To Elliw.

We took you to Clarks today to measure your feet & you are size 4H on your right foot & size 4 1/2 G on your left foot. 
You've grown so much now baby, just seeing you walking much more & your temper, well don't get me started haha! You're such a madam. You know what you want when you want it.

Will write again soon baby,
Love you loads

Mam xxx

To Mia Wyn. 29.05.2013.

Well today was such an eventful day if i must say so haha! We went out to town with Nain Carys & Elliw. Went to have lunch in Debenhams, You had a ham sandwich kids box. We went round Debenhams, then to peacocks, & ohmygod. Just looked away for ONE second and you were GONE! We had the staff looking for you, people shopping were looking for you. Guess where you were?! Hiding behind the knickers! You are such a madam! You did get a row after it because i was so worried! But what did you do AGAIN in New Look? You ran away yet again! This time the shop was bigger & you were gone for longer, luckily i saw you running & i ran after you. I don't know why you did that today, kids yeah?! Can't even turn my back round for one second with you, madam. Was so scary.
Before that happened, we took you to Clarks to get your feet measured. 
Your left foot was 7 1/2G & your right foot was size 7G. 
After we had finished in town, Nain went to hospital for an appointment & then we took you to your other Nain's, because you're staying in your Dads until Sunday evening! Never been without you for this long before! Going to be so weird! 

Love you baby girl 
All my love Mam 

Toddler tantrums out & about.

Some people get nervous when their child get a massive tantrum when they're outside for a day out or out shopping! Well, my 3 year old has one helova temper, She kicks, hits, punches, spits, you name it, she does it! 
When she has one of her tempers when we are out, i ignore everyone else and concentrate on calming my child down, or just ignore her if she does it for no reason. Try not to worry about other people around you. If you need to give your child a row, then do it. Don't worry or think about what other people might think about it. 
Every child throws a tantrum, Outside, in shops, in doctors, anywhere & everywhere! 
I thought Terrible Two's was bad until how my eldest is now! Oh my god is all i can say haha! Good luck people!! :-)

Money saving.

When you have kids your money does get tight, especially when you have your own house to pay for with bills etc. Our bills come up to near a £1000 a month. We can just about to afford it. I had to quit my job of 2 years after maternity because i couldn't afford childcare for both children & the travelling costs to get there because i had moved. 
Anyway i'm not the best person to save money, but what i do is put all my loose change in a pot. I've saved over £100 in not much time tbh! 
Even if you just save £1 a day or even £10 a week, just think how much you would save by Christmas! There's only about 7 months left until Christmas now (sorry haha) so we all better start saving to spoil our kiddies :-)!

Letter for Elliw Elen. 28.5.13

You're nearly 15 months. 
Your walking has improved so much recently :-) So proud of you. You're starting to walk a full length of the room now! You're into absoloutley everything haha, climbing everything and if you don't get what you want then that's it, you have a HUGE temper haha! You still don't sleep all night, you wake up atleast once or maybe twice a night haha. 
You went swimming for the first time yesterday with Taid, Dad, Uncle Sean and Your big sister Iwan! From what i saw & What your Dad said, you absoloutley loved it :-) Next time i'll be with you too! Looking forward to it. You're a size 3.5 G - size 4 & you fit 18-24 months clothes now :-) Even sharing some of mia's 2-3 years clothes haha! It's weird seeing you in Mia's old clothes & Shoes.

Will write another letter soon.
Lots of love ; Mam xxx

Letter for Mia. 28th May 2013.

You are 3 years & 5 months old. We took you Swimming yesterday in Llandudno, with Elliw, Iwan, Taid and Sean. Unfortuntley i couldn't go swimming :( but i watched you! & i was so shocked how good you were :-) Everyone says how clever you are for your age. Looking forward until you can start swimming lessons, hopefully soon. You were in the pool for about 2 hours. We went to the car and you threw up all the water you had swollwed! Not nice :(. But you said you had really enjoyed yourself swimming, which im glad. 
After we took you swimming, we took you to McDonalds which you obv enjoyed haha. Then you went into Taid's car with Elliw and we all went to Nain & Taid George's house for a bit! After that we took you & Elliw home for bed. 
Today, We had a lazy morning and waited for Taid & Sean to come over. You played toys with Sean for a while and my god you both didn't stop talking haha. 
We went to Porthmadog and went for a walk in the rain (it wasn't pouring though haha)! You loved it but was shattereed when we were walking back haha. :-).

Write again soon.
Lots of love, Mam x x x

2nd Pregnancy.

Finding out i was pregnant AGAIN was one huge shock since i was on the pill! I couldn't believe it. Anyway i still couldn't get my head around it until i had the scan. Iwan didn't believe it either, he said he was going to get a pregnancy test from Tesco, he came back with Ovulation Tests!!! hahahah, never laughed so much! He had to go back and change them haha. 
Anyway, weeks past, at week 8 i had a scare so we had an emergency scan at 9 weeks. Everything was ok thank god. When i was around 12 weeks was when we told everyone. We didn't have our next scan until 20 weeks. When we found out we was having a little girl :-).
My pregnancy was quite difficult! I suffered from extreme back-ache which just worsen near the end. I was still working, but went on maternity when i was 30 weeks, i could not stay any longer due to my boss being so awkward and difficult, saying i would have money taken off me by going midwifes etc! Anyway no more about my work, back onto my pregnancy. I started my itching (Obstetric Cholestatis) at around 20-23 weeks this time. Wasn't really bad but then i turned 30 weeks and the itching was unbelivable. I lost alot of sleep with it this time. Then i was in hospital once - twice a week. And on all my tablets all over again! I also suffered with something with my pelvic bones near the end. 
I suffered from Depression in the last 10 weeks also. 

I felt Elliw kick for the first time when i was 13 weeks gone. Me & Iwan couldn't agree on her name until few weeks before she was born. Her name was going to be Cadi or Osian for a boy.

I did love my pregnancy, Found it difficult but it was all really worth it.

(a better picture will come up soon)

Mia's Birth Story.

At 8am Saturday morning 5th December 2009 i phoned Labour Ward too see if they had room for me to be induced. They did, so we got to the hospital by 9am. I was so nervous! My Dad was my birthing partner. Mia's Dad wasn't around in the pregnancies or first few months. Anyway, i was put in to Room 5. A midwife came in and put me on the monitor then by 10am she broke my waters. I got told to walk round the hospital to help make my contractions come quicker/stronger. So we went for a 1/2 hour walk. We came back and was put on the monitor for 30-40 mins again. I was told to go for another walk, but it only lasted around 10-15 mins until we had to turn around back into Labour Ward haha. 
I eventually got put on a drip because my contractions still weren't strong enough or long enough. In the end it worked, the pain OMG! haha! I was on Gas 'n' Air & i got Diamorphine. Can't remember much after that really.
After a 10 1/2 hour painful labour, at 7.12pm i gave birth to my beautiful gorgeous baby girl Mia Wyn who weighed 8lbs 9oz. She was so perfect. Spitting image of her Dad. Holding her for the first time was amazing, you can never explain the feeling of holding your own baby until you experience it yourself. Priceless <3 


When i was pregnant with my 2nd child i suffered from Depression. I thought i would write this post because i haven't really talked about it much to many people and now i have slowly come out of it i thought it would be important to write about it and maybe it will help some people who have it or who think have it.
I had 10 weeks left to give birth my 2nd daughter, and to be honest all i did all day was sit, cry, sleep, look after mia (my eldest). I didn't go out, only on weekends sometimes when iwan was off work. I was scared, i got mad really quick, i just didn't know what to think or do. I felt like i wouldn't be able to cope with a 2nd baby. 
Anyway i had my 2nd daughter, the week & half after i had her, i had NEVER been soo happy in such a long time! I was in such a good mood. But after that past, when Iwan went back to work, then when Elliw was a month old we moved house. I was stressed and emotional. We were slowly settling in. I felt like i was alone, all my family half n hour away from me. If Iwans Mam wasn't around here i don't know if i could of stayed here for this long! She has helped so much! & i am so greatful for everything she has done. My dad has always been a phonecall away since i cant see him everyday. Hes been my rock! 
This past year has been a rollercoaster! I was suffering little attacks when i was getting worked up over being stressed or having no confidence. I had all sorts going through my head.

If you feel like you have Depression, Please go to the doctors and talk to someone.
I went to the doctors when Elliw was a few months old, He put me on anti-depressants.
I have been on them for just over a year. I have stopped now though, i do still get my ups and downs but ive learnt a few ways on how to calm myself down.
- Count to 10.
- Leave the room for a few minutes.

Symptoms of Depression (what i had) -
- Emotional.
- Moody.
- Feeling you can't live anymore.
- Feeling you want to hurt yourself to get rid of the pain.
- Feeling useless/hopeless.
- Crying nearly all the time.
- Getting upset over the smallest thing.

My 1st pregnancy.

I found out i was pregnant with my 1st baby girl when i was 16 years old. I was very scared as i was alone, but i had the great and fantastic support off my Dad. When i found out i was pregnant i didn't really believe it. I remember thinking.. 'Me? Pregnant?' I couldn't get my head around that i had a baby inside me! When i was around 12 weeks 6 days pregnant i was working and i fainted, i was so scared. I went to hospital and they just told me to wait for the scan the next day, so that is what i did. The day of the 1st scan came & i was so happy i had tears in my eyes. Seeing my baby bouncing around on the screen was mad! :-) But so cute!
A couple of weeks later i fainted again whilst i was shopping with my dad, went to hospital and was put on monitor, everything was fine :-). I felt first movements at 17 weeks, the feeling was amazing. Can't really explain it until you experience it yourself really. 
My 2nd scan i found out i was a healthy baby girl. Everything was good and healthy :-).
When it came 30 weeks i woke up one night itching like mad, i was itching my feet, hands, belly, face, head, just everywhere! I went to midwife the next day and i had some tests done and she told me to go straight to hospital so that's what i did. Yet again my dad was with me every step of the way. From then onwards i was on loads of tablets each day & in hospital on the monitor twice a week and doctors in hospital once a week. The itching did calm down a bit later on in the pregnancy since i was taking my tablets. 
Read my birth story to know what happened next.

Hospital Bag

A few first-time mums often ask, what do i need to put in my hospital bag? or worry if they have everything there! Well i did anyway. 

1. Maternity Pads.
No point getting the normal pads after you given birth. I used Tesco Maternity Pads after both my births.

2. Beauty Bag.
Your own bag with your things such as - Brush, Shampoo, Shower gel, Hand towel, Anything you need. Oh and remember comfy clothes to go home in! And your pyjamas :-) Also bring some magazines or a book :-)!

3. Bag!
This is the obvious one haha :-) Try get a decent sized one that will fit most things in!

4. Blankets.
Few blankets for your newborn baby.

5. Newborn nappies.
Bring a handful of nappies or just a pack of nappies. 

6. Wet wipes.
Some hospitals wont let you use wet wipes, but i did for both my babies.

7. Cotton wool.
Incase youre not allowed to use wet wipes.

8. Dummies.
If you want your baby to have a dummy :-)

9. Breast Pads.
Defo buy these :-)

10. Camera.
Capture every precious moment.

11. Baby clothes.
Babygro's, vests, mitts, coat and clothes for baby to go home in.

12. Carseat.
Too take baby home!! :D 

Mias First Few Months

Mias First Christmas.
My dad was in South Wales at this time with my little brother, so me, mia and my other brother went up to my nains house for the day :-)

The first few months of Mias life was very difficult, i was a single mum and her dad wasnt there until Mia was around 10 months. 
But i loved every minute of it. I loved seeing her grow up and be more beautiful every single day. Everyone said she was so clever and did things quick! 
I cant believe looking at these pictures how much Mia has grown. 3 years it is just mad how fast time has gone!

More soon.

Mia's Birth Story

Friday, December 4th i had a doctors appointment at the hospital around 4pm. I had a lot of stress from a family member (i will not get into that) so when i had my blood pressure taken, it was VERY high & also i had that Obstetric Cholestatis so the doctor told me to phone the labour ward 8am the next morning to be induced. 
I was so nervous and i was so scared! I mean come on, i was 16 years old having my first baby!

The next morning, i made sure my bag was ready next to the door to go. I phoned the labour ward at 8am & they had room for me so i went to labour ward at 9am. 
A midwife came to see me and went through a birthing plan, all i told her really was i wanted no pain relief only gas&air haha! Whilst she was doing that i was on the monitor to make sure baby was ok. At 10am a doctor/midwife came to break my waters. They asked me to go for a walk, so my dad and me took a walk down the corridor in the hospital, down the lift, and i waited by the doors whilst he went to shop quickly! Anyway he came back and we walked back to the labour ward again. When i went back, i was back on the monitor, then was asked to go for another walk about 30 mins later, i only managed to go half way down the corridor until i had to turn back with pains getting stronger. BUT my contractions werent strong enough so i ended up on a drip. All through my labour i was on a monitor and a drip. 
As time went on i was mad on gas n air! The midwife in the end gave me diamorphine, it helped ease the contractions a little bit but not alot. From then really i cant remember much, only that the contractions were going stronger!
But at 7.12pm i gave birth to my beautiful little girl Mia Wyn who weighed 8lbs 8oz on the 5th December 2009. 
Holding her for the first time was absoloutley amazing. No words can describe how i felt holding her the first time! 
Her first visitors were - My nain, taid and brother. & obviously my dad who was my birthing partner.

That is me with my brother and mia