savings account to help them out during emergencies. This is where a Junior ISA comes in great. There are many great reasons to set up a Junior ISA for your child if you're not sure what a Junior ISA is, you can find out more here.

1. Locked until the child turns 18 years old
One of the best reasons to get a Junior ISA account over a savings account for your child is no one can gain access to the account until the child themselves turn 18 years old. Once the child is 18, only that child can gain access to the account and money. This also means that before the child turns 18, no one, not even the parents, can withdraw any cash from the account.

2. Anyone can contribute
As children get older you may realise that they may start to get money instead of presents on birthdays. Although it's only the parents who can open the Junior ISA account on behalf of the child, anyone such as a family and friends can contribute and add money to the account once it's been created. This would be great over special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays.

3. Helps with the future
A Junior ISA is perfect for the child once they have turned 18 years old. The money saved throughout the years can go towards important things such as University fees, getting your child on the property ladder or maybe help them achieve their dreams such as starting a new business, passing their driving test or maybe even travelling.

Have you opened a Junior ISA for your child?

- This is a collaborative post.

Why I Decided To Go Back To Work

If someone told me this time last year that I'd be working in retail, never in a million years would I have believed them. If you're a long-term follower of my blog or know me personally, you might know a little background of my work history. When I had my first born at just 17 years old, I started to attend a Careers Wales appointment each week just 1 month after I gave birth. This was because I had a role model in my life (my Dad) that showed me that you need to work for things. Nothing gets handed to you on a plate. I eventually got a job as a Nursery Assistant 5 months later.

Moving 2 years later and it was a whole new story. I moved house to live with my partner and I was pregnant with my second (my partners first). We moved 30 minutes from where I'm originally from and so going to work was quite difficult and got even harder when I fell into pre-natal depression and my eldest starting pre-school. Childcare hours and prices were difficult and expensive, and so we decided it wasn't a good idea for me to carry on working. I quit my job as my maternity leave was finishing.

The first year after having my second wasn't easy. I found it really difficult and as sad as it sounds, I try not to think too much about that year as I was so low and not myself, all I feel is pure guilt that I wasn't person/parent I wanted to be. I struggled to take the kids out of the house, I pretty much just struggled with everyday life.

One year later I found Blogger. I found out about it after reading Kerry's blog Oh So Amelia, as well as watching an advert on the tv about it. I made an account and here I am nearly 6 years later, still blogging. At first, my blog was only my hobby. It wasn't my job until a few years later and that's when I started to be self-employed. It felt amazing when I was seeing some income coming through after working on something so hard.

As the years have gone by, I've got a third baby and we've moved twice, in the same village. I am proud with how well my blog has done and I am so glad I started it. It's not easy and being self-employed you definitely need to make sure you put the time into your work. Over the years I've realised working from home when there are kids about, is bloody difficult. Trying to fit in the school runs, school events and all the other parenting stuff is hard. Even harder when the kids are at home.

In the last year or so, I've found it harder and harder to try and balance my family life, work life (blog), housework and life in general. It's so difficult to try and find that balance. It also didn't help that I was struggling with being a stay-at-home parent. I love my kids, a lot, but having suffered from mental health, it's definitely made life that extra hard.

I have found it very difficult to try and find ME. I personally felt that I wasn't good enough for anyone and the only thing I was meant to do was housework and look after my kids - which is true yes, I do need to look after my kids and I do not regret having them, not one bit. But wow, I needed that time to feel like 'me' again.

I wanted to get out of bed with positive thoughts, happy thoughts, not waking up dreading the day worrying what my day will be like and wondering how I will get through the day. I wanted to have a full conversation with no interruptions, I wanted to feel like Beth. Just for once.

I have missed being me for a long time. As sad as it sounds but I have. I am normally a happy, jokey, positive person but these past few months have been difficult. Life has gotten a little too much at times and I felt so lonely. My partner was working a lot, nearly every single weekend and late during the weekdays and I personally felt like I wasn't able to cope.

But it's ok not to be ok. It's ok to admit you are struggling.

This was when I decided I needed a bit of a lifestyle change. I decided to look for a job.

My partner actually found me this job and I got the job on the first day of the interview. I started two days after and it's been just over 6 weeks since I started and wow, what a difference.

Don't get me wrong, my anxiety hasn't disappeared, it's most definitely still there but I am enjoying my job. I feel super happy that my manager has actually given me chance and helped me get back into the working life.

Another big reason I wanted to get back to work - outside the home - was because I know my blog won't last forever. I'm 27 this year and I would like to think that I will carry on blogging for years and years again. But nothing like this lasts forever. I probably won't be blogging when I'm 50-odd, and if I don't have enough work experience behind me, who's going to want to employ a 50 year old woman with no working history? Not many people.

I am so glad I've had the courage to get back out to work. It's a retail job and there's a lot to learn, but I am getting there. I'm enjoying learning new things and meeting new people too. It's a lovely place to work and I'm starting to feel like me again.

YouDrive by Little Tikes

You may be aware that this year Little Tikes are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Little Tikes are a brand that I've loved ever since I had my first baby, over 9 years ago. So to be working with them again, for this review and help them celebrate their anniversary, is just amazing. We were recently sent a couple of their new products YouDrive.

Freddie, my youngest, is a huge fan of cars. He started to be pretty much obsessed with cars a few months ago and has a whole collection of different ones. But the YouDrive products are great for racing and letting the little ones be in control of their own cars with a real working steering wheel controller. There are four different cars to collect: Red muscle car, green muscle car, hotrod with flames and an orange/grey sports car.

The kids have had hours of fun racing against each other with their cars by using the steering wheel controller. The YouDrive products are great for keeping little ones entertained for a reasonable amount of time.

As well as the individual cars, there is also a YouDrive Flex Tracks Race Car which includes 50-pieces of Flex Tracks. Using the bumper pieces can create different track combinations for extra fun. The wheel controller is great for the little ones. It only has 2 buttons: start and stop, which makes it easier for the little ones to understand. 

Overall, YouDrive from Little Tikes are great products for little ones who love racing cars.

- We were kindly gifted these items for the purpose of this review. 
However, all words, images and opinions are our own. 

My Make Up Routine

As a busy working Mam of three, I do struggle to find the time to wear make up, but also I've stopped wearing make up to help my skin improve too. Saying that I still like to pamper myself up now and then, especially if I'm heading off out for a special occasion with my partner, family or friends. I always enjoy learning about new beauty products and something I'm keen on right now is learning about the best primers on the market today as there are so many around these days. It can be a pain adding an extra layer before your make up and after your moisturiser, but primer does have its benefits. The benefits of using primer before your make up is it helps make up last longer, even out the skin tone and also smooths the skin surface as it makes an extra layer between your skin and make up.

When I do get the chance to do my make up, I pretty much use the same old routine with the foundation, mascara etc. I have certain products I use all the time and recommend them. I struggle to change brands once I've fallen in love with one. But if you are interested in finding out my make up routine, carry on reading.

Firstly, I always use a moisturiser to moisture my skin. My skin can get quite dry overnight, so the moisturiser helps the dry skin. Afterwards, I will always use my BB Cream which is similar to a primer. The BB Cream adds a hint of colour on my face, which means I don't need to wear as much foundation.

The Foundation I use after the BB Cream is Boujours Paris. As said above, I don't wear a lot, but I wear enough for good coverage. After the foundation, I go on to contour and contouring is something I've learnt by watching YouTube make up videos. I love to use the Rimmel London highlighter cream concealer stick.

I will then move on to my brows and I use the affordable Rimmel London Brow This Way in a medium brown. It's super easy to apply and I can really recommend it. To end off, I use the Rimmel London mascara, which I rate so much. It adds so much volume onto your lashes.

What's your favourite make up piece?

- this is a collaborative post. 

Schleich Pony Agility Training Set | Review

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you will know that Mia, my eldest daughter, absolutely adores horses and ponies. She is one big animal lover and ever from a very young age, horses and ponies have been her favourite. So, I'm sure you can imagine just how excited she was when she was given the chance to review the new Pony Agility Training set from Schleich. The set will be available from Smyths from April 2019.

This adorable Schleich Pony Agility Training Set is great for any child who loves to use their imagination and loves horses/ponies. Aimed for children aged 3-8 years, but my eldest is 9 and she absolutely adores playing with this set. The set comes with the complete set of training items and some fencing, as well as a person figure too. It's a great toy to let your child use their imagination and learn things through play, which is always a bonus.

As always, the product was high quality, which is expected from any Schleich product, so I was happy. Mia was slightly gutted the person figure was unable to sit on the ponies as she isn't flexible, but it didn't bother her too much. She still used her imagination and has spent hours playing with this set and setting up different scenes with this Pony Agility Training Set.

It's a great product for any horse/pony lover.

This Schleich Pony Agility Training Set is available at Smyths for an RRP of £24.99

* I was sent this item for the purpose of this review.
All words, images and opinions are my own.